DIY Planter Box: Ideas and Tips to Build Your Own

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I like walking down garden centers with planter boxes. They are so attractive and functional, but I usually keep on walking when I look at the price tags. If you’ve had similar experiences to mine, maybe it’s time to make your own planter boxes. I’m going to go over everything that you need to know about putting together and creating your very own DIY planter box.

What Is a Planter Box?

Before we go any further, let’s learn what a planter box is. A planter box, also called a flower box or house planter box, is a box that is used to grow plants in. Usually flowers are grown in planter boxes, but some people grow herbs and vegetables in them. Planter boxes can be made out of many different kinds of materials. The most common planter boxes are made out of wood, but they can also be made out of concrete, brick, metal, fiberglass, or PVC. Planter boxes are great for those who do not have enough space for a garden or greenhouse. Instead of having a large space for one, you can set it on your deck, screw it onto your railing, or even hang it with brackets under your window.

Some people put their planter box indoors near a window, especially when they are growing herbs. That way, whenever herbs are needed for a meal, you could simply take some out of the planter box without walking outdoors. Make sure to put your planter box in an area where it gets plenty of sun. Also make sure it is in an area where you can easily work with it. Just like a regular garden, you will need to water your plants and weed them. If you are growing vegetables, you will need to take the time to harvest them.

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Supplies You’ll Need

Building a DIY flower box can be a fun project. Whether you’re going to build a large planter box or small one, you will need the same supplies. I’ll go over these supplies here.

  • Galvanized screws
  • Mounting brackets
  • Wood boards
  • Wood cleats
  • Screen
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Drill

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How to Build a DIY Planter Box

Building a DIY planter box is very easy to do. With the proper tools and materials, a homemade planter box can be built in no time. As you will learn about later in this article, there are many different planter box designs. Therefore, you should decide beforehand what kind of planter box you would like to build. Today, I’m going to instruct you on how to build a traditional wooden planter box. However, you may decide that a different style will match your outdoor decor better. So, let’s get started on learning how to build a planter box.

  1. Start by cutting your wood boards. If you will be building large planter boxes, you will need to cut larger boards. If you want a smaller planter box, cut smaller boards. Remember to cut four boards for the sides, and one board for the bottom. Measure each board with the measuring tape, so that each board fits together.
  2. Screw the boards together with the galvanized screws.
  3. Screw the cleats to the bottom of the box.
  4. Drill three or four drainage holes in the bottom of the box.
  5. Cut a piece of vinyl or nylon screen, and insert it to the bottom of the planter box. This will help hold all the soil in the box.
  6. And there you have it! You have completed making a DIY flower box that will add a nice curb appeal to your house. If you want, you can screw this DIY planter box to your deck, or wherever else you desire. If you made a large planter box, you may want to set it on the ground instead of screwing it onto your deck.

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Planter Box Design Ideas

When it comes to planter boxes, there are so many planter box designs. Although you may think the only type of planter box is the traditional wooden planter box, there are actually dozens of different designs. From planter boxes made of concrete, all the way to planter boxes that are built on top of sofas, each type will surely inspire many. I’m going to go over some DIY planter box ideas that will hopefully inspire you to make your own.

Traditional Wooden Planter Box

You’ve probably heard of the traditional wooden planter box. It is the most popular type of planter box, and is what almost everybody uses. Hence the name, a wooden planter box is in the shape of a box, and it is wooden. And yes, it is traditional. This type of planter box could look nice under a window, or placed on the ground. I’ve given you the directions on how to build this planter box earlier in this article.

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Concrete Planter Boxes

If the traditional wooden planter box isn’t your style, you may want to try concrete planter boxes. The nice thing about concrete planter boxes is that they will not rot like wooden ones may. You can either put the concrete planter boxes on the ground, or you could hang them. You can make your own concrete planter boxes, or you could buy them.

Photo Credit: H2o Designs

Planter Box Bench

Want to combine flowers and benches together? Then make a planter box bench. Basically, a planter box bench has two tall planter boxes with a plank that connects them together. This plank forms the bench. A planter box bench can add a beautiful look to your yard, and it will be a seating option if you were to receive company.

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Sloping Slide Planters

This is a must-have if you enjoy having a unique and creative yard. Rather than sitting flat on the ground, a sloping slide planter has the planter box be in the shape of the slide.

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Sofa Planter Box

Once again, this planter box style is very creative. With the planter box on the rim of the sofa, the flowers will provide a sweet fragrance while people sit on the sofa.

Photo Credit: This Old House

Galvanized Tubs Planter Box

If you are looking for long planter boxes that are very easy to make, you may want to try a galvanized tub planter box. Made from a galvanized tub, the only item you would need is the tub. Simply fill it with soil, plant your flowers, and put it wherever you desire it to go. Some people like to grow their vegetables in the galvanized tubs.

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Masonry Planter Boxes

Using stones to build your DIY planter box can add a natural look to your yard. It can also add a nice curb appeal to your house.

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Covered Planter Box

A covered planter box is similar to a greenhouse. With a plastic roof and solid structure, this type is great for not only growing flowers, but also for vegetables. Covered planter boxes are great for those who want to try a small greenhouse.

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Brick Planter Box

A brick planter box can add a pretty look to your yard, and can be made in various shapes and sizes. If you have a brick house, brick planters would match. However, brick planters can look nice anywhere.

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Can I Use an Old Tree Stump to Make a DIY Planter Box?

Using an old tree stump for DIY planter box projects can be a clever way to repurpose it. With a bit of creativity and some tools, you can transform the stump into a unique and rustic planter. This opens up a world of possibilities for fun tree stump crafts, allowing you to bring nature into your garden in a creative and sustainable way.

Where to Place Your DIY Planter Box

There are so many ideas for where you can put your DIY planter box. Keep in mind that each yard will be different, so the way you arrange your planter box may be different than the ideas that I gave. Here are some planter box ideas for where you could put them in your yard. Just remember to be creative with how you display the planter box, and make sure you put it in an area where your plants can get sun.

The Porch

Your porch is a perfect place to put your planter boxes. Even if your porch is small, most planter boxes will easily fit into a small amount of space. If your porch has a railing, you may want to put the planter boxes onto the railing.

Under Your Window

Add a floral look to your windows by placing your DIY planter box underneath them. This is one of the most common places to put planter boxes.


Some people choose to put their planter boxes indoors near a window, instead of having them be outdoor planter boxes. This is especially common when people are growing herbs. A common place to put an indoor planter box would be the kitchen window.


As you can see, there are many different types of planter boxes. The hardest part is simply picking out which one or ones that you’d like to build. Think about what you are going to plant it each one and then get your supplies. It really is not hard at all to build a DIY planter box. I hope that this article served as a tutorial to get you started and take you to completion for building your very own DIY planter boxes.

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