The Lace Garden Fence: A Romantic Touch for Your Garden

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Do you enjoy the romantic and vintage feel only lace can give you? Do you decorate your home with different objects made of lace? Do you enjoy looking for different lace patterns? We’re sure you can imagine any possible use for lace, except building a garden fence out of it. But we are here to tell you it is possible. Furthermore, you can do it yourself if you want to and have enough ambition. It seems like there are some artists that decided to project their love of lace onto a lace garden fence. Let’s see what that led to.

Who Came up with This?

The truth is, we can’t be sure who had this idea first. But the fact is that now, there are already a few artists out there that have created beautiful lace garden fence designs. For instance, Anne Eunson of Hamnavoe, Burra, decided to express her love of lace by surrounding her garden in Shetland with a lace garden fence. She chose black twine to create the pattern. And she chose it because it is the same kind of strong material that fishing nets are made of. The design took her about 3 weeks, time in which she managed to knit enough to surround her front garden. She used a 23 stitch repeat of a traditional Shetland lace pattern, and she knitted the entire thing on curtain poles that have been specially adapted for this task.

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Can You Buy a Lace Garden Fence?

But Anne is not the only person who thought of this witty idea. A Dutch design team called Demakersvan had the idea of combining chainlink security fences with traditional lace patterns. Finally, the end result is a gorgeous mixture of romantic tradition and industrial revolution.

lace garden fence industrial

The good news is that you can now purchase this team’s amazing designs. It seems like they are producing and selling their work all over the world. For more information, you can check their website.

Lace Garden Fence as Art?

Apart from people who design such lace garden fences for their own personal use, or those who make them in order to sell them, there are other people that have found an artistic use for it. For instance, artist LJ Roberts has decided to create an installation of a bright pink lace fence, to express certain social barriers in our society. The piece is called “we couldn’t get in, we couldn’t get out”, and it is definitely a really interesting use of a fence made of lace.

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Can You Make Your Own Lace Garden Fence?

The answer is yes. You can always incorporate lace in your garden fence design. You can follow the example of Stell from New Zealand, who decided to crochet a snowflake doily right on her garden gate and post the design on her blog. Therefore, all you need to make your own lace garden fence is a lot of creativity and ambition to work on beautifying your garden.

lace garden fence doily

Even if we don’t know who came up with the idea of mixing your basic garden fence with traditional lace patterns, we’re definitely loving it. It is a really ingenious and creative idea, not to mention romantic. We sure hope it catches on!

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