5 Benefits of Having Birds Around Your House

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Birds can sometimes be obnoxious. They can build nests in unwanted places, fly into your windows, and wake you up early in the morning. Although they have some bad qualities, they also have a lot of redeeming qualities. There are a lot of benefits to having birds around your house. They are beautiful to look at, but they also serve important purposes you’ve probably never thought about. Here are 5 benefits of having birds around your house. 

The Many Benefits of Having Birds Around Your House:

The Benefit of Learning

Having birds around your house will teach you and your children a lot of things. You can teach your children about migration or building nests. You can see a mama bird feeding her babies and they can learn about how baby birds grow. They can see how birds learn to fly and what birds eat. Children can see all the different colors that birds have and have fun looking for new colors they haven’t seen before. A lot can be learned from just watching birds and you and your family can learn so much from them.

The Benefit of Being Outdoors

While you’re watching and learning about birds, you’re outside. Being outside also has many benefits. You get Vitamin D, your stress levels decrease, and you can spend time with your family. Being outdoors and learning about birds can help your well-being and stress levels. Just sit and listen to the song of the birds and let everything else in your life fade to the background. Giving yourself an outdoor hobby that you enjoy with your family can improve your overall mental health. Get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air by watching the birds around your house.

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The Benefit of Pollination

Birds that drink nectar, like hummingbirds, are very good pollinators. They’ll pollinate your flowers, which will give you even more flowers, which will attract more birds! They can also help pollinate fruit trees and other blossoms or flowers. Plus, hummingbirds are also amazing to look at.

The Benefit of Less Insects

Birds love eating insects. There are many insects that are harmful to gardens that you probably don’t want around. Birds eat spiders, aphids, and mosquitoes. Having less mosquitoes around your house would definitely be an awesome benefit. Birds are a natural insect repellent. Most insects will not hang out if there are a lot of predators about. More birds equals less bugs.

The Benefit of Less Weeds

Lots of birds eat weed seeds. This helps reduce the amount of weeds that actually grow in your garden. This will mean you have less weeding to do and who wouldn’t want that? Your garden could have significantly less weeds with birds around your house.

Summing Up

Birds can sometimes be trouble, but they can also be very helpful. They can help lower the amount of insects and weeds you have. They can also pollinate the flowers in your garden. Getting outdoors and watching birds will help you and your family learn a lot and help your overall well-being. Hopefully you’ll agree that having birds around your house has more benefits than disadvantages. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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