How to Plant Succulents for Indoor and Outdoor Pots

If you consider yourself to be a succulents enthusiast, then you definitely dream about having your own fat plant collection. In order to achieve this goal, there are some useful tips & tricks as well suggestions you need to consider when it comes to how to plant succulents. First of all, you will need supplies, spare time and patience. Considering that all the other “ingredients” are in place, let’s get down to the list of materials you need in order to make your first succulent bloom.

1. Succulent Plant Food

Like every other living being, succulents need to feed. Since they retain a lot of water, you must be especially careful when it comes to choosing the best food for your collection. The Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food is great when it comes to feeding cacti or any other fat plant, for that matter. You can either spray it directly on the plant itself or mix it with water. Use this for about two weeks in order to see some obvious results.

2. Container

In order to keep your favorite plant safe, you need to have a container ready. However, for succulents, a special pot is required. It absolutely has to have a drainage hole. It is essential in getting rid of the excess water that can drown your plant and also makes it easier for you to care for it. In order to keep the soil inside the pot at all times, make sure to place some mesh tape or drainage screen on the bottom of the pot. A key factor when it comes to planting, make sure you do not bury it in the pot. Keep the plant as close to the surface as possible!

3. Light

Plants need an average of 6 hours per day of sunlight. This means you have to place your succulent near a window. However, be sure that it doesn’t get sunburnt! These things are known to happen quite often, so you need to be extra careful of the location. If the plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will start to stretch. If this is the case, just cut off the top. The good news is that you can propagate it and add one more plant to your collection.

4. Soil & Water

Succulents are drought tolerant. This means that they can manage a while without water. However, pay close attention to the consistency of the soil and food in order to keep your collection healthy! At first, you should buy your first batch of succulent soil. It is important that the soil doesn’t retain much water. These plants get their water from air molecules, so if you use the wrong type of soil, you will end up drowning them. After a while, you can make your own succulent soil. Just mix together turface, pine bark fines, and some crushed granite and you’re all set!

Can the Same Potting Techniques be Used for Growing Succulents and Garlic Indoors?

When it comes to growing garlic indoors in pots, different techniques are required compared to growing succulents. Garlic prefers a loose, well-draining soil mix, while succulents thrive in a gritty potting mix. Additionally, garlic plants require a cooler temperature and ample sunlight, whereas most succulents prefer warm and bright conditions. Therefore, it is essential to tailor the potting techniques accordingly for each plant’s specific needs.

5. Outdoors Succulent Garden: How to Plant Succulents

In order to plan an outdoor succulent garden, you need to take into account a series of factors. First, if you are a beginner, choose plants that are easy to maintain. Sedum and Sempervivum are great choices, for example. Next, you have to choose a sunny location and plot the space for your future succulent collection. Check the drainage level of the soil. Dig up a one-foot-deep hole and fill it with water. If it drains in half an hour, you can start planting there. If not, throw in some sand and this will fix the problem.

6. Planting Succulents

Once you have everything in place, meaning the soil, plants and location, you can start planting your succulents. Place the taller specimens in the center and the ones that spread at the edge. After everything is in place, you can sprinkle pebbles or small rocks on the ground in order to act as mulch. This will help conserve moisture and will allow the excess of water to evaporate at the same time.

Summing Up

It takes a lot of dedication to care for living beings. No different are these plants. If you want your own fat plant garden, you need to know the basics of how to plant succulents. Same techniques apply if you wish to keep them indoors, as well. No matter the case, be sure to take into account the aforementioned suggestions, tricks & tips and enjoy your own succulent collection!
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