6 Amazing and Natural Ways to Use Onions to Fight off Illnesses

natural ways to use onions

Although Winter is a magical time full of Holidays, snow, and family, it can also bring a lot of sicknesses. The colder weather and the increased time indoors makes everyone a little more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. Fortunately, there are some awesome home remedies to help get rid of illnesses and get you back on your feet. Onions have some amazing properties that’ll kill harmful bacteria and microbes. Here are 6 amazing and natural ways to use onions to fight off illnesses. 

Natural Ways to Use Onions to Fight off Illnesses

Loosen Chest Congestion

Crush an onion and mix it with coconut oil. This should make a pungent paste that’ll stick to your chest. Rub the paste all over your chest and it’ll loosen up all your chest congestion. The powerful smell will also help clear sinuses. Although you’ll probably smell like onions for a few days. 

Help a Sore Throat

Boil some onions and gargle with the onion water. This will help kill harmful bacteria in your throat that is causing it to hurt. Add a little lemon to your onion water if you can’t stand gargling with it. This will make it a little more tolerable. Your throat should start feeling better really quickly. 

Cure a Fever

Put slices of onions on the arches of your feet in your socks overnight. This is an old wive’s tale that has actually worked for a lot of people. Some people swear that this is the cure to get rid of a fever overnight. The onions work to draw out toxins, bacteria, and any sicknesses from your body. A lot of people will do this whenever they feel a sickness coming on so that they can avoid getting really sick altogether. 

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Stop Vomiting

Grate an onion and squeeze it through a cheesecloth. Collect all the onion juices and put it into a cup. Then brew some peppermint tea. Drink two tablespoons of the onion juice then wait five minutes. Then drink two teaspoons of the peppermint tea and wait five minutes. Repeat this process until you are no longer vomiting. The combination of the onion juice and the peppermint tea will help settle your stomach and wipe away the harmful bacteria that are inside you. 

Relieve Pain from an Ear Infection

Put a slice of an onion inside a thin sock and tie the sock closed. Then hold the sock over your ear until the pain starts to go away. You can also hold the sock in place with a hat if you don’t want to keep holding it up to your ear. The onion will help draw out the infection deep inside your ear, relieving you from any pain. 

Get Rid of a Cough

Some people say that all you need to do is eat a lot of onions to get rid of a cough. Others say it’s a little more specific. Cut an onion into slices and put brown sugar over them and cover them. Let them sit for an hour then eat the onion. The sulfur in the onions actually has anti-bacterial properties that will kill microbes that are causing your cough. 

Summing Up

The time of the year is coming where there are lots of illnesses. Use these natural ways to use onions to fight them off! You’ll be surprised at how effective a lot of them are. There are even many more natural ways to use onions that haven’t been mentioned. If you’re desperate to get some relief from your illnesses and have an onion lying around, why not try them? You might just create many more natural ways to use onions to fight off illnesses. 

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