Top 9 Yard Design Ideas Using Landscape Timbers

1 steps built with landscape timbers

Are you looking for new and interesting ways in which to shape the landscape in your garden or backyard? One thing we’re particularly fond of is landscape timber designs. Landscape timber is exactly what it sounds, timber that you use to create a lovely landscape. There are a lot of things that you can build with landscape timbers, and today, we’re going to provide you with a couple of ideas. Let’s have a look at 9 yard designs that use landscape timbers!

Landscape Timbers Yard Designs: 9 Cool Ideas

1. Landscape Timbers Pergola

Especially if you have a large yard that contains a sitting area and several paths, a pergola is definitely something you should consider. If you’re not familiar with what a pergola is, allow us to explain. A pergola is a landscape feature that you build in order to keep certain sitting areas, walkways, or passageways shaded. It’s made out of several vertical posts that form the structure, and an open lattice and cross-beams that provide shade.

pergola made of timber, landscape timbers

While you don’t have to necessarily build the pergola out of landscape timbers, we think this option is particularly beautiful and interesting. As you can see from the image above, a pergola doesn’t have to be too large or cover a large area in order to look nice. You can simply build one that expands your yard or sitting area. Whatever you decide on, the landscape timbers will definitely provide your backyard with an original landscape feature.

2. Landscape Timbers Raised Beds

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t combine your passion for gardening with your passion for landscape timbers. For instance, you can create some really cool raised beds just by stacking landscape timbers on top of each other. You don’t even need to fixate them with anything since the material is quite heavy. This means it isn’t in danger of getting dislodged or falling to the side. Still, if you think you wouldn’t feel at peace without providing them with some additional support, you can always drill some holes in the corners and then place some metal rods into them.

landscape timbers-made raised beds

The design possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is use your creativity. You can go for more traditional raised beds, like the ones in the picture above, or you can spruce things up by forming all sorts of interesting shapes out of landscape timbers and positioning them in different areas of your yard.

3. Landscape Timbers Retaining Wall

Do you have a sloped yard and you weren’t able to find a solution to your landscaping issues? Then you’re going to love this idea. You can use landscape timbers to build a retaining wall and provide your yard with some texture and layers. Adding several layers of retaining wall provides you with more than one benefit. First of all, you get to grow different kinds of plants safely with the added benefit of keeping them separate. Second, you can use the walls as sitting areas as well, especially if the shape of your yard doesn’t allow for a separate sitting space.

retaining walls built with timber, landscape timbers

If you take a look at the image above, you can see how much a retaining wall built out of landscaping timbers can improve the look of a sloped yard. Not only does it allow easy access to your plants, but it also looks incredible. You don’t even have to cover your entire yard with walls, just a small portion of it would be enough for a lovely result.

4. Landscape Timbers Walls

Retaining walls are not the only type of walls that you can build with landscape timbers. You can also build actual walls to surround your yard. Or, if you’re planning on building a small shed in your backyard, you can try making its walls out of landscape timbers. This material is versatile enough to use on multiple types of projects, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much.

yard walls built with landscape timbers

The image above is a perfect example of how you can use landscape timber to surround your entire yard. Even if in theory it might seem a bit too much to build both a wall around your yard and a shed out of landscape timbers, the fact that the material is so simple and uncluttered, keeping more or less the same shade throughout, makes this design just right. Still, we advise you to keep a minimalist design in the rest of the backyard, if you’re going to go with so much landscape timber. This means neatly trimmed plants, a lot of greenery, and a simple stone path.

5. Landscape Timbers Fence

We hope you’re not tired of us suggesting you build walls using landscape timbers. That’s because this idea is pretty close to that one. This time, we’re not talking walls, we’re talking fences. However, this is not the type of fence that surrounds your entire yard. Its purpose is mostly decorative, although it can also provide you with some privacy. You can use it to section off a certain area of your yard, be it one where you want to place some chairs and a table, or one where you grow flowers and all sorts of plants.

fence panels made out of timber, landscape timbers

While you can definitely build the fence so it’s impossible to see through it, we recommend a more creative approach, such as adding a lattice to it. You can build a longer uninterrupted fence, but you can also get inspired by the image above and create separate panels that you place wherever you see fit. An irregular design would be even cooler than a traditional fence.

6. Landscape Timbers Pool Design

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, or if you’re planning on building one, allow us to suggest a design involving landscape timbers. You can create a lot with this type of material, which makes it perfect for designing the entire pool area.

pool surrounded by landscape timbers, landscape timbers

For instance, in the image above, you can see that landscape timbers were used both for the small fence surrounding the pool area and for the flooring around the pool. Landscape timber is one of the best materials for near the pool flooring, and that’s easily noticeable in the image we’ve provided you with. You can build a sturdy floor that dries easily and ensures a modern, yet slightly elegant look. Keep in mind that you can apply this design both to above the ground pools and in-ground pools.

7. Landscape Timbers Steps

If you’re someone who has to make the most of a sloped yard, you might want to consider building some steps, especially if the area of land which is sloped is the one leading to your house. While you have many material options for building steps, one of the most convenient and easy to install ones are landscape timbers. You don’t even need large pieces of timber in order to build the design we have here.

stairs built with timber and gravel, landscape timbers

As you can see, this design involves just some landscape timber planks and gravel. You can use the planks to build the frames of the stairs, and then fill them with gravel that you can step on. Not only is this a cheap way to build stairs in your yard, but the combination of landscape timber and gravel provides the entire design with a rustic look.

8. Landscape Timbers Chair and Table

Finally, for the people looking for a rustic alternative to the more traditional types of chairs and tables that you normally see used as outdoor furniture, there’s always the possibility of using landscape timber as a material. You probably won’t be able to find another material that looks as rustic and original as this one, especially when used for furniture building.

small chair and table made out of timber, landscape timbers

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll leave you contemplating the one above. As you can see, the timber was left in its natural state, instead of being painted over or polished in any way. We think this is particularly nice since painting over it would take away all the charm of the timber’s natural beauty. The pieces of furniture above are quite small. You can choose to leave them like that (and perhaps use them for a children’s playground), or you can make them larger and place them in your yard’s sitting area.

9. Landscape Timber Edging

There are plenty of landscape edging ideas out there, but this is one of the very best. We mentioned using landscape timbers for a retaining wall because of how much it helps it pop. The same goes for landscape edging. Many edging ideas use very thin objects like metal, thin planks, or rolls of plastic. This idea does not. It makes sure the border is bold and easy to see.

landscape timbers

In the example above, you can see a gardening project that is underway. The landscape timbers are being used to separate the garden beds from the rest of the yard. They are one of the best ways to make your garden pop this season. Make sure to give landscape timbers a try for your next edging idea.

Summing It All Up

No matter what kind of landscape element you want to add to your garden or backyard, landscape timber is a material that can help you build almost anything, as we hope we’ve managed to show in today’s guide. Hopefully, the 8 ideas we’ve presented you with above have inspired you to come up with your own, or simply use one of them. Regardless of the one you want to use for your yard, we’re sure that it’s going to make spending time there an absolute pleasure.

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