The Best Ways to Keep Pets Off Furniture for a Cleaner Couch or Bed

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Although we love our pets, they can sometimes be stinky, muddy, and hairy. This makes it extremely frustrating when they jump up on our beds or couches making them dirty. You’ve told your pet several times that they aren’t allowed on the couch and they just look up at you with big eyes begging you to let them stay. Sometimes tough love is necessary, it’s time you claimed your beloved furniture back from your pets. Here are the best ways to keep pets off of your furniture.

Best Ways to Keep Pets Off Furniture

Give them a Comfy Place to Sleep

Maybe the reason that your pet wants to be on the couch or the bed is that it’s so comfortable and they’d rather sleep on that than the floor. Provide your pet with a nice place to sleep that is all their own and they might change their mind about sharing with you. Put a nice dog bed near wherever you sleep so that they can still feel close to you. Teach your pet that it is their own spot and somewhere they can always lay. That just might take care of the problem. You can even put treats on their bed to make it more desirable.

Keep Food Away From Furniture

Another reason why pets might be drawn to furniture is that it usually has food on it Try to always eat at the table so that there aren’t any crumbs near or on furniture so that pets will lose their interest. Hopefully, this will keep pets off the furniture because they will stop smelling yummy treats in the cushions. It’s also a good idea to vacuum out the cushions really well periodically to get any old food that has fallen between the cracks. 

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Are Garden Supplies Effective in Keeping Pets Away from Furniture?

When it comes to protecting your furniture from curious pets, selecting garden supplies designed specifically for this purpose can be highly effective. Products like pet repellent sprays and fence barriers can help create a pet-free zone around your furniture, preventing any unwanted scratching or chewing. By using the right garden supplies, you can maintain a harmonious environment in your home while keeping your beloved pets at a safe distance from your furniture.

Block Off Furniture

Block your pet’s access to your furniture. This is a pretty effective way to keep pets off your furniture. Lay a chair across your sofa or put a baby gate across a doorway so that they cannot enter into the living room at all. It might be a little annoying to have to put something up on your furniture every time you leave the house but it’ll be worth it if it will keep pets off furniture. 

Make the Furniture Undesirable

To keep pets off the furniture you can make the furniture undesirable for pets. Put something noisy or obnoxious on furniture to make pets feel uncomfortable about laying on it. Aluminum foil works really well to make a lot of noise and be uncomfortable to lay on while being harmless to animals. Double-sided tape also works really well to repel pets. You can also make a harmless booby trap that will frighten your pet and keep them from getting up on furniture. An example is building a pyramid with empty soda cans on your couch or bed. When your pet jumps up, they will knock the pyramid over which will cause all sorts of raucous. This will keep pets off furniture for good. 

Summing Up

Although we love our pets very much, we also love our furniture and want it to remain in good shape. These tips will keep pets off your furniture so that it will remain clean, hair free, and in great shape for years to come. 

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