5 Beautiful and Rustic Ways to Use Twine

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Twine is an inexpensive material that you can get at any craft store. It’s made of several strands of yarn put together so it’s very thick and sturdy. A lot of farmers use twine for multiple purposes like baling hay, or tying fence posts together. Because twine is often found in farmhouses, it has become a rustic decoration for people wanting a farmhouse look in their own home. Here are 5 beautiful and rustic ways to use twine.

Twine Coaster

ways to use twine

This project is simple and cheap. All you need is a cork coaster, twine, and glue. Swirl the twine around itself on top of the cork coaster. Keep coiling the twine until the entire top of the coaster is covered in twine. This adds a rustic and relaxed feel to homes. Turn boring, old cork coasters into fun ones.

Image Source: Finding Silver Pennies

Mason Jar Decorations

ways to use twine

Mason jars have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. They’re cute and can be used for many things. If you’re looking for the farmhouse feel in your house, try wrapping some twine around mason jars. Put a little tea light inside the mason jar for more of a farmhouse feel. Again, this is easy and cheap.

Image Source: Redhead Baby Mama

Rustic Wrapping

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Twine looks so cute as part of a gift. Next time you wrap a gift for someone, add a little lace and finish it off with a twine bow. This is so cute and personalized. Your gift will actually look like you put some thought and effort into the wrapping instead of using the first wrapping paper you saw. This wrapping looks especially cute for gifts at a wedding.

Image Source: Candidly Pretty

Twine Handles

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If the handles around your house are looking worse for the wear, try wrapping them in twine. Your house will look like it belongs on a beach somewhere! Take the handles off of the cabinets, doors, or drawers and wrap some twine around them. You can wrap the whole thing in twine, or just the middle, or just the ends. See what looks best and then get to it. This is an easy project that will make an entire room look fresh and new.

Image Source: House Revivals

Twine Bowl

ways to use twine

Sometimes coffee tables or shelves need a little extra something. A lot of times people add another pointless decoration that doesn’t have a purpose. Make a twine bowl and it will be functional and look amazing! Use a large bowl as a mold and wrap the twine around the bowl, glueing the twine together as you go. Take the large bowl out after the glue has dried and the twine bowl should keep its shape. Use this bowl as something to hold your mail or keys. A twine bowl will also look amazing as a plant holder. Easy and very useful.

Image Source: The Creek Line House

Summing Up

There are so many ways to use twine. Just by adding some twine to your house, you can add beauty that you didn’t even know was missing. Most twine projects are simple and cheap so it would take less than a day to complete. You’re going to love all the character and charm that twine adds to your house.

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