WORX String Trimmer: Review

WORX String Trimmer

Review of the WORX String Trimmer

The WORX String Trimmer had 556 customer comments and  127 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I read through the feedback left by customers and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a string trimmer.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Lightweight
  • check ​Quiet
  • check Low price
  • check Easy to store
  • check Easy to handle

Item Specifics

The WORX String Trimmer utilizes a 3-in-1 function with dual-position wheels for grass trimming, edging and mowing.  It converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger in seconds with no tools needed.  This trimmer runs on one 20V cordless MAX lithium battery.  There is a 12-inch cutting diameter with automatic 100% single line feed with no bump.  The WORX String Trimmer features a quick-release lever for fast telescopic height adjustments to the 90-degree tilting shaft.  A dual-function flower spacer guard protects vegetation and acts as an edger guide.  This is trimmer ranks up there as one of the lightest string trimmers on the market at just 5.7 pounds.  The battery that runs this trimmer can be used with all 20V Power Share WORX tools so that you never run out of power.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The WORX String Trimmer is one of the lightest trimmers out there on the market.  This makes it easy for people to handle.  Every pound can really add up quickly, especially if you will be doing any prolonged work.  Older people especially left some comments about how they appreciated the lightweight factor.  One lady said, “I recommend this highly. I’m 72 years, a lady. This is very easy to use and I’m cutting overgrown grass/weeds 2 feet tall. Light, almost no vibration, pretty quiet.”

Batteries Vary

A complaint with many of the string trimmers are about the batteries.  The WORX String Trimmer is no exception.  Some people say the batteries last long between charges while others say the opposite.  One person who bought two batteries with this string trimmer found that one was no wear near as good as the other.  He commented this, “I fully charged both batteries that came with the Worx & started trimming the next morning.  I timed the run times with my watch.  The first battery gave me 20 minutes but the second battery died after only 5 minutes.  I contacted the seller & I’m waiting for a reply.  They have a special website for battery issues – which tells me battery problems are rather common.”

After reading all of the battery comments, it seems like most of the people were happy with the battery life and said that the string trimmer worked for 20 minutes before the battery needed recharged.  But still, the battery life of the batteries that did not hold a charge was the most frequent complaint.

The Trigger Can be Tiring to Hold Down

One issue with this trimmer and to be fair, other string trimmers like this, is that you have to hold the trigger down to keep it going.  This can tire out your hands.  A person who has a WORX String Trimmer explains, “The trigger action requires moderate hand pressure to ensure that it’s engaged. The problem is that if you have to hold this for 30 seconds or longer for longer timing, your hand will get tired. I don’t know if this is normal for other battery trimmers but I certainly felt it.”


You can’t really beat this price for what you are getting.  This was a comment that surfaced frequently.  You can definitely get a better and more durable string trimmer that will be able to handle more work with better ease, but you will also be paying a lot more.  For the price, and what you get, it’s hard to beat the WORX String Trimmer.


For some people, noise is not going to be an issue.  But if you have close neighbors, you may want to keep the noise level down.  You also may be limited in when you get run your string trimmer, if its during early morning or late evening hours when people go to sleep.  The nice thing about the WORX String Trimmer, is that it much quieter than gas powered string trimmers.  Some people left comment about the low noise level that it gave off.  One customer said, ” The Worx 2.0 is exactly what I was looking for….quiet, battery-operated with the capability of edging and trimming.”

best string trimmer


  • plus Great price
  • plus Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • plus Runs quiet


  • close Some people have reported batteries that don’t hold a charge 
  • close Trigger must be held down which causes hand fatigue

WORX String Trimmer Conclusion

The WORX String Trimmer is a popular little string trimmer for many reasons.  First, is very lightweight, weighing in at 5.7 pounds.  Second, it is low priced.  Third is it quiet.  Those were the main selling points that I found while reviewing this string trimmer.  On the downside, there were a lot of complaints about batteries not taking a charge well nor lasting very long between charges.  Also, the trigger was hard to hold down.  People reported hand fatigue because of how long it took to hold down the trigger.  But overall, for the low price, this string trimmer may just get the job done.  Many people were happy with it.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a WORX String Trimmer.

  • chevron-circle-right What’s the maximum length of the trimmer fully extended?  The entire length with the trimmer head at an angle is 45.”  The length from the tip of the grip to the hinge right above the motor is 40.”
  • chevron-circle-right How do you charge the battery?  It comes with a charger that you plug into a regular outlet.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this trimmer have 2 cutting lines or is it just a single string?  It is a single string trimmer.   

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