Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver: Review

Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver

Review of the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver

There is only 1 customer review on Amazon for the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver.  So instead of looking into what people are saying about this drill on Amazon, I looked into the details of the drill itself.  I also used internet searches to gather all that I could from customers who used this drill to find out what they thought about it’s features including the pros and cons.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​3 different handle positions
  • check ​LED Light
  • check Lithium-ion battery
  • check Bit storage area on the tool
  • check Lightweight and compact

Item Specifics

The Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver features a Lithium-ion battery that is made to work for hours.  An LED sight light is a nice feature that was added on for visibility in low light areas.  With this cordless screwdriver you get to choose from 3 different handle positions which is nice when working at different angles. Sometimes you just need that extra angle to get to where you need a screwdriver to go.  Also included with the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver is an on-tool bit/tool storage area.  

The dimensions of the this screwdriver is 10.6 x 9.7 x 3 inches with a weight of 1.7 pounds.

What a Customer Said: “Feels Good In Your Hand”

A customer who bought and used this screw driver had this to say about the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver, “This is the best cordless screwdriver to day.  The impact makes it easy to break free any screw or small nut.  It feels good in your hand and controls easily.  It does need a good holster.”


The charger for the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver plugs right into the screwdriver.  It is not like a power drill where the battery will come out and fit in a charger.  With this screwdriver, you simply plug the charger into an AC outlet and then plug the other end directly into the screwdriver.

It is recommended to charge this screw driver for 5 hours between uses when the battery is low.  Once charged it is the nature of lithium batteries to hold a charge for a long time.  Lithium batteries can often go for many months between uses without needing a charge.

Handle Positions

One of the things that I liked about the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver is that it has 3 handle positions.  And those positions are zero, thirty and 60 degree angles.  The different angles help with the maneuverability.  And I don’t know about you, but I’ve had days where I’ve built a barn and put on a roof myself and would have liked switching an angle on my power drill.  Granted, this is not a power drill but a low powered screw driver for smaller jobs, but the angled handles would still help with fatigue and maneuverability.

The hold on the handle is called a pistol type hold.  If you think of a handgun firearm, this is the same type of hold that the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver has.  The difference is that you have the 3 different angles to choose from.  But the hold will still be the same.

LED Light

The LED Light is a great feature for when you are working in a low light area.  Whether it is a basement or trying to work on the inside of a computer,  you just never know when you will appreciate a little extra light.  This drill has it and I really like this feature.  Though there was not yet a lot of feedback left for this drill, I can tell you that people liked the LED light features on other drills that had them.  I think as feedback starts coming in for the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver, this will also be a well liked feature.

225 Pounds of Torque

The Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver may be small but it’s mighty.  It can deliver 1,800 blows per minute and deliver 225 pounds of torque.  For a compact tool, I say that’s powerful.

Housing Material

The housing material on this screwdriver is a hard plastic.  From what I’ve read and can see, it is a durable housing unit.

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  • plus 3 handle positions
  • plus Lithium battery
  • plus LED light


  • close Price 

Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver Conclusion

There was not a lot of feedback left for the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver on Amazon.  So I looked in detail at the features and also found some information online on this drill.  From what I can see, it seems to be a well built compact screwdriver that is lightweight.  I like the pistol handle with the 3 different angles to choose from.  I also really like the LED light that can be used in low lighting situations.  The torque if strong at 225 pounds with 1,800 blows per minute. The charger and battery are included.  The charger plugs into an AC outlet and then the other end plugs into an electrical outlet.  There is no need to take out the Lithium-ion battery.  I personally like the Lithium-ion battery because this type of battery can hold a charge for a long time even between several months of not being used.  The price is a bit high, but from what I can see, you will be getting a quality, compact and powerful for its size screwdriver.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver.  Just keep in mind that it is a compact screwdriver and not a large power drill.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver.

  • chevron-circle-right Is a battery and charger included in the purchase price of this power screwdriver?  Yes, when you buy a Craftsman 8V MAX Impact Cordless Screwdriver you will also receive a battery and charger.
  • chevron-circle-right Does this screwdriver have multiple speed capabilities and if so how many?  No, there is only 1 speed with this screwdriver.
  • chevron-circle-right Is the bit holder magnetic?  No, the bit holder is not magnetic.  

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