3 Tips on How to Make Your Porch a Backyard Sanctuary

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You spend a lot of time outside in the summer. You want your porch to be a place where family and friends can spend a lot of time. How exactly do you do this? Well, there are many things that make a porch go from good to great. First, you should make a budget of how much money you’d like to spend on your porch. Stick to your budget and look for ways to save money wherever you can. If you want to make your porch a backyard sanctuary, here are 3 tips how.

Make It All About Comfort

This is a big one. If your porch is comfortable people will want to spend time on it. Don’t let your porch have insects or rough wood. Make sure your porch has sanded, smooth surfaces. Invest in some high quality outdoor furniture. This furniture should look and feel inviting. People will want to sit on the furniture and enjoy being outside. Consider getting your porch covered if it isn’t already. It’s easier to get comfortable when the sun isn’t beating down on you. The sun also tends to make porches hot on your feet. No one wants their feet burned. It might be something to consider investing in if you want people to be comfortable.

Provide Light

Lighting makes a beautiful addition to a porch. Hang some lights from tree to tree. Or get a canopy to hang lights from. Lights make any space more bright and beautiful. The hope is that people will want to be on your porch all the time. So this includes when it’s dark. Lights on the porch will encourage people to stay on your porch longer. Friends will want to stay and talk until after the sun has gone down. Your porch will be the place everyone gathers and wants to be. Lights are inviting and people will take notice.

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Make It Beautiful

When something is beautiful, people are drawn to it. They naturally want to be around it. Add a stylish rug to tie the space all together. Hang plants or have them sitting around chairs. Plants make a great addition to outdoor spaces. They make a space feel alive and peaceful. Add accents and accessories to the area. Have textured baskets, flower pots, or pillows. Make the space your own. Have an influence in mind when your decorate your porch and have that influence play a part in your decisions.

Summing Up

Porches can be a great place to stay during the summer. Your porch will draw people to it if you take these tips into consideration. Make sure your porch is comfortable. People need to be able to spend hours on your porch without having burned feet or bee stings. Put lighting on your porch so that people can stay until after the sun has gone down. People will feel welcomed and invited with lights on your porch. Make the space beautiful. Design the space yourself and have an influence you draw upon. Use plants and accessories to make the space even more inviting. Follow these tips to make your porch a backyard sanctuary.  If you do, you’ll be on your porch all summer long.

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