Helpful Tips for Planting Tulip Bulbs this Fall

blooming yellow tulip

There are many beautiful changes outdoors when the season changes from Summer to Fall. You are probably noticing the leaves changing colors while bringing in the last few harvests from your garden. With all these Fall activities going on, it may be hard to think about the upcoming Spring. However, the fall time is the perfect time to plan and begin planting your tulip bulbs. With a little bit of planning and preparation you can have a beautiful tulip garden ready to pop up when Springtime arrives. This article will give you a few helpful tips for planting tulip bulbs this fall, for your perfect flower garden next spring.

Tulip Bulbs

Like most plants, the quality of the seed or bulb will directly affect the quality of the plant. There are a few things you should look for when picking tulip bulbs to plant. Make sure that the bulb is nice and firm, if there are squishy or soft spots in the bulb it may be prone to rot. Next, you will want to check that the papery cover on the tulip bulb is still intact. You can purchase your bulbs in late summer or early fall. Before planting tulip bulbs you can store them in the crisper drawer of your fridge if you have the space in there. If you do not have the extra space, you can store them in a cool and dry location. Keep them away from fruits that give off ethylene gas, as that gas kill the flower bud inside the bulb.  

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Plan a Location

Next step in preparing for planting tulip bulbs is to choose your tulip garden location. Ideally you would find a site that is in a sunny and has good drainage. Tulips will not grow well in excessively shady or damp locations. Once you have picked your location you can dig up and loosen the top foot of soil. You may be tempted to plant your tulip bulbs as soon as the garden is ready. However, planting your tulip bulbs too early will cause your tulips to bloom before the winter is over. This can freeze your tulips and kill them before they have a chance to flower. Wait until the time is right to begin planting tulip bulbs. 

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Planting Tulip Bulbs

The next step is to actually start planting tulip bulbs in the garden. You should try and start planting tulip bulbs in October or November,  Dig a hole approximately 3 times bigger than the tulip bulb you are planting. This will typically fall between 8-10 inches deep. Plant the tulip bulb with the pointed end on top. This is the flowering end of the bulb, and will make it easier for the flower to come up through the ground come springtime. Once you have planted the tulip bulb, you can fill in the remaining hole with dirt. When the tulip bulbs are completely covered, water them thoroughly.

Patiently Wait Until Spring

This next step may the the hardest, but you have to wait until Spring to see all your hard work pay off. If the location you chose was sunny and well drained than you should see your tulips begin to pop up as soon as the weather warms. This is around late March or early April in most places.

In Conclusion

Tulips have long been regarded as one of the earliest signs that Spring is here. Now you know that in order to get this beautiful springtime garden, you need to prepare early and begin planting tulip bulbs in the fall. When you are staring at rows of colorful flowers this next Spring, you will be glad you thought ahead! 

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