WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver: Review

WORX Semi Automatic Power Screw Driver

Review of the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

As if this writing, there were 497 customer comments and 46 answered questions on Amazon for the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.  I’ve read through the feedback and then condensed the results into this review.   I hope that this helps you when deciding if this screwdriver may be right for you.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Compact
  • check Quick and easy to switch bits
  • check Built in LED
  • check Price
  • check Good battery 

Item Specifics

The WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver includes 12 driving bits.  It is a powerful screwdriver that is made of steel, plastic and rubber.  Features include a slide action when changing bits, 2 rapid reload cartridges that hold 6 bits each and interchange quickly.  This screwdriver was made so that it stays fully loaded and that the bits never fall out or are lost.  A battery charger is included.  The battery will hold a charge for up to 18 months.  Included is a screw starter drill bit designed to make pilot holes.  The WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver is imported.

Semi-Automatic Is a Great Feature!

People really liked how quick and easy it is to change bits.  This feature makes the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver stand out above the rest of the drills I’ve reviewed.  One customer said what many others were also saying.  He explained, “The semi-automatic drill bits is a big deal. It makes it very easy to switch bits.  This is ideal for ‘around the house’ type drilling. Drilling screws in walls for pictures, drilling screws in for door handles, etc.”

This Battery Really Holds a Charge

The WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver runs on a 4-volt maximum lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge for up to a year and a half.  Customers such as the following person liked that it not only held a charge for a long time but also charged back up quickly.  He said, “The battery holds the charge for weeks, and can be recharged in a few hours.”

Easy for All to Use

Many people with different skill levels and of different ages commented how nice it was that the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver was easy for everyone to use.  One customer said, “The coolest tool for anyone who does not need a big 18V drill/driver.  This is small, convenient, easy to use. Good for small jobs, picture hanging etc., and also good for someone who struggles with a larger driver.  LOVE it!!  Got one for my parents (85 and 90 year olds) who still like to do a little tinkering.”

Works “Like a Firearm”

Simply put, this drill is fun to use according to customers.  It is also very efficient to use.  One customer equated it to working like a firearm.  He said, “This screwdriver works great.  It basically handles like a firearm, which you can cock to change bits and press the trigger to start screwing.  It has a guidelight in cause you need to work in dark corners or holes.  It appears to have a couple of hours of constant use before needing to recharge the battery.”

Two Nice Functions of LED Light

The LED Light was definitely an added bonus.  People liked this feature because it lit up the area that they were working on.  Most that commented on the light, mentioned that it lit up the whole area very well.  They also liked the LED light because it showed when the battery was charged and when it needed charged.

Better Bits?

People liked the quality and the features of the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.  However some felt like the bits were cheap.  One customer explained, “Should come with some better quality bits and maybe more focus on standard size bits, like having more Phillips and slotted bits to choose from, than the odd ball torx bits.”

Great Speed, Torque and Power

People liked the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver for not only the added features but for the main features such as speed, torque and power.  “I have zero complaints with the speed/torque ratings that come standard. Furthermore, this power screwdriver (this is not a variable speed drill people) has held a charge without noticeable power loss for almost a month at a time of heavy usage,” commented a customer.

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  • plus Great torque
  • plus Easy and quick to change bits
  • plus LED light


  • close  Cheap bits included

WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver Conclusion

The WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver is a popular screwdriver that has good speed, power and torque.  It comes with a charger, battery and 12 bits.  In addition to being a durable and powerful drill, customers liked the bonus features such as the LED light and the semi-automatic feature that helps you change bits quickly.  I had a hard time finding anything wrong with this drill other than the bits included may be a little cheap.  For that reason, I highly recommend the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver.

  • chevron-circle-right Does it reverse to remove screws? Does it have variable speed settings?  Yes it does have a reverse mode to remove screws. No it does not have a variable speed. Steady medium speed. 
  • chevron-circle-right Can you replace the short screwdriver bits with different ones?  As long as your bits are the same length and have the same size hex base, they will fit in the cartridge. The bits that come with the driver are 1″ long with 1/4″ hex bases. This is pretty much standard for manual driver kits, and most of my many bits do in fact fit.
  • chevron-circle-right I would like to know what is the voltage of the charger.  Is it 110V or 110-220V?  The Charger is for 110v.

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