Exterior Facelift: Transforming the Exterior of Your Home

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Taking care of your outdoor space and maintaining it regularly is just as important as making sure your interior space is always clean, decluttered and organized. However, not that many people understand the importance of their outdoor space and why investing time, energy and money into it is so necessary. Giving your exterior a facelift every once in a while will make your home look amazing and new for a longer period of time, which is vital for making a proper first impression. Therefore, here are a few ideas that might help you transform the exterior of your home for good.

Install Insulation

This isn’t a project all homeowners are going to love, but it’s something you should do if you wish to make your life better. Installing insulation on your exterior walls seems like the most expensive thing in the world, which is why so many people are against it, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you learn a thing or two about insulation first, and then make an effort and do it on your own, you could save a ton of money and still make a major difference in your home. Insulation will help you regulate indoor temperature more easily, making your living space warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer, which will help you save a considerable amount of electricity and money, month after month. Ultimately, if you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to raise the price since it’s insulated so perfectly.

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Build a Front Porch

Not that many people have the luxury of living in houses these days, and most of them are stuck in tiny apartments in residential buildings that offer no outdoor space whatsoever. So, if you’re living in a house, you simply must make the most of your outside area and spend as much time there as you can. And the best way to do so is by hanging out on your front porch.

If your home already has a porch, all you have to do is spruce it up a bit – remove all unnecessary clutter, add a few new chairs and bring in a small bar for serving drinks. Of course, you can also repaint the entire space and give it a make-over, which is always good. If you don’t have a front porch at the moment, be sure to find an experienced professional who can build you one. Define the space, talk about your budget, design the porch together, and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area more thoroughly than ever before.

A New Coat of Paint

Insulating your house and building a new front porch are also wonderful opportunities to repaint your exterior and give it a new look, but you don’t have to wait for an opportunity like that, though. Give your home a new coat of paint at least once every five years, and you’ll immediately feel much better and think you’re living in a brand new house, no matter how old it actually is.

This is another project you can handle on your own, or at least with a help of a few friends. All you need to do is find the right color, get the equipment, rent some much-needed portable scaffolding that is going to make this job much easier, and you’re good to go! Pay attention to the colors of the houses surrounding you as well, and make sure yours follows the same pattern in order to enhance the sense of community in your area.

exterior, exterior facelift

Change the Doors and Windows

Since your exterior is the first thing people notice when coming to your home, you’d better pay attention to every single detail if you wish to make a good first impression. This is why lots of people don’t mind investing in new doors and windows, knowing that these will make their home seem nicer, but also help them regulate indoor temperature even more efficiently.

A new front door is probably the best way to make a difference and show your visitors how much you care about the appearance of your home. You can repaint your front door once every two years to make it fresh and clean, or even replace it with a new door if you notice it’s not worth saving. The same goes for the windows as well – installing those new double-glazed windows might seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s going to make your home more sustainable and nicer in the long run.

Summing Up

Fixing your exterior isn’t as difficult as it seems at first, and it takes only a few things to make your home appear nicer and more elegant than before. Look into some of these ideas, find the ones that suit you the most and start applying them to your own home as soon as possible!

Author Bio: Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is a regular contributor on https://smoothdecorator.com.

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