How to Write the Perfect Property Listing – Helpful Tips

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Did you know that the first step for all people that are looking to buy a house is by looking online first? This just highlights the importance in having the best possible property listing.

If a buyer reads your description and they aren’t impressed then they are on to the next one. Using high-quality images is obviously important but a well-written and detailed description is what eventually wins that first impression and encourages buyers to reach out.

Here are a few steps to follow when you’re writing your property listing.

Describe the Property Accurately

This may seem like the most obvious tip, but you would be surprised, your real estate listing description should be accurate. If the house is barely 900 square feet, the writing that the space is ‘sprawling’ is totally dishonest. If you were to say a home is in perfect living condition but then when a potential customer views the house there is water damage throughout the house and the back deck is rotting, the buyer will be turned off. Setting realistic expectations helps everyone and saves you and the buyer’s time.

Instead, if there are flaws in the home, then spin them into positives and offer suggestions on how to fix them. If your potential buyer knows what to expect, they are more likely to be accepting of the work that needs to be done.

Don’t Try and Imitate

If you want to learn how to write real estates, the worst thing to do is to copy somebody else’s style. In fact it is the worst thing you can do. If you create listings that blend into the crowd and feel like ones that the buyer has already read, they will ignore it. Looking average is the easiest way to being forgotten and to not get noticed by the audience.

However, it is not for everyone to be creative and think outside the box, so by all means take pointers from pages that you think suit your style but don’t copy the whole design.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Tools

If you are trying to attract the most buyers, you will need to be a perfectionist. That means double and triple checking every listing to ensure that there are no errors. Seeking outside help is a way of life now, with editing and writing companies on the rise. Here are some of the best tools to use.

  • StateofWriting / ViaWriting – These two tools will be key if you want the content to be high quality, checking and using grammar correctly is a pet peeve for a lot of people.
  • BoomEssays / EssayRooAustralianReviewer has reviewed that these two tools are the best for you if you are looking for outside help with proof-reading. This is vital; companies all over the world spend hours upon hours checking content.
  • MyWritingWay / WritingPopulist – If you are stuck for ideas on the best way to word what you are trying to say then these are the two tools for you. They ensure top-quality content.
  • OXEssays / Academized – These tools ensure that the highest quality editing goes into your content, as reviewed by SimpleGrad in Academized review.
  • Academadvisor / LetsGoandLearn – Blogs are vital part of business now, and with that the highest possible quality must be included. These two tools will ensure that this is ensured.

Avoid Red Flag Words in Your Property Listing

“It was found that certain words will actually hurt a home listing. Meaning that the way you write your listing description could actually affect the selling price. These words include ‘fixer’, ‘TLC’ and ‘cosmetic.’ These words are not outright a negative, but they certainly give the buyer a feeling that there is a lot of work to be done,” says Vesta R. Thomas, a writer from Paper Fellows. Save these words unless you are selling a home that needs a lot of work done and is suitably priced.

Highlight the Uniqueness 

Character sells houses. Is there a fireplace in the master bedroom? If so, include it. It would be an obvious selling point from start. At the very least, this will help potential buyers differentiate your listing from the thousands that they have seen.

Mention a few one of-a-kind-features that the house offers and the right buyers will appreciate it. In fact, it might end up being exactly what the buyer is looking for.


If you follow these simple steps, you will be sure to have more success with your property listing. Always include captivating headlines; this will grab the buyer straight away. Once they are there, they will never want to leave. 

Author Bio: Grace Carter is an editor and blogger at Write My Essay and Assignment Writing Service educational websites. She develops marketing strategies, improves customer experience and works on content conversion. Also, Grace teaches how to give successful presentations at Big Assignments service.

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