5 Gorgeous French Garden Furniture Metal Items

1 white garden furniture

Do you want to give your garden that sophisticated French look that you always admire in the movies? Then we suggest you look into some French garden furniture metal items. They really do bring a bohemian air to your garden. From beautiful metal chairs, to tables and benches, there are a lot of options out there that you can bring into your garden. However, if you are not sure what to choose, don’t worry. We have prepared a selection of 5 amazing French garden furniture metal items that you will definitely fall in love with. Shall we take a look?

French Garden Furniture Metal Set

White Table and Chairs French Garden Furniture Metal Set

This is an amazing combination for your garden. Imagine a round white table with tiny decorations carved into it, and luxurious white chairs where you can sit and sip coffee in the morning. And what says French better than white furniture? If you’d like, you can add pale pink or blue pillows on the chairs. They will bring a little bit of color to the entire French garden furniture metal set and add to your comfort. We recommend the Fermob Montmartre Table & 4 Montmartre Chairs – Metal Garden Furniture Set from La Maison Blue.

French Garden Furniture Metal Chair

Blue Metal Armchair

If you’re not looking for an entire French garden furniture metal set, then you can always go for some colorful chairs. And we think the color Fjord blue is just absolutely gorgeous. The chair’s back is another thing you should pay attention to. It makes a great deal of difference if it is nicely decorated with all sorts of metal shapes. Finally, for the romantic in you, we recommend the Fermob 1900 Armchair.

French Garden Furniture Metal Bistro Chairs

French Metal Bistro Chair

If romance is not your thing, but you like the look of those typical French bistro chairs that you see while walking on the streets of Paris, we have an option for you too. You can find such chairs in multiple colors, and you can be sure they will brighten up your garden. Either buy a set in the same color, or spruce things up and try multiple colors, the choice is up to you. Consequently, we suggest you look at the French Fermob Metal Bistro Chairs from La Maison Blue.

French Garden Furniture Metal Table

Round French Metal Table

When it comes to French garden furniture metal items, a table cannot be absent from the garden of your dreams. Where else are you going to read a good book while eating croissants and sipping coffee? There are many color options here too. We suggest that if you want your garden to have a vintage look, you choose something like this Fermob Montmartre Round Table in russet (dark brown).

French Garden Furniture Metal Chairs

Perforated Steel French Bistro Chair

Speaking of that vintage look, why not choose some chairs that look like they’ve been around for centuries? If you are a fan of old looking French garden furniture metal items, then you will love these Perforated Steel French Bistro Chairs from 1stdibs. The mixture between white paint and rusty brown one gives them an authentic look that will go amazing in your garden. Don’t hesitate to check them out!

These are only a few of the French garden furniture metal items that you can purchase for your home garden. But they are definitely some of the most gorgeous ones. We hope you like them as much as we do!

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