5 Vines That Look Good in Any Home: No Green Thumb Required

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There are so many benefits to growing indoor plants. Indoor plants can brighten up any room, detoxify the air, and give off a lot of oxygen. What do you do if you want to grow an indoor plant but you don’t have a green thumb? Don’t fret. Here are five vines that look good in any home that you don’t need a green thumb for. 

Vines to Have in Your Home

Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant looks good placed just about anywhere. It has large, green, heart shaped leaves that start to hang when the plant gets larger. This plant is super easy to grow. You don’t need to water it everyday, in fact it does better if it isn’t. It doesn’t require a ton of sunlight so you can really put it anywhere.

vines that look good in any home

Image Source: Balcony Garden Web


This is a classic indoor plant. Ivy is so beautiful when it gets long and it hangs down where everyone can see it. This is a fast growing plant so there is minimal work you have to do. Ivy stays green all year long so it brightens up any space. If you get a little down in the winter because of the lack of sunlight, an Ivy plant could help with that. The bright green color will make everything seem less dead in the winter.

vines that look good in any home

Image Source: Balcony Garden Web


If you’re a beginner to plants, this is the best choice for you. This plant will basically grow without you doing anything. It doesn’t require direct sunlight so you can even put it in a place with a lot of darkness. If you have a dark corner of your house, this plant would be a great addition. Just make sure that the soil remains somewhat moist.

vines that look good in any home

Image Source: Joy US Garden


There are a lot of jasmine plants that can be grown indoors. This plant does require a lot of direct sunlight to grow. Make sure this plant is in a window where it can get several hours of sunlight a day and it’ll grow in no time. Jasmine is also very fragrant so it can make your house smell amazing!

vines that look good in any home

Image Source: Our House Plants

Creeping Fig

This plant doesn’t grow quite as quick as the others. However, once it has grown it doesn’t take a lot of work to keep alive. Just make sure you don’t overwater the plant and it’ll be good. The creeping fig has leathery leaves that are super cool to touch. This is a fun plant that adds color and texture to any space it’s put into.

vines that look good in any home

Image Source: My Garden Life

Summing Up

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow indoor plants. These plants are all easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance. All of these plants will look good in any home and provide color and light, and beautiful smells. If you’re worried about killing the plants in your home, have no fear! These plants almost take care of themselves. Just put them anywhere, and water them when you remember. That’s about all the work you have to do. Have any of these five vines in your home and see how much they can add to any space. 

Image Source: Trend Spot Inc.

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