The Most Beautiful Fall Hiking Spots in the United States

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Fall hiking is gorgeous. The leaves are changing and the weather is cool and crisp. America has so many wonderful places to hike in the summer. But there are also tons of amazing hikes that are perfect for fall. Here are some of the most beautiful fall hiking spots in the United States.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Bear Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Colorado. Colorado is known for its majestic mountains and picturesque scenery. The changing colors of the leaves are what makes this hike over the top. The aspen trees turn golden yellow and it has a stark contrast to the deep blue lake. There’s a trail around the lake once you get to it that’s about 0.8 miles that’s an easy walk. Use that time to take in all the glorious beauty. 

Acadia National Park, Maine

Maine has stunning views all over the coastline. Acadia National Park provides some of the very best views of the ocean and coast in all of New England. Once you get to the park, most of the roads are closed to cars and are unpaved. Therefore, you’ll have no choice but to hike to see some of the beautiful scenery. Don’t let that stop you, it’ll definitely be worth it. Cadillac Mountain is a great hike that will allow the best views of the ocean because it reaches a height of 1,530 feet. Although this hike is strenuous, you won’t regret it once you reach the top. 

Fall hiking

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

There are several different trails in the park for all different ages and fitness levels. Longer hikes can be up to 94 miles, while shorter hikes can simply take a day to do. Therefore, you’ll have an abundance of choices to make. Although, no matter what you choose the views will be spectacular. Several waterfalls will make an appearance and the views of different valleys will take your breath away. 

Central Park, New York City

Not all beautiful hikes are far off into the mountains. There are amazing things to see right in the heart of NYC. Central Park has a nice and easy trail around the park that is great for kids and novice hikers. You’ll be able to see an abundance of wonderful Fall colors, then look around and see the incredible skyline of New York City around you. Although this location is probably not one you think of when you think of amazing hiking spots, it delivers incredible views and a fun environment. You will get the best of both worlds because it has great hiking trails and a fun city feel. 

Summing Up

Fall hiking is great because you can see the great outdoors and the landscape that is worthy of a painting. If you’re looking for great places to do some fall hiking, then look no further. Any of these places will leave you in awe and wonder at the amazing views. Please don’t forget a camera when you go because you’ll want to capture the beauty forever. 

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