Unique Ladder Trellis Ideas to Try Out


Creating a flower garden is one of the best ways you can showcase your creativity and personality. There are so many varieties of flowers available and just as many ways to display those flowers. Some flower displays are pretty common, such as planter boxes and flower pots. However, new and exciting trends are always popping up. A beautiful new trend that seems to be popping up in gardens this season is the ladder trellis. The ladder trellis provides a cool new way for you to display different varieties of climbing vines and veggies. The best part too, is that a ladder trellis is easy to DIY. So if you have been thinking of unique and fun ways to make your garden pop, look no further! This article will inspire you with a few unique ladder trellis ideas that you will want to try out in your garden!

What Is a Ladder Trellis?

A ladder trellis is when you upcycle, repurpose, or build a ladder, with the intent of letting climbing vines use the frame to grow. This type of climbing set up is extremely helpful for those gardeners who have limited space to work with. You can use a ladder trellis in vegetable gardens too. If you can train your cucumbers, peas, peppers and tomatoes to grow vertical instead of horizontal it opens up a lot of floor space for other vegetables. Instead of expanding a garden out, you can grow it up! If you were thinking about going out and buying a ladder trellis for your garden, you may want to hold off for a minute. While you can find a ladder trellis at any garden center or home improvement store, they tend to run unnecessarily expensive. You can easily DIY for just a few bucks.

Preparing to Build a DIY Ladder Trellis

Building a DIY ladder trellis is simple and quick. You could finish your project easily in an hour or two. For this simple DIY ladder trellis all you will need are some 1x1s, nuts, bolts, and washers. All in all it should only cost you about $10. Once you have gathered all of your materials, you need to decide how tall you want your trellis. A typical trellis stands between 5-8 feet tall. First, cut four of your 1x1s to the height you decided on. These will become your support pieces. Next cut a number of 1x1s approximately 18 inches, these will become your cross pieces. You will want to space out your cross pieces approximately 8-10 inches apart, so make sure you cut enough. Once you have cut all your wood and gathered your supplies it is time to start building!

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Building Your Ladder Trellis

First, lay down two of your supporting pieces on a table or a sawhorse. Line them up so they are even and space them approximately 12 inches apart. Next grab your cross pieces and lay them across your two support pieces. Make sure to center them evenly between the two support pieces and space them out every 8 inches or so. Once you are satisfied with the spacing of your cross pieces, use a nail gun to nail them in place. Using your first side of the ladder as a template, use the remaining wood pieces to build an identical second side of the ladder. Stand your ladder up, and drill a hole at the top through your supporting pieces. Using the nuts, bolts and washers secure the supporting pieces together. You can paint or stain the wood if you want, or you can place it straight in your garden.

Unique Ladder Trellis Ideas to Try

Now that you have a beautifully made ladder trellis it is time to find a place for it in your garden. Here are a few truly unique and beautiful ways to use a ladder trellis to display your plants in your garden. Whether you are using a ladder you built yourself, or an old antique ladder, you will love watching your flowers climb on your ladder trellis all season long.

Create a Rustic Ladder Trellis

If you want a more rustic and organic looking ladder trellis consider using branches and sticks instead of pieces of lumber. This will give your ladder trellis a natural and quirky twist. Make sure you use branches that have either been freshly cut, or that have been stored in a cool and dry place. You do not want to use branches that could rot or break easily. A rustic ladder trellis is made using the same steps as above. It may be just a little trickier to account for the natural twists and knots in the branches.

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Use an Antique Ladder

If you do not feel like making a ladder for a trellis, consider using one you already have. There are plenty of old antique ladders to be found for crafting. You probably have an old wooden ladder laying around your shed. If you don’t, consider looking online for antique ladders for sale. You can find ones in great condition for a relatively cheap place. Make sure the ladder you use is free from rot and is sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain. You can sand them down and paint them for a fresh look. Or if you prefer the antique appeal keep the old and chippy paint. Either way, an antique ladder is sure to add fresh life to your garden.

Attach It to a Fence

If you don’t have a place to set up a ladder in your garden, consider attaching your ladder trellis to a privacy fence. This will instantly turn a boring fence, into something beautiful. Attach your ladder trellis to the fence with 1 inch nails. If you can’t safely attach the ladder to the fence, you can simply lean it up against the fence. In such cases, I would suggest pushing the bottom feet of the ladder a few inches into the dirt for added stability. You can then plant your flowering vines directly below your ladder. You may need to loop the tendrils around the trellis the for the first weeks until it naturally grows around the trellis.

Layer with Ornamentation

In Conclusion

It is hard not to incorporate this fun gardening trend into your landscaping. Let your imagination run wild with ways to display and incorporate a ladder trellis into your gardens.

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