How to Maintain an Organized Garage

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It is common for garages to be messy and unorganized. Many people tend to forget to put away tools, and soon the forgotten items turn into a large pile. While an organized garage is something we all wish for, it is sometimes never achieved. Or perhaps you do clean your garage regularly, but it doesn’t stay organized for long. If you are struggling with maintaining an organized garage, hopefully by the end of this article you will find some new ideas to stay organized.  

In this article, you will find creative ways to use plastic bins, planter boxes, and how to hang items using a pegboard. You’ll also learn some storage hacks and how to know when to throw stuff away. Because you may be wondering how often you should clean your garage, I’ve also included some information on how often a garage needs cleaned. I hope this article inspires you to get organized and to clean your garage.  Enjoy!

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Garage Organization Ideas

Are you looking for some garage organization ideas to help maintain an organized garage? Here are some creative ideas you can try.

Have a Car Care Cabinet

If you have a lot of car care items, create a car care cabinet to help organize all those items. You can either use a shelf you already have, or you can build one. Having a car care cabinet definitely keeps things a lot more organized. Also, next time your car is needing some maintenance you’ll know exactly where everything is at.

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Create a Plastic Bin Shelf

Plastic storage bins can be very helpful when it comes to organizing. However, when you stack bins on top of each other, it is difficult to reach the bottom bin. Therefore, this method of organizing isn’t too helpful if you need the items inside the bottom bin. Fortunately, there is a better way to stack bins. Building a shelf for each plastic bin allows you to easily reach each and every bin (including the bottom one). Also, the outside of the shelf can be a great place to hang lightweight items such hoses, rakes, and brooms. Now you won’t have to fret when you find out you need something out of the bottom plastic bin.

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Store Paint Cans in Planter Boxes

Do you have extra planter boxes that you don’t really need? Not only will this idea put your planter boxes to good use, but it will also store your large supply of paint cans. Simply mount the planter boxes on the wall, and you have a paint can storage bin.

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Use Buckets to Store Toys

If you have children or grandchildren, part of your garage may be filled with toys. Rather than moving the toys somewhere else, set up a section just for those toys. Buckets work well for storing toys. Set the buckets on a rack and label each bucket. Next time your kids want to play with those toys, you’ll know exactly where to find them. Don’t have kids? You can use this same storage method for storing other items such as Christmas lights, paint brushes, and sprinklers.

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Keep Pencils and Small Items in Place by Using Cans

After using a can of vegetables or soup, do you throw away those cans? Cans are great for storing pencils and paint brushes in. Even other items such as string or chains can be stored in cans. To make your cans look nice, paint them the color of the garage. If you don’t have too many cans, you can use mason jars as an alternative.

Use a Pegboard

If you are looking for an easy way to store things without using shelves, a pegboard may be a good addition to your garage. Everything will be within reach, and everything will be off the floor. You can hang almost anything on a peg board, including brooms, hammers, and rakes. You can even install shelves on your pegboard. A pegboard is definitely a good option if you need to get organized.

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How Often You Should Clean Your Garage

There isn’t really an exact time when you should clean your garage. Of course, if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your garage, you probably have to start cleaning it more. But you basically only have to clean it when it gets dusty, dirty, or cluttered. The next time you notice a layer of dust on the shelves, take some time to wipe it off. Get rid of cobwebs and dust hidden in the corners. If you pull your car in the garage often, your car has probably splashed some mud on the walls. If so, take some time to clean that off.   

It is recommended to once a year do a deep cleaning in your garage. This means getting a hose out and washing the floor, scrubbing all the walls and shelves, and perhaps even getting all items out of the garage so you can see what needs cleaned. Lastly, make sure to take some time to clean the items in your garage. Lawn mowers, snowblowers, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers are all prone to gathering dust. Take time to wash those items and keep them clean.

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What Gets Thrown Away?

Your garage is very similar to a closet. In a closet, it is recommended to get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in a year or don’t fit you any more. In the same way, you should get rid of anything in your garage that you haven’t used in a year or you don’t really need anymore. 

Remember that some things you may not use all the time. For example, during the winter you won’t be using the lawn mower and during the summer you won’t be using your snowblower. But that is why you decide if you are using the items every year or not. In one year, you should be using both your lawn mower and snowblower. However, sometimes there are items you don’t use that often, or you replaced it with a better item. For example, if you have a lawn mower perhaps you don’t need your string trimmer any more. Or if you have a snowblower you can get rid of your snow shovels. These simple items that you get rid of can free up a lot of space.

Getting rid of items doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away, especially if they are in good condition. You can donate your items or maybe even sell them. If you recently bought an item and haven’t used it yet, you may even be able to return it. Holding an estate sale can also be a good idea if you have a lot of stuff to sell. Remember though that you should only be selling stuff that is in good shape. If anything is old, not working, or damaged, you should probably throw it away. Recycling is a good idea as well if you don’t want to throw stuff away. The main idea is to free up your space. Selling items is just an extra bonus.

Additional Storage Hacks

Are you looking for additional storage tips? As helpful as the ideas above may be, there are also some storage hacks that can help keep your garage space clear. Here are a few ideas.

Keep the Floor Empty

Of course, some things will need stored on the floor, such as your lawn mower, snowblower, and bikes. But try to avoid placing smaller items on the floor, such as paint cans, rakes, shovels, and storage bins. Shelves can be very helpful when you are trying to find space for smaller items.

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Choose Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Although a cabinet keeps things hidden, shelves are considered better. First, you don’t need to make room for the cabinet door to swing open. Shelves allow you to use every single inch of space. Second, shelves are more affordable. You can even make your own out of wood. Lastly, shelves are better because you can easily view all of your items, and therefore find what you need quicker. Cabinets on the other hand require you to open up each door if you are searching for something.

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Don’t Store Items in the Garage That Aren’t Suppose to Be There

Paper plates, refrigerators, and pet food don’t need to be stored in a garage. Even items such as paint should not be stored in a garage that is too cold or too hot. Propane tanks should definitely not be stored in the garage, because there is a danger of it catching on fire. Instead, store propane tanks outside.

Clothes Should Be Stored Somewhere Else

Clothes shouldn’t be stored in a garage. Just like paper plates, refrigerators, and propane tanks, clothes do not belong in the garage. Your clothes may become dusty, attract moths and small rodents such as mice, and it takes up room in your garage. Plus, you don’t want to have to run to your garage each time you need an outfit. It’s best to put clothes where they belong, which is the closet.

Remember to Put Stuff Away as Soon as You Are Done Using Them

Yes, it is possible to keep a clean garage by once in a while doing a deep cleaning. But wouldn’t it be easier if everything was organized all the time? As soon as you are done using a tool such as a wrench or saw, put it in its place. That way, when you do clean your garage you can focus on dusting and washing things, not organizing items. Do you think you’ll forget to put items away when you are done using them? Make a note to help you remember.

Final Thoughts

A garage doesn’t have to be messy. With the proper tools and storage options, your garage can become organized and clean. Today in this article, I went over the many ways that you can organize your garage. From using a pegboard to using cabinets, from using jars to using buckets, there are so many ways you can maintain an organized garage. Make sure when you clean your garage you only keep stuff that you need. If you find stuff that you haven’t used in a year, you probably don’t need it.  

Also make sure that you clean your garage regularly. Really, there isn’t an exact period of time for how long you should go without cleaning a garage. A good rule of thumb is to clean it whenever you spot something that needs cleaned. Of course, keeping everything organized is probably the most important thing since you want to be able to find everything easily without having to look through piles. In this article, I went over some storage hacks that will help you keep your garage clean. I hope you found this article to be helpful, and I hope it inspired you to organize your garage. Now go get cleaning!

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