8 Must Have Garden Tools You Need to Own

gardening tools

Spring is on its way, which means we can start getting back in the sunshine and start getting those gardens up and growing. If you are new to the gardening scene, it is important that you have the right tools to get started. There are lots and lots of different gardening tools, which you will discover in time. If you are just starting out, here are a few garden tools you need to have. 


Gardening involves a lot of weed pulling, treatments, and bug contact. Bugs are enough to make most of us get some gloves because there isn’t anything much worse than pulling some weeds and grabbing a spider instead! Having gloves on can keep us from getting bitten or stabbed by some prickly plants. Gloves also help keep our wet or sweaty hands from getting blisters against our hand tools. Whatever the reason, having a good pair of gloves is important.


Once you get your garden up and running, you’ll need to cut back some of the dead plants or thin out the growth from winter. Having a strong pair of pruners will help reduce the amount of stress on our hands. Pruners are stronger than the scissors you have in the kitchen drawer and require a lot less squeezing from the user. Keeping a strong pair of these in your tool kit will make life much easier.

Hand Rake

Hand rakes have three fingers that look like a giant claw with a handle. This tool helps loosen soil and can make digging much easier. If your garden is in a new area, the soil can be really compacted. Loosening the soil will help you dig a hole easier and will help the roots of your flowers grow faster and easier. You will find that a hand rake will be one of the most useful garden tools you will own. 


This pointed tool looks like a mini shovel. Trowels will help you dig smaller holes that can be the home of your new flowers and plants. They will help break up soil and make the digging process much easier.

Shovel and Spade

Shovels are just larger versions of trowels. These tools have wider and flatter blades, which help to move heavy items. Shovels are designed to be able to move large amounts of soil and gravel. A shovel is different from a spade. Spades are more pointed and used to dig holes. Having one of each would not be a bad idea.


Wheelbarrows are really important in the gardening world. They can carry water, soil, mulch, or the flowers that you want to plant. This tool can help make the transport of equipment easier and can even be the place you prep all of your flowers. Wheelbarrows can also help reduce the amount of trips you have to make between the garage and the garden location. Place all of your clippings, dead leaves, or grass trimmings in them as well. The list goes on and on.

Compact Hose

Watering your plants and gardens is extremely important to their survival, especially in the dead of summer. But, wrestling with a hose to get it remotely organized and untangled can be a nightmare. Some hoses are heavy and nearly impossible to get into neat ringlets. Instead, opt for a compact hose. These hose types are easy to use, light, and will keep themselves coiled and organized. Others are stretchy and will straighten out when water is being pumped through them, but when the water pressure is released and there is no longer any in the hose it will crunch back up and become a very light fabric that can be easily organized or hung.


Having the correct equipment can make the gardening process faster and easier. Be sure to do your research and see which ones are best for you. Although there are lots of different gardening options, these are the best ones to get your arsenal started. The best piece of equipment you can have, though, is fun. No tool in the world can give you the joy of seeing your garden in full bloom, so be sure to have fun with the process.

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