5 Types of Meats to Put on the Grill for a Delicious Memorial Day Barbecue

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Memorial Day is just around the corner so that means it’s almost barbecue time! Memorial Day barbecues have become an American tradition. It seems as though it’s a way to kick off the beginning of Summer. This is a fun tradition that everyone can enjoy. So grab some potato salad, watermelon, and buns because here are 5 types of meats to put on the grill for a delicious Memorial Day barbecue.


Let’s start off with a classic. Hamburgers are a crowd pleasing favorite. You really can’t go wrong with hamburgers. Slap them on the grill and provide the condiments and everyone will be happy. Include the works like cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, maybe even bacon. You can just have ketchup and mustard but having the extra toppings for a hamburger makes all the difference in the world. Make an indention in the hamburger with your thumb to prevent the hamburger from getting puffy.


Hotdogs are also a classic thing to grill, but bratwursts are hotdog upgrades. Brats are bigger and more satisfying. If you’re having people over for a Memorial Day barbecue, this is a great choice. It feeds a lot of people and gets them full. Hotdogs are a lot smaller and don’t leave everyone feeling full. Cook your brat on low heat until it is all the way cooked through, then move it over to the high heat to let the outside get crisp. This will prevent the brat from splitting because of the heat.

Short Ribs

Short ribs have a lot of fat which makes for a delicious flavor. The fat will also start to crisp up which makes the texture of the meat really delicious. There are tons of good marinades you can make for your short ribs to really spice up the flavor. Make the marinade yourself or buy one of the many options at the store. Whether your like your short ribs thick and sweet, or thin and spicy you can find something that gives you exactly what you want.

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Top Sirloin

This cut of meat is one of the most tender cuts out there. It has a lot less fat than other cuts so it is quicker to cook because all the fat doesn’t melt down. You don’t want to overcook this piece of meat because you don’t want it to turn tough. This cut of meat is supposed to be able to cut through like butter. Use a meat thermometer so you can easily check to see if the meat is cooked enough for your liking. This is easier than having to cut into the meat to check.

Pork Chops

Pork chops are a white meat choice for anyone that doesn’t like red meat. Pork chops are very quick and easy to cook. Make a marinade and let the pork chops sit in it in a plastic bag for at least at hour. This will allow all the flavors to soak into the meat thoroughly. Then throw the pork chops on a grill for about 4 minutes on each side. You can use your meat thermometer to make sure they’re done to perfection. Quick, easy, and delicious.

Summing Up

Whether your guests like a classic meat like the hamburger, or something a little heartier like the top sirloin, you can have a successful Memorial Day barbecue. Make sure you know what your guests will like. If your guests don’t like red meat, then go with the quick and easy pork chops. Maybe your guests don’t like a lot of fat, take that into consideration. If you’re in charge of the meat, make someone else in charge of the sides and drinks. The meat is an important responsibility. Try these meats on your grill and you’ll have a delicious Memorial Day barbecue.

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