Husqvarna String Trimmer: Review

Husqvarna String Trimmer

Review of the Husqvarna String Trimmer

The Husqvarna String Trimmer had 253 customer comments and 135 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve read the feedback and condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a string trimmer.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Powerful
  • check ​Durable
  • check 17 inch cutting width
  • check No need to drag a cord around
  • check  No need to charge a battery

Item Specifics

The Husqvarna String Trimmer has a 28cc engine and a 17-inch cutting width.  It uses a .095 diameter trimmer line.  It also is attachment capable with a 2 cycle unit.  It has a straight shaft.  

Husqvarna Stands for Quality

Husqvarna makes some great chainsaws in addition to string trimmers.  People have come to trust the name.  I personally like the Husqvarna products, especially my Husqvarna chainsaw that I use to cut all of our firewood from the mountains each year.  It just never seems to fail, and keeps on running and running  Other people felt this way about the Husqvarna String Trimmer. The following is one of many similar comments, “Love this weedwacker! We have gone thru so many weedwackers over the years and this seems like the best built one.  Never seems to stall. Pretty light.  Doesn’t seem to eat up weedwacker line as quickly as others.  And easier to install weedwacker line.  This might be our new go to company for all our yard equipment needs.”

There were just so many positive comments about the brand name and this string trimmer, that I thought I should share just one more – “Most of my lawn and garden tools are Husqvarna. It’s rare they disappoint me. This is (in my opinion) the best trimmer with replaceable heads on the market. You won’t be disappointed.”

Choke Switch in Bad Place?

For some the choke switch is in a place where in gets hit easily.  Just a minor flaw that people forgave but wanted to mention.  One customer said, “Good machine.  The choke switch being on the inside makes for accidental turning off but it otherwise starts right back up.  Just a bit inconvenient when I’m on a roll and the switch brushes up against my clothes and turns it off.  But for the price I can’t complain too much.”

It Will be Important to Maintain This Machine

With gas machines like this string trimmer, you will need to maintain them.  In general, a gasoline machine will run stronger and be more durable than a corded or battery, but with this comes a price of maintaining it.  One customer explains how to maintain it.  It really will pay off to take care of it correctly similar to the care of a chainsaw.

The customer explained, “I’ve had my trimmer for over 3 years now and each year it fires up without a hitch.  The secret is maintenance.  That’s right, with proper maintenance these trimmers give years of great service.  First off, the fuel line is NOT “aquarium grade” it is a polymer fuel line that is more durable and longer lasting than rubber.  The trick is to run NON-ETHANOL fuel! Drain the fuel and run the trimmer out of fuel before storing for more than a few weeks.  Change the spark plug and keep the trimmer clean.  Like any machine, proper maintenance and care are essential for long lasting performance.”

Will be Heavier Than Most Electric Trimmers, but Worth the Weight

The Husqvarna String Trimmer weighs 11 pounds.  While this is not terribly heavy it is going to be heavier than most corded and battery string trimmers.  In return for the weight you will get a powerful machine, but just keep in mind that it is heavier.  A customer explains a disadvantage and suggestion when he wrote, “The only con is that it doesn’t come with a strap or harness and it is fairly heavy.”

best string trimmer


  • plus Very powerful
  • plus Durable and should last for many years
  • plus No cord nor dead battery to contend with 


  • close Choke in annoying place 
  • close Will need to maintain it 

Husqvarna String Trimmer Conclusion

Husqvarna really does equate with quality.  From chainsaws to string trimmers like this, you really can’t go wrong buying a Husqvarna.  You will pay more, but if you maintain it properly, you should have a durable machine last for many years.  Gas powered machines like this can be hard to start. However, I found mostly positive reviews of this one starting right up easily.  In comparison to a corded string trimmer, you will have to also take more time by adding the proper gas to oil mixture.  So it is a trade-off because you also will not have to deal with batteries going dead nor a cord to drag behind you.  The Husqvarna String Trimmer should have no problem with its 28cc engine and a 17-inch cutting width to get most any job done that a string trimmer is intended for. I highly recommend this Husqvarna String Trimmer.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Husqvarna String Trimmer.

  • chevron-circle-right Does this use the same gasoline-oil mix as other Husqvarna products?  Yes, the Husqvarna String Trimmer uses the same gas to oil ratio mix as Husqvarna Chainsaws. 
  • chevron-circle-right Is this model a two string or one string operation?  This model has 2 strings. It comes with the T25 Professional Tap Advance trimmer head that features an easy-to-reload spool that comes off with the cap, eliminating the need to turn the trimmer upside down to reload the line. The spool has a split design that reduces tangling and line welding, and has arrows to show the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork.  The spool has two key slots to lock the trimmer line in and keep it from unwrapping while putting the cap back on the trimmer head. The T25 holds .065”, .080” or .095” trimmer line and comes pre-wound with 0.095″ Titanium Force trimmer line. While you can buy large spools of trimmer line and reload it yourself, they also sell the T25 heads already pre-wound with line.
  • chevron-circle-right Is this a 4 cycle?  No.  This is a 2-cycle that requires mixed fuel.

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