5 Ways to Improve Your Backyard for Your Dog

improve backyard for dog

Dogs are easy to satisfy. They only want your love and attention, a few servings of kibble a day, regular walks and a squeaky toy to chew on. These simple gestures are enough to keep their tail wagging, and you can’t do much more to improve their quality of life.

That said, your dog is like a family member, and you want to go above and beyond to ensure their happiness. While you give them plenty of love and attention, kibble and squeaky toys, it might not feel like enough. Fortunately, you can give them the gift of a beautiful backyard.

In this article, we’ll detail five ways to improve your backyard for your furry friend, so they’ll have a gorgeous space where they can run and play. With a few basic changes, you’ll transform your property into a pup’s paradise.

1. Choose the Right Type of Grass

You’re likely familiar with wear and tear and unsightly yellow stains in your grass. It seems like an unavoidable downside of owning a dog, as though your only real option is damage control. This is far from the truth, however — you can use many methods to maintain the quality of your backyard.

To provide a clean, well-kept space for your dog to enjoy, try switching to another species of grass. Bermuda grass is a smart choice for its durability, holding up under your pal’s paws without sustaining too much damage. Tall fescue grasses are tough, as well, so review the alternatives before making a choice.

2. Install Fencing for Safety

Capturing your dog after they break free from your backyard can turn into a nightmare. They might dart across your neighbors’ lawns or disappear through dense underbrush, constantly outpacing you as they ignore your pleas. It’s a massive headache, and more than that, it’s risky and dangerous.

To manage potential problems, consider natural fencing, such as bamboo, as a precautionary measure. It’s tall enough to prevent jumping, smooth enough to prevent climbing and sturdy enough to avoid breakage from roughhousing. Homeowners with existing fencing can also benefit from covering a chain-link or wooden fence with the material to create a more protective barrier for their pets.

3. Designate a Digging Area

Dogs have a lot of energy, and whatever they don’t expend on their daily walks will manifest elsewhere. You’ll find them digging up your garden, tearing flowers from the soil and clawing ugly holes in your beautiful grass. Solving this issue is simple, and all you have to do is designate an approved digging area.

Obviously, it isn’t as easy as planting a sign that says, “Dig Here,” but a little landscaping is enough to make a difference. Find a space separate from the rest of your backyard and convert it into sand or mulch. Whenever you see your dog begin to dig, lead them to the area to condition better behavior.

4. Invest in a Water Fountain

As you’re well aware, dogs have no concept of bacteria. They’ll drink from any available water source, whether it’s a muddy puddle or rain inside a dirty plastic bucket. Your dog won’t discriminate between clean water and whatever they happen to come across, so it’s your responsibility to protect their health.

To provide a perpetual supply of clean water for your furry friend, invest in a doggy water fountain. You can connect it to your outdoor hose to keep them hydrated on hot days and safe from parasites year-round. Whatever money you spend on the water fountain, you might save on emergency veterinary appointments.

5. Build or Buy Outdoor Tunnels

Great for both dogs and children, outdoor tunnels are a fun addition to any backyard. If you choose a color scheme that matches with your home, these installations can enhance the look of your living space and lend your property a friendly atmosphere. Whether you build or buy is up to you.

If you have the right tools and a DIY attitude, there’s no reason you can’t create a tunnel with PVC piping and a tarp. Your dog will enjoy exploring their new play area, and they’ll have protection from the sun during the summer months, using the structure as a shelter to rest and relax in.

Give Your Dog the Backyard He Deserves

Dogs are easy to satisfy, but that doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum. Through the five suggestions detailed above, you’ll create a beautiful space where your friend can frolic and play.

Author Bio: Holly Welles covers home improvements on her own blog, The Estate Update, where she writes everything from garden tips to kitchen fixes and beyond. You can subscribe to her weekly newsletter or follow along on Pinterest to catch her favorite ideas.

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