Must Have Gardening Tools for Every Gardener

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The new year is a great time to set new goals you would like to achieve. One common goal for the new year is to spend more time outdoors. For many people this means starting a garden. Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors, while also beautifying your yard. So whether you are planting a flower garden, or growing a vegetable garden, you are sure to find purpose in your new found hobby. In order for your new year’s goal to be successful, you should make sure you have the proper gardening tools. This is a short list of ‘Must Have’ tools for every gardener. If you are a newbie or an old pro, these gardening tools are sure to come in handy.


A wheelbarrow is a classic and helpful tool to have in your garden. With a wheelbarrow you can do twice as much work in half the time. You can use it to haul dirt, mix concrete, or transport supplies. While a traditional wheelbarrow has one wheel in the front, new designs feature two wheels which make them sturdier and less likely to tip over. This gardening tool is built to last, and if properly taken care of can last a gardener for many, many years. A wheelbarrow is sure to become one of your favorite gardening tools in no time.

Hand Gardening Tools

If you are picturing yourself gardening, chances are you are picturing yourself kneeling down digging in the dirt. This is why hand gardening tools are so important. Hand trowels can be used to plant bulbs, dig up weeds, or turn over soil. Another helpful tool to use is a claw to use in rocky soil. Because you will spend most of your time down in the dirt, make sure you pick hand gardening tools that are comfortable and won’t fatigue your wrist. Maintaining your hand tools is important, because they can be prone to rust if not properly cleaned and stored after each use. Don’t store them caked in dirt or where they are exposed to the elements.

Gardening Gloves

Investing in a good pair of gardening gloves will go a long way. You want to find a pair of gardening gloves that will protect your hands from dirt and blisters, but ones that won’t hinder your movements. Nitrile coated gloves are a good option because they are the closest to bare-handed gardening. If possible, try one your gardening gloves before purchasing. Leather gloves are also good if you find yourself doing lots of wet or cold weather gardening. Leather gloves are also the most protective against long thorns and brambles.

Pruning Tools

Another gardening tool you will find yourself using quite often are pruning shears. You can purchase hand shears or loppers for small jobs like snipping new growth or pruning shrubbery and perennials. Bigger pruning shears are needed when you are pruning fruit trees or cutting through thick stems of vegetables like squash or pumpkins.

Watering Tools

Watering your garden is essential to the success of achieving your gardening goals. You should invest in a good gardening hose. In order to keep your gardening hose in good condition, you should find a safe way to store your hose when it is not in use. Consider making your own DIY hose reel, or simply purchasing one from the gardening center. You can purchase hose attachments or use a watering can to insure you can water your garden under any circumstances. There are plenty of options to make sure your garden stays hydrated.

In Conclusion

If starting a flower or vegetable garden is on your list ‘to-do’ this year, then make sure you are properly equipped. Having the proper gardening tools will go along way towards keeping you motivated and excited to go outside and work in your garden. The best news is, that most of these must have gardening tools are inexpensive and easily accessible to all gardeners. Good luck in your new gardening adventures.

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