Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench Review

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Review of the Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench

As of this writing, there are 683 customer comments and 79 answered questions for the Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench. I’ve read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor bench for your home

Best Features

  • Features a smooth gliding motion
  • Easy to assemble
  • The slats allow for quick water drainage
  • Features a powder-coated steel frame

Item Specifics

The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench is constructed of UV-Protected Polystyrene that will not warp, crack, chip, or peel. It is very easy to assemble. The ball bearings provide a smooth and quiet glide. The slats on the Lifetime Glider Bench allow for quick water drainage. This outdoor glider bench features a powder-coated steel frame.

Color Is a Bit Different Than Image Shown

Some people commented that the color of this bench is different than the image that is shown. Here is one of those comments, “The first thing I noticed is that the color is different than shown! The wood is more reddish brown and is a lot better looking than the lighter shade version shown. Also, the metal is a beautiful glittery rustic bronze!! Very good quality and worth the higher price. The glide is smooth. I placed this on my front porch.”

Water Gets Inside Bench Tubing

Moisture will get inside The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench if it is left outside. Eventually, this will cause rust and deterioration of the bench. A customer explained, “SOMEHOW.. water gets INSIDE the tubing.. and it was not apparent until I turned the bench over to have a look at the screws that parted way with the slats… That’s when a fair bit of rust-colored water leaked out… How that much water collected in the tubes is beyond me. There are no real large openings.. and maybe it’s just from snow melt leaking in around the hardware of the rocking mechanism? I don’t know.. but I also don’t expect this to last forever.. it will rust from inside out.. if left out in elements.”

Poor Customer Service

If you do have to return the bench or parts, don’t expect stellar customer service according to customers. Here is one of the customer service complaints, “On September 9, 2017, I attempted to reassemble the chair AGAIN. Much of the mounting hardware stripped while dissembling the damaged components. I did request replacement hardware to be included with the replacement parts. However, Lifetime decided not to honor my request. Lifetime sent a replacement right arm that had gouges on the top with jagged edges This arm was wrapped with protective paper that showed no signs of damage, possibly indicating that it was packed in that condition. I am going to give Lifetime one more chance to correct the problems with my chair. If they continue to conduct themselves in this unprofessional manner, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.”

Poor Packaging

There were complaints on the packaging of this bench not being adequate enough to assure that the bench arrived in good condition. One customer explained it this way, “I was disappointed that it arrived in unusable condition. The backrest was cracked in one spot and crushed in another, although the box did not appear to be damaged (there is no crush buffer in the packaging – if the box is crushed, the plastic will be crushed). Sending it back is a pain because you have to figure out how to reseal the box without the straps that were used for the original shipment. I decided to get a refund instead of a replacement since the backrest is obviously flimsy. The seat is much heavier-duty plastic than the backrest. I think they need to either make the backrest stronger or improve the packaging.”

You May Need Your Own Tools for Assembly and Not Those Provided

Sometimes companies provide the tools that you need to assemble their product. But as with most products, the tools will be tiny and cheaply made. It is not uncommon to have to use your own tools. That is the case with The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench. A customer shared, “Don’t get me wrong, this is a quality product. My wife and I assembled ours today. It’s solidly built and good looking. On the other hand, the tools they provide for the assembly are useless. The little 10x8mm open end wrench is about three inches long. Using that combined with the little screwdriver, Allen wrench combo to tighten all of the nuts would have been a nightmare. Luckily I had “real tools” so it went together in about 20 minutes. I’m not saying don’t buy this item. Its great, just be ready to use your own tools. It doesn’t take many.”

Rusting of Bench Will Decrease the Longevity

The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench will rust. Rusting eventually will cause the bench to wear out much faster than if it didn’t rust. A customer shared, “We purchased this bench August 2015. It’s on our deck. It’s probably only been sat on less than five times. The planks on the bench are coming loose due to the screws rusting and breaking. Two have already broken and I’m sure more will break in time. Not really sure how I can re-secure them due to the way they broke off leaving half of the screw is in the wood. The bench looks and sits great but probably not going to get much use out of it considering how quickly it started to fall apart.”

Use on Solid Smooth Surface Only

Because this is a glider type of bench, it’s best to use it on a smooth and solid surface. If you use it on surfaces such as gravel or sand, it may not have enough clearance to swing. A customer shared, “Solid construction. No issues with the install. The composite wood is pre-assembled so all you’re really doing is putting sides onto the bases. My only concern is the low lie of the glider bottom. It’s fine resting on a solid patio but on stone or grass the glides will bottom out. I placed a brick under each foot to provide clearance. It’s still a 5-star product. I’ve had two large adults sit on it without the slightest concern.”

May Warp

There were some reports of this bench warping. Here is one of those complaints, “The faux wood slats have warped. And three have pulled away from the screws holding the slats to the frame. A little glue ought to fix it fine.”

Good Price

For what you get, this price is about right. It is not an expensive bench, yet the quality also is not real high. One customer shared, “I purchased this glider after reading the reviews on Amazon. I was a little concerned that the price seemed low compared to the other benches I was reviewing. My husband and I are completely satisfied with the bench and plan to purchase another one. The box was a little dented (it is very heavy) but they had reinforced it so maybe they are reading the reviews as well. It did take two people to put it together and the other reviews are correct…use your own tools! The glider works perfectly – smooth action, no hitches or knocking into the frame. It is very comfortable and seats my husband and I easily. Very solid construction. I would definitely recommend this product.”

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick water drainage
  • Smooth gliding motion


  • Poor customer service
  • May warp
  • May need your own tools for assembly

Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench Conclusion

The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench is made from UV-Protected Polystyrene so that it won’t warp, crack, chip, or peel. The ball bearings provide a smooth and quiet glide. Make sure however to place this bench only on a smooth and hard surface in order for it to glide properly and not bottom out. The slats on the Lifetime Glider Bench are supposed to allow for quick water drainage, however, some customers reported that water got in the interior of the bench. This outdoor glider bench features a powder-coated steel frame, though there were reports that it will rust. The price is about right for what you are getting here. Most people thought the price was good or reasonable with a few thinking it was overpriced. Overall, there were complaints but there were also quite a lot of people who were also very happy with their purchase of The Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Lifetime 60055 Glider Bench.

  • How much weight can this outdoor bench hold? The weight limit is 550 pounds. Most people have been able to comfortably fit three people on this glider bench.
  • Does this company make the single chair rockers?  Unfortunately, the company does not make single chair rockers at this time.
  • Are there any online instructions for assembling this outdoor bench? Yes, there are instructions. Search, and then search the model number. Click on the “assembly & manual”, then click on “download recent copy of manual.”  

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