Getting Started with a Pergola


A pergola is not your standard outdoor structure. With no walls and a roof made up of slats, you have unobstructed views and cool breezes running through on all sides.  Yet you will need to know a bit before you run out and buy one.  That being said, we’ve compiled the most important things you’ll want to consider when thinking about getting started.

What Type of Seed Starting Mix Is Best for Plants in a Pergola?

When it comes to growing plants in a pergola, using the right seed starting mix is crucial. The ideal option for this purpose is to opt for seed starting mix recipes that contain a balanced combination of soil, compost, and vermiculite. This mixture provides the necessary nutrients and moisture retention for optimal plant growth, ensuring a thriving pergola garden.

Build Your Own or Is a Kit More in Line with Your Needs?

While these structures sometimes may look a little simpler to the eye when compared to the intricacy of other options, you should definitely have some skills already if you are thinking of building one yourself.  This is very important since you don’t want your family members and guests enjoying themselves in a place that isn’t as safe as possible. That being said if you do have the skill set and you purchase reliable pergola plans you can expect to end up with a safe and fantastic looking spot to relax for years into the future.   

Kits are an option that has been in serious demand in recent years. With these, you don’t need any DIY skills just a free day and some buddies to put one together. Pergola kits come in various materials such as wood, vinyl, and even metal.  You can expect to find the best discounts with kits and if you are not feeling up to installing one yourself you can always pay someone else a nominal fee to do so for you.

Types for All Tastes

Like mentioned above, pergolas do come in different materials depending on what your preferences are.  They also come in many different styles and types. Pergola designs can range from the standard variety to those attached to your house, and some are even influenced by Asian or Mediterranean architecture.  But of course, you can always add some of your own styles to your structure too. Many homeowners like to do this by adding their favorite climbing plant so that it will eventually creep up the sides and onto the roof to become the canopy above.

What to Use Inside of Yours

Just as important as what type of pergola you choose is what you decide to place in it. You’ll definitely want some comfy furniture so that you can sit and even recline for hours on end.  You could go with something high end or even as simple as a few deck chairs placed around a coffee table.  Really whatever works best for you is the right answer.  Many people will even install them right over existing outdoor kitchens.  This way they let the pergola shade their dining and cooking space and offer a cool place to enjoy meals with the family. 

So when you’ve decided that you want to improve the function and fun of your backyard with your very own pergola first decide whether you want to build your own or go with a kit. Then choose a design and finally pick the furnishings you want to use to use when enjoying your time inside it. And of course, don’t overlook using it as a place for dining and cooking as well. 

For more great info, tips and advice on all types, materials, and options, be sure to read The Complete Guide To Pergolas!

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