Beginner’s Garden Tools List: The 10 Items You Will Always Need

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You have decided: you want to start your own garden in the backyard. You are really excited to get to work, but you have no experience with what kind of tools you need to take care of your garden. Worry no more! We are here to help you. Today, we are going to take you through 10 must-have items when you want to start your own garden. All there’s left for you to do is go shopping with your garden tools list in hand.

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10 Must-have Garden Tools List


Number one on your garden tools list should be a nice pair of scissors. You will use it to cut small plants, tend to your perennials, remove plants that have dried out, cut twine, and many other things. This is what makes it a must-have item in your garden.


No garden tools list would be complete without a rake. There will be all sorts of dead leaves and small pieces of debris and trash that you want gone from your garden. And what easier way to get rid of them than by using a hand rake?


You are definitely going to be using shears to trim your garden. After all, you want your shrubs to have the perfect shape, right? You can also use it to create a clear edge of your garden bedding or garden paths, or to prevent certain plants from growing in all shapes and directions.

Water Breaker

Apart from cutting and trimming your garden, you will also have to water it. That’s why we suggest you add a water breaker to your garden tools list. It waters plants gently, and if you have low water pressure, it will come in handy.

Hand Weeder

What can you do with a hand weeder? Well, you can use it to remove weeds that have shallow roots. Also, its long handle will be extremely useful to reach places that are normally more difficult to reach, such as the beds of certain flowers.

Japanese Gardener’s Knife

This interestingly named garden item is a great addition to your garden tools list. Why is that, you ask? Well, you can do many things with it. For instance, you can use it to plant bulbs, remove weeds, dig, cut roots, and even as a crevice tool. We suggest you buy one as soon as possible.


How else are you going to plant things in your garden if you don’t dig up holes? This is where a shovel comes in handy. But you can also use it to move soil or gravel around.

Long-Handled Pruner

If you want to cut branches that are more than ¾ inches thick, you will definitely have to add a long-handled pruner to your garden tools list.

Bow Rake

When you want to get the soil ready for planting, you will need to use a bow rake to level it, spread compost, gravel, mulch, and so on. It can also be used to remove debris.

Garden Gloves

Finally, don’t forget you should protect your hands when you work in the garden. We suggest you buy a pair of washable synthetic gloves for protection. Your hands will thank you later.

Although there are more tools that you can add to your garden tools list, these are all you need if you are still at the beginning. Happy gardening!

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