Best Gifts for Gardeners: 10 Options

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Gardening is a passion that keeps burning for life, even if by gardening your best friend understands caring for a few potted flowers on their balcony or cultivating large flower beds and vegetable rows on their suburban properties. Once one realizes he has a green thumb he will always find something to do with the plants he loves so much. If you want to keep your gardening friend’s passion burning, you can think about some cool things to gift instead of the same old items everybody receives for birthdays and holidays. Together we will look at some of the best gifts for gardeners, even if they are just beginners or true experts in everything green.

1. Mudlark Trio Handcrafted Soap Bar Set – Gardener’s Collection

muldark soap bar set

One thing that gardeners cannot ever have enough of is high quality soap. The three soap bars in Mudlark’s Trio Handcrafted Soap Bar Set are quadruple milled for superior smoothness and quality. Your gardener friend will most certainly appreciate these highly moisturizing soaps containing shea butter, oatmeal, and honey. Besides being very practical, the soap set smells incredible, the set box looks amazing, and the price is more than affordable. While one might think that women gardeners will appreciate this gift more, your male gardener friends will certainly enjoy some pampering as well.

2. Southern Enterprises Terrarium Display Cocktail Coffee Table

terrarium display coffee table

Do you know what makes a gardener’s heart beat faster besides seeing his gorgeous plants and veggies thriving outside? To have a small garden installed inside the house in the shape of a modern coffee table! This terrarium display cocktail/coffee table allows your friend to highlight his collection of low light houseplants, succulents, and potted cacti in a modern way. This two-in-one furniture-meets-garden is an excellent gift for any friend of yours who has a green thumb and who takes pride in his superb potted plants. Of course, the generous terrarium space can display other items besides plants and pots, but that would be a shame.

3. Large Silver Leaf Necklace Handcrafted from Real Leaf

leaf silver necklace

If you want to choose one of the best gifts for gardeners and impress a lady gardener friend, you have to consider this amazing piece of jewelry. The silver leaf necklace by Nicole Noelle Jewelry is molded out of silver clay using a real hydrangea leaf and is made of 99.9% fine silver, coming on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. This is indeed a statement piece of jewelry, which is not too large or flashy – thus making it suitable for women of all ages. In addition, each pendant made of a real leaf is unique, so if you have more women gardener friends or family members you want to surprise this year, you can browse Nicole’s handmade jewelry collection with no stress, as no two pendants will look the same.

4. White Sierra Women’s Bug Free Sun Hat

 sun bug hat

Do you know what a gardener dreads more than endless hours of summer heat? Endless swarms of bugs from early spring to late autumn! Luckily, for your friend, you can now gift her this women’s bug free sun hat. Yes, the hat is made of UPF sun protection fabric that reduces the wearer’s exposure to harmful UVA/UVB radiation – and we are talking about SPF 30!

Moreover, the hat also contain a pest repelling system of its own: the insect shield fabric repels plenty of creepy crawlies and buzzing threats, including those that carry Lyme disease, West Nile and Zika viruses, malaria and other insect-borne diseases. In other words, this gardening sun hat can turn into a perfect travel hat if your friend loves exploring new territories during her vacations. The insect-repelling properties of the hat can last up to 70 washes. There is also a version of this hat for men, so you can make all your gardener friends happy.

5. Hori Hori Garden Knife

hori hori garden knife

Do you want to buy the best gifts for gardeners who have everything? Well, prove to them that they do not actually have everything – because they do not have this garden knife. Hori Hori is a legendary staple of Japanese steel and your friend will be able to use this garden knife for weeding, digging, measuring depth, pruning, harvesting, trimming, and more.

The Hori Hori garden knife comes with a curved high-grade stainless steel extra-sharp blade with a full tang through the handle for extra strength, a free diamond sharpening rod, a super-thick, genuine bonded leather sheath with brass snaps, and a metal safety guard to protect the user’s hand. The quality-price balance is amazing and your gardener friend will be forever grateful to you.

6. Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

mini greenhouse

Are you looking for gifts for vegetable gardeners or for friends who want to set up a small veggie/herb garden on their balcony or porch? This mini greenhouse is perfect for both beginner and seasoned vegetable gardeners. It works great for potting and growing seedlings or for hosting fragile plants over the winter.

Make sure they don’t already have a full-size greenhouse. Your friend will surely enjoy the small but practical size of the greenhouse, together with the device’s clear polyethylene cover and roll-up zippered door for easy access. In case you were wondering about the sturdiness of the greenhouse, you should also know it features a strong push fit tubular steel frame, which your friend can assemble in minutes without using any tools. The greenhouse also features four 18″ deep shelves for pots and seed trays.

Lastly, show them our article of the best plants to have in a greenhouse to make sure they put it to good use.

7. Tabletop Umbrella-Hole Fire Bowl with Lava Fire Glass

fire lava glass

Fire bowls, fireplaces and fire pits are common accessories in gardens and landscapes. While this tabletop fire bowl with lava fire glass is not an item your gardener friend will use while working but while relaxing after a hard day’s work, it is one of the most unusual best gifts for gardeners because fire glass is just making its entrance into the landscape accessories’ market. Fire glass is relatively new, and garden fire pits using this type of “fuel” need careful handling.

However, for all it is worth, this tabletop umbrella-hole fire bowl with lava fire glass is a perfect way to introduce your gardener friend to an amazing way of adding warmth and color to their patio, porch, and back yard and so on. The best thing about it is that this fire bowl easily fits into the pre-existing umbrella hole in your outdoor dining room area. Your friend can light it with a match, adjust the flame and enjoy hours of cozy ambiance.

8. UrbnEarth UrbMat Outdoor Garden

outdoor garden mat

This is one of those cool and unusual best gifts for gardeners that will surely make them laugh and then appreciate the brilliant simplicity of the contraption. The outdoor garden mat is exactly what its name describes: a mat coming together with weed-control layer and built-in irrigation for easy watering. The mat also comes together with seed bombs for a dozen companion-planted herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The design is both fun and intuitive.

The mat contains color-coded, pre-spaced planting holes and suggestions of planting pest-repellent companion plants like marigolds and catnip. Gardening will never get easier than this: your friend will just have to roll the mat on a 6-inch outdoor bed, connect the mat to the hose for irrigation, put in the seed bombs and become a gardener! The mat may not be actually suitable for veteran gardeners, but it works well for beginners, kids, and teenagers, or friends with insufficient gardening spaces.

9. Seed Money

 seed money gift for gardeners

This is that type of gift to surprise a gardener who thinks he saw all the possible best gifts for gardeners. It is a specialty, cool, and whimsical gift. The gift seed coin bag contains handmade paper coins embedded with seeds. The coins look pretty 3D realistic: they are printed on a letterpress, which gives them texture, and they sport a motto: “In soil we trust.”

The 30 coins in the bag are indeed very special: the pennies burst into wildflowers, the nickels grow into a variety of herbs, and the dimes will surprise the gardener with root crops, while the quarters hide delicious salad green seeds. Of course, your gardener friend needs to know how to plant and care for each type of seed to make the coins actually grow into something.

10. The Cottage Greenhouse Gift Set

gift basket

The last entry on our top ten gardening gifts falls into the category of best gardening gift baskets. If you were looking for the best gardening gifts for mom, wife, best friend, or favorite aunt, this is the one! This is definitely a luxurious pampering gift basket for women needing some soothing comfort in their life after a hard day’s work in the garden. The fragrance is subtle; the ingredients are natural and full of Vitamins C and B5.

The gift basket contains a hand & body lotion, bubbling milk bath, fine sea salt scrub, and two premium cotton towels. You can offer this gift basket for any occasion, celebration, anniversary, and so on. There are other similar baskets coming in different fragrances, so pick what you know will please your friend/family member the most!

Did You Decide Yet?

This was our list of best gifts for gardeners! Did you find something you loved on this list? Are you going to get one of the items described here for one of your gardener friends? Which one?

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