How to Make Your Own DIY Disc Golf Basket

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​You have probably seen a disc golf course at a local park in your area. There are also many disc golf course parks specifically made for disc golf only. A disc golf course is a lot of fun, whether you spend ten minutes playing or hours.

But sometimes people live too far away from a park or do not want to take the time to drive to one. Or maybe you lack ideas for some fun activities for your child`s outdoor summer birthday party. If this is the case, then it may be a good idea to make your own disc golf course in your very own yard.

Today I will share how to build a DIY disc golf basket using some creative ideas, where to put the disc golf basket and instructions on how the game is played. I hope that this article inspires you to make your own disc golf course in your yard. Let’s get started.

How to Build a DIY Disk Golf Basket

There are many ways to build a DIY disc golf basket. Some ideas are rather creative, such as using heavy duty galvanized steel metal items. Others are very plain and simple, such as a disc golf basket made out of a box. But whichever type you to decide to build, you will find that it is just as good as any other disc golf basket that you would find at a local park. Let’s take a look at some creative DIY disc golf basket ideas and how you can make your very own.

Steel Disc Golf Basket

Do you want a DIY disc golf basket that looks similar to a basket that you’d find at a park as well as a basket that is cheap to make? The following basket instructions is a good choice. It is similar to a DGA Disc Golf Basket, which is a professional looking golf basket. Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Chain coil
  • Metal barrels (How many depends on how many baskets you’re making.)
  • Trash can lids (Once again, how many you buy depends on how many baskets you need.)
  • Plywood
  • Steel posts
  • 12 – zinc plated eye bolts
  • 18 – 1″ drywall screws/washers
  • 8 – 2″ 10/24 bolt/washer/nut sets
  • 12 – nylon locking nuts
  • 12 – T-Nuts
  • 36 – self tapping metal screws
  • 4 – various sized hose clamps
  • 6 -4″ or 6″ corner brackets
  • 2 – 15′ 3/8″ rubber air hose
  • 2 – closet flange
  • 2 – flange extension ring
  • 2 – PVC coupling
  • 36 – 3/16″ zinc plated quick links

How to Make a Disc Golf Basket:

  1. Begin by cutting the top and bottom off of the steel barrels about 8″ deep. You can use a circular saw with a metal cutoff blade. If you don’t have a trash can lid for the top of the disc golf basket, you can cut off either the top or bottom of a barrel to make the top. Once you have cut the barrels, use a metal file or Dremel tool to smooth out the cut edges.
  2. ​To make the top of your disc golf basket extra strong, you may want to add some plywood to the trash can lid. Remember, if you are using the bottom or top of a barrel for the top of your basket, do the same exact thing as you would with a trash can lid. To add the plywood on to the lid, drill out six holes which will be for the bolts. Make sure the holes are in a kind of circular shape, as though you were drilling them around a circle in the middle of the plywood. Space them out. These will be used when you attach the chain to the lid. Next, add the T-nuts and screw in the eye bolts. Secure them with the nylon locking nuts and washers.
  3. Now it is time to add the chains. You will need to attach the outer chains and the inner chains. It is recommended that each chain is spaced about five inches apart on the outer chain. To attach the chain onto the outer section, drill holes five inches apart around the entire trash can lid. Then attach the quick links to it. Make sure you keep the quick links open. Once you have this done, you are ready to attach the chain.
  4. ​Before you attach the chain, you will need to attach the basket to the post. To do this, slide a rubber PVC coupling down to about four inches from where you want the base of the basket to sit. Then slip the closet flange down to the rubber coupling and screw it down. Screw the base of the basket (the metal barrel part) to the flange.
  5. ​Attach to the top of the steel pole two L-brackets. Screw the lid onto the L-brackets. This is what will hold up the basket.
  6. ​Begin cutting the chains. Attach each chain to the top of the lid, both on the outer clips and inner bolts. Then, attach the bottom part of the chain to a hose clamp.
  7. ​Now it is time to install your disc golf baskets into the ground. Use a post hole digger to dig the hole, and pour some cement into the ground. If you want something more portable, you could use an umbrella base.

Image Source:  The Art Of Ben Drolet

Lawn Chair Golf Basket

​Does building a professional disc golf basket sound difficult to you? Why not go simple? As you can see, you can make a DIY disc golf basket out of almost anything, including lawn chairs. To make, use a steel post and install it into the ground.

You could also use an umbrella base if you want a portable disc golf basket. Then, attach the lawn chair to the pole. For more stability, you may want to lean it against a fence.

Image Source:  Reddit

Box Golf Basket

This is a very simple disc golf basket design. It is not exactly like a professional disc golf basket, but it is something that can work. It is more of a target disc golf game. Simply stick a shovel in the ground, place an Amazon box on it (any box will do), and throw a frisbee at the box.

Image Source:  Reddit

Where to Put a Disk Golf Course

​You will want to space out your disc golf baskets so that you have quite a distance to throw the frisbee. You will also want to space the baskets evenly apart as possible. A complete disc golf course may be hard to make if you have a small amount of land.

However, you can simplify and just have as many baskets that will fit in your yard. Before building, consider what room you have in your yard. If you have a small yard, try to use all the space you have. You may want to go around corners and into the front yard.

The average disc golf course has nine holes. However, you can have all the way up to 18 disc golf holes if you want to.

This can be a really fun activity for your child. Your kid will immediately forget about the expensive outdoor playsets if they get the chance to build something with you and then play it togheter.

How to Play

It is important that you know the rules and instructions to play disc golf, which is also called frisbee golf and frolf. The following are the rules:

  1. If you are playing disc golf with someone else, make sure you never throw the disc until the other player is finished throwing his or her disc. Never be a distraction to the other player.
  2. Each hole starts with a tee-off and is followed by multiple throws until the player gets the disc into the basket. Follow the entire golf course, starting at the beginning basket and moving through the course to the end.
  3. Each throw and penalty must be counted into the score. The player who has the least throws (smaller score number) wins. If you are playing the course alone, you can compete with yourself by trying to get a better score each time. Remember that no matter how many throws it takes, you have to get the frisbee (disc) into the basket.
  4. ​Try to avoid water if possible. If your disc gets thrown into water, it may sink. If your disc does land in a mud puddle or standing water on the course, you can move the disc to a dryer area nearby the hole without getting a penalty.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article has inspired you to create your own disc golf basket course. There are many creative ideas that have been suggested in this article. Some people choose to make a disc golf basket that looks similar to a professional disc golf basket, while others make baskets out of boxes or lawn chairs.

Whichever disc golf basket design you choose to use, you will find that it is much more fun to walk into your own backyard to play rather than having to drive to a disc golf course. There are plenty of DIY Backyard Games for you to try out. In this article, I also discussed where to put your disc golf baskets. As mentioned earlier, it is okay if you have to make your disc golf course have turns if space is limited.

If you don’t have much space in your yard, you may find that you need to use both your front and backyard in order for you to have enough room to play. It is recommended to have at least nine holes. And lastly, in this article, I went over some basic rules so that know how to play the game. So go get making your DIY disc golf basket course. Your work will soon be rewarded as you provide hours of fun for your family and friends.

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