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Review of the Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C

As of this writing, the Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312 C had 2,229 customer reviews and 96 answered questions on Amazon.  In order to make your bird feeder shopping experience easier, I’ve read through the reviews and questions.  I’ve then condensed the results into this report.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Easy to c​​​​lean
  • check Seed Dispenser
  • check Circular perch
  • check Sure-Lock Cap that prevents squirrels from accessing
  • check Price

Great Design

Customer reviews reflected a great liking for the simple design of this feeder.  One customer summed up what a lot of others were saying.  She reported, “I’ve lost track of the number of bird feeders I’ve bought over the years. When I saw this one it seemed very sturdy and I liked the way the lid was fastened down securely. Even the perch ring was welded to the body. I’ve been using it for several months and still love it. I use it strictly for sunflower seeds. Usually the bird sits on the perch and uses its beak to reach in to one of the 4 slotted openings to grab a seed. Even the little chickadees have figured out how to do it. The seeds stay totally dry when it rains.”

Squirrel Proof? Or Not?

The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C was designed to keep squirrels out.  However, this feeder did get mixed review on whether or not it actually did keep squirrels out or not.  One customer had this to say, “Have never seen a squirrel on the feeder itself but they do occasionally shake it from the tree and then go below and eat some of the fallen seeds, but so do the birds.” While others were middle ground and had to say what this customer said, “The best part is the occasional squirrel that manages to get on to the perch has no room to move and gets frustrated because only a couple seeds fall through the opening so it just gives up and jumps off. This feeder is an excellent value for the price.  Highly recommend.”

There was a large group of people however that were not happy with this feeder’s ability to keep squirrels out.  This customer reported what many others were also saying, “I’m very disappointed in this feeder.  I fill it and the next day the food is gone.  Well, not gone since most of it ends up on the ground.  The squirrels jump up, swing a bit, knock the seed to the ground, and eat.  They are tenacious and quite satisfied with the feeder, but I’m not.”

If you are for sure wanting a feeder that is squirrel-proof, you may want to keep shopping.  While some said it was squirrel proof, others said it was not.  Perhaps different types of squirrels with different intelligent levels live in different parts of the country.  Or maybe some are just hungrier than others.  You get to decide.  


The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312 C is an economical feeder.  The design is simple, attractive and easy to clean.  This is a popular bird feeder with a lot of people, as reflected by the very large number of reviews left on Amazon.


Some disadvantages of the Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312 is that contrary to the name, it is not made of copper.  Some people were disappointed with this fact.  Also, although it claims to be squirrel-proof, a large number of customers said that squirrels did find a way to eat from this feeder.  Another disadvantage is that customers could not find a way to buy replacement parts when parts broke.

Final Thoughts:

The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C is a great all around bird feeder for the price. The design allows it to be cleaned easily.  It is also very easy to fill.  One drawback is that although the company claims it to be squirrel-proof, some customers said that squirrels could eat out of this feeder.  However, if you like to feed the squirrels, as many people do, this may be a non-issue.  It is my opinion that after reading the reviews and answered questions, I think this is a great economy bird feeder.  The customers who bought this bird feeder were overwhelmingly happy with their purchase.  

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  • plus Great price
  • plus ​Easy to fill
  • plus Easy to clean


  • close Squirrels can access the food 
  • close Not made of real copper

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying a Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312 C.

  • chevron-circle-right What are the most pop​​​​ular bird seeds to use?  Black Oil Sunflower Seed is the most popular bird seed to use with this feeder.
  • chevron-circle-right How do I clean this bird​​​​ feeder?  Remove all old seed.  Soak feeder in a light water/bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach).Scrub feeder and allow to air dry.
  • chevron-circle-right How much does this bird feeder weigh?   The Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C weighs 1.54 pounds.

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