20 Best Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks

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In order to grow a beautiful garden that you can be proud of, you need to put in a lot of hard work. It’s not easy to take care of different types of plants, especially if they vary in their type of attention and treatment. Therefore, it really helps if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are some really neat tricks you can use to help you with your everyday gardening chores.

Clever Gardening Tips and Materials to Use

1. Coffee Filter

To avoid spilling the dirt down the holes of your flower pot, it’s a good idea to use a coffee filter. This way the excess water will spill from the holes while the dirt stays inside.

2. Wet Paper Towel

If you get your hands on some exciting plant seeds and you want to make sure they grow, put the seeds on a wet paper towel and see if it germinates.

3. Milk

Pour some milk over the dirt, it will serve as a fertilizer and help get read of some fungi.

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4. Dental Floss

When you tie your vine to a trellis, use dental floss. It’s stealthy and strong with high resistance to moisture.

5. Chamomile Tea

Use Chamomile tea to soak seeds and start germination and avoid the risk of fungi hurting the seeds.

6. Barbecue Ashes

Use leftover barbecue ashes to power up the soil and keep some insects away.

7. Egg Shells

If you wish to add more calcium to your soil, crush some eggs shells and mix them with the soil.

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8. Banana Peels

Roses need extra potassium; you can add some banana peel in your soil for that, it also helps to fight off some insects.

9. Potatoes

If you wish to propagate roses, stick the cuttings into potatoes before you plant them. It will keep the cutting moist and help develop roots.

10. Plastic Forks

To keep pets away from your plants, place some plastic forks around your vegetables, fruits, and flowers to keep the animals away.

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11. Storage Containers

If you need a larger pot for multiple plants, it is good to use storage containers. Just run a few holes on the bottom for the excess water and you’re done.

12. Baby Diaper

When heats kick in, watering is essential. Place a baby diaper on the bottom of the pot, and then cover it with soil. The diaper will keep the moisture longer and provide your plant with water.

13. Epsom Salt

To help your tomatoes and peppers grow better, add a few tablespoons of Epsom salt into your watering can. It will provide some additional magnesium which tomatoes and peppers require.

14. Toilet Paper Rolls

A friend of mine, who is a passionate gardener and a talented writer engaged with some of the best online essay services, uses toilet paper rolls for planting. She folds one side of the roll to form a bottom, then adds some soil and that’s it.

gardening, gardening tips

15. Gallon Jug

If you need a large watering can, you can use an old gallon jug and place holes on the lid. It will allow you to sprinkle water equally and gently.

16. Car Wax

If your gardening shears are not working properly and it feels as if they’re stuck, there is an easy trick to deal with this. Use some of your car wax to lubricate the shears; you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to use them afterward.

17. Baking Soda and Vegetable Oil

Mix baking soda with some vegetable oil and water to spray your tomatoes. It will help the plant fight off any insects or fungi.

18. Citrus Peels

Use the citrus peel to plant seeds. Just cut a lemon in half, leaving only the peel that you can fill with soil and put a seed or two inside. When you decide to move the plant in your garden, no need to remove the peel, it will decompose inside the ground on its own.

gardening, gardening tips

19. Beer

If slugs are giving you a hard time, pour some beer in a plastic cup and dig it the ground so the cup is only a quarter inch above the ground.

20. Sandbox

To prevent rust, store your gardening tools in a sandbox. Just pour some sand in a box and stick the metal deep inside.


Use these tricks to make your gardening experience more fun and productive. Gardening is a fun and fulfilling experience and brings us closer to Mother Nature.

Author Bio: Lilian Chifley is an IT specialist, teacher, and blogger from Sydney. She loves to talk about artificial intelligence and modern education. You can find Lilian on Facebook and Twitter.

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