Creative Ways to Mix and Match Different Outdoor Furniture Styles

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Sometimes it can be hard to create a cohesive look on your patio. This is especially hard if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to buy all new matching outdoor furniture. Don’t worry, it’s totally possible to create a unified look throughout your patio or outdoor space even if your furniture doesn’t totally match. Maybe your outdoor table is in really good shape but your chairs got torn up by a storm. You don’t need to find the exact same chairs for them to look good with the table. Mix and match different furniture styles and your patio will have character and will still look good. Here are some creative ways to mix and match different outdoor furniture styles. 

Ways to Mix and Match Different Outdoor Furniture Styles

Match by Color Palette

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Image Source: Ballard Designs

Your outdoor furniture styles don’t necessarily need to match, as long as something on your patio does. Think of an element that you’d like to make cohesive and go with it. Color, for example, is a good place to start. It doesn’t matter what material your furniture is made of or what style they are. As long as you have a nice color palette, they’ll look good together. Have some bright pops of color to make it fun. Pops of yellow, red, or bright blue draw the eyes to those fun colors. A calming color palette like navy or forest green will help make your outdoor patio feel like a retreat.

Use Accents

furniture styles, different, mix, match

Image Source: Ballard Designs

Find a common accent you’d like to use throughout your space. Maybe you’d like to use plants as an accent, or maybe small wood accents. A lot of people like using concrete accents to make a bold and dramatic statement. Use your accent in small spaces all throughout your patio to create a unified look, no matter what your furniture styles are. The common accent will bring it all together in a beautiful way! It’s also fun to use gold or silver accents to make your patio feel a little more elegant and fancy. Table legs or chairs dipped in gold or silver create a lovely look that will match each other. Regardless of what the other elements of the furniture look like. 

Let the Scenery Steal the Show

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Image Source: Ballard Designs

If you have a patio that is lush and green, let that be the focal point. There’s no need to try to compete with the beautiful scenery. Highlight the scenery around you and you won’t need to have your furniture styles totally match. Your patio will feel connected through the scenery around you. Sometimes an outdoor space can feel too busy if you try to compete with the already overwhelming beauty of your backyard. Simplify it and let the scenery take over. 

Separate Styles with a Pergola

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Image Source: Home Made By Carmona

A pergola is a good way to make an area feel separated so that you can get away with having two completely different styles close to each other. Using a pergola makes your porch or patio feel like two different rooms. Therefore, your furniture styles don’t need to completely match. Feel free to do whatever you please with your two different areas. Your furniture styles could be conserved and tranquil on one side, a little more bold with brighter colors on the other. It’s totally up to you. If you already have some nice furniture that doesn’t totally go together, consider using a pergola in between them. This way you will be able to keep your existing furniture. However, it’s best to have another common element that flows to both sides of the pergola. Things like plants can really bring the entire thing together. 

Don’t Match at All

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Image Source: Grandin Road

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s so wrong it’s right?” Well, that’s what we’re going for here. These style of chairs don’t match at all, but don’t they look so cute together? This looks like a beautiful little tea party just waiting to happen. The simple and elegant colors bring the chairs together, but the styles can be all different. Throw in some stools, throw in a wicker chair, or whatever you’d like! This mod podge of furniture styles is totally working. Sometimes not matching can actually work. There aren’t any exact rules of how to “not match” but you’ll be able to tell if it looks good or not. 

Create Different Areas with Area Rugs

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Image Source: Ballard Designs

This is similar to using a pergola to separate spaces, but instead, you use an area rug. Area rugs make each place feel separate, therefore your furniture styles can be mixed and matched. Put an area rug where you want one furniture style to be, then put an entirely different set of furniture somewhere close in proximity. It works because the area rug separates them. Try to have the back of one set of furniture face the other set so that they aren’t facing each other. This will truly make it feel like two different spaces instead of one in-cohesive space. 

Go For a Feel

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Image Source: Pinimg

You probably have an idea of what you want your patio to feel like. Once you have that in mind, it doesn’t matter what the furniture styles are. All you need to do is find pieces that create the feeling that you’re going for. Relaxing and calming pieces will create a calming space. Bold and unique pieces will make your patio emulate that feeling. Don’t worry about a designated color palette or complimentary furniture styles. Just put a piece of furniture in that space and see if it helps or hurts the feeling that you’re going for. Your patio will be cohesive because of the feeling that is generated when people are on it. A relaxing patio will make people feel relaxed and that’s what will bring the whole thing together. 

Utilize Stairs

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Image Source: BHG

Stairs can successfully separate spaces, therefore creating a space for different furniture styles. If your patio has stairs, use them to your advantage. Create two different spaces that feel totally different. Mix and match your furniture styles in the two different locations. The bottom of the stairs could be dining heaven with functional chairs and tables. The top of the stairs could be relaxation central with lounge chairs, ceiling fans, and lots of plants. 

Summing Up

Your furniture styles don’t need to match for your patio to be cohesive. There are many ways that you can pull together your patio. Use color, accents, scenery, go for a “feel”, or utilize a pergola, area rugs, or stairs to create different spaces. It’s totally possible to create exactly what you want even if you have different furniture styles to work with. You’ll have a lot of fun creating something truly special. Who knows, you might just find your new calling. 

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