6 Surprising Benefits of Hanging Your Clothes to Dry

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Hanging your clothes to dry isn’t very popular nowadays. Why do extra work when you have a machine that could do the work for you? Although there are a lot of cons to hang drying clothes like it taking longer and doing unnecessary work, there are also a lot of benefits. Here are 6 benefits to hanging your clothes to dry.

Save Money

When you hang dry your clothes, you save a lot of money. Dryers use electricity and you can save on your electric bill by hanging your clothes out to dry. Families with a lot of children seem to use the most electricity from their dryers because they are constantly doing laundry. Let’s face it, kids are dirty. If your electric bill is getting out of hand, consider hanging your clothes to dry and see how much your bill goes down.

Save Energy

Being eco-friendly is very important to a lot of people. Save a lot of energy every year by hanging your clothes to dry. The household dryer typically uses the most energy every year, other than the refrigerator. Think about all the energy you could save without doing laundry twice a day.

The Sun Bleaches

Have you ever had outdoor furniture and looked at the other side of the cushions after a couple of months? It’s a completely different color after sitting in the sun! The sun bleaches things. The sun will make your whites whiter and help remove stains from white linens. It’s hard to keep white clothes looking white without the use of bleach. The sun is a much more natural bleach than the chemical bleach. Leave your whites in the sun for a couple of hours and watch tough stains and yellow tinges disappear.

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The Sun Sanitizes

The sun actually disinfects and sanitizes clothes. The heat can help kill stubborn bacteria. If you have sick kids, hang their clothes up to dry to try to kill the bacteria that made them sick so that it won’t spread. This is another precautionary measure to help slow or get rid of the spread of germs.

Hang Drying Smells Nice

Clothes smell fresh when they hang dry. Unlike dryer sheets, they don’t add in artificial smells. There’s no need for the scent “spring meadow” because you have the real thing. It’s much more natural to let your clothes absorb a natural fresh scent than to add scents to them.

What’s Wrong With Work?

Some people see work has a con, but it can be a real pro. What’s wrong with a little more effort? Everything is based on convenience these days.  Have your kids help you hang up their laundry to dry. Each child can be responsible for hanging up their own clothes. Everyone is afraid of working harder! Teach your kids to work hard and give them chores to do to encourage responsibility and diligence.

Summing Up

Although there are cons to hanging your clothes to dry, there are some surprising benefits. You can save money, energy, have whiter clothes, and teach your kids the value of hard work. Who knows, you might even enjoy spending time together to dry your clothes.

Image Source: Pixabay

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