Top 5 Affordable Garden Wedding Venues

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You just got engaged. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, have you thought about where you want to have your wedding? If you are a nature lover, then you might have already thought about the idea of a garden. Even if you haven’t, don’t skip this guide. We guarantee that once you see the affordable garden wedding venues we have prepared for you today, you might instantly decide on a gorgeous garden wedding. Without further ado, let’s explore the options together!

Affordable Garden Wedding Venues for Your Special Day

1. Chicago Botanic Garden

Yes, you heard that right, you can get married at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Not only that, but you don’t even have to worry about choosing a caterer since this service is already provided by Culinary Landscape. Why would you want to get married at the Chicago Botanic Garden, you ask? Well, first of all, they have many different outdoor venues that are specifically targeted to these kinds of events. You can choose between the Rose Terrace, the English Walled Garden, or the McGinley Pavilion. No matter which one you decide on, you will enjoy a spectacular view.

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2. Beaulieu Garden

If you are looking for a more secluded yet affordable garden wedding venues, we suggest you research the Beaulieu Garden. It is extremely romantic and old timey, perfect for couples who just want to strengthen their commitment during an intimate ceremony. You can have the reception next to the gorgeous pool, enjoying the food provided by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering.

wedding outside in a garden

3. Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion

Are you a fan of historical buildings and settings? Then you are definitely going to enjoy having your wedding here. The Georgian architecture will provide an amazing background for the photos that you will take to immortalize this special moment. Furthermore, the staff there gives you the option to personalize your wedding as much as possible, from the catering, to the types of candles you want to use, and so on.

old tree with historical building in background

4. Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

For a more exotic type of location, we recommend the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. If you are also a fan of historical settings, don’t worry, this wedding venue combines them both. This location features a palm tree courtyard and a hibiscus garden, both perfect for tying the knot while surrounded by nature’s charm.

garden with palm trees and fountain

5. Jonathan Edwards Winery

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get married in a winery. Or maybe that just sounds like a lovely idea as you’re reading this. Regardless, Jonathan Edwards Winery is a perfect place for you to have your wedding at. You can get married at the vineyards, and then have the reception on the lawn. There is also a list of caterers to choose from, to make sure you get exactly what you wanted for your big day.

tables arranged for a wedding outside

These are only a few of the most beautiful and affordable garden wedding venues that you can find all around the country. However, as we hope we’ve managed to convince you, they are definitely some of the most exquisite ones. We encourage you to consider them for your approaching wedding.

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