Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower Review

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Review of the Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower

As of this writing, there are 388 customer comments and 41 answered questions for the Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope this review helps you when shopping for the best leaf blower to maintain your yard.

Best Features

  • Only weighs 3.9 pounds
  • Air-speed is 155 mph
  • Features a 6 Amp motor
  • Great price
  • Easy to start

Item Specifics

The Sun Joe Blower is great for sweeping patios, driveways, decks, and garages. The maximum air-speed is 155 mph, and the no-load speed is 12, 000/ 13, 500 RPM. It features a 6 Amp motor. Weighing in at 3.9 pounds, the Sun Joe Blower is very lightweight.

Bargain Price

The Sun Joe Blower is one of the least expensive leaf blowers on the market. If you are not needing a top of the line leaf blower, you may want to go with this one. It is not top of the line and it’s not too powerful, but for small jobs, this may do the trick. A customer shared, “I have a townhouse condo with a patio, small garden area, and a two car garage. This was absolutely perfect for the both as it is powerful and inexpensive. It cleared the leaves in the bushes and all the dirt and leaves off the patio. I wanted to put my plants in for the summer and not wait for the landscapers to get around to it so I decided to buy it. Also, it cleans the patio in two minutes flat. It also cleared my garage floor in minutes. I told my wife she could use it for a hair dryer with its 155 MPH winds (at the nozzle exit), but she didn’t think it was too funny.”

Won’t Blow Water Very Well

Many people purchase leaf blowers for jobs other than just blowing leaves. If you are wanting to blow water off your car or maybe dry off outside chairs after it rains, The Sun Joe Blower may not be strong enough for the job. One customer said, “This is a pretty good little leaf blower. Honestly when I took it out of the box it almost felt like a child’s toy, small and light. I really only purchased this to dry off my car after I wash them. For that it does an okay job. I think it just doesn’t have enough power to blow the water completely off of the car, so it takes a while going from one side to the other. However on a hot summer day it’ll probably do a fine job because the forced air combined with the heat should evaporate most of the water… hopefully.”

Extension Cord Not Included

You will need an extension cord in order to operate this leaf blower. Unfortunately, it is not included so be prepared and have one ready before you plan on using the Sun Joe Blower. A customer said, “Love this leaf blower. Perfect for my needs of blowing pine cones, leaves and pine cones off the patio and driveway. Easy to use and lightweight, quick to plug in and go. Will need additional extension cord but the plug easily uses a three-prong orange outdoor cord even with the “lip” around the plug on the blower. So nice not to have to ask my husband for his help keeping the patio clean, I do it myself in minutes. Cheap, powerful for light-medium jobs, and easy to assemble. Would definitely buy again.”

Will Blow Pine Needles

If you have pine trees you may be interested to know that this leaf blower will blow pine needles. A customer shared, “I got this to blow pine needles out of the pea gravel areas around the house. It has the right amount of airflow to blow the needles but not scatter the pebbles all over the place. It doesn’t, however, have enough airflow to dislodge cobwebs in the corners of the outside covered porch. It is a bit noisy, but not so noisy that I feel I need ear protection, but noisy enough that I worry about disturbing the neighbors.”

Saves on Water

Some people get out a hose every time dust starts collecting around outdoor furniture or sidewalks. If you live in an area with low water, or maybe you have well water, using water unnecessarily just doesn’t make sense. The Sun Joe Blower can be used for cleaning instead of using water. A customer shared, “I bought this leaf blower to take care of the debris that always seems to make it into my covered patio, wrapping itself around my patio furniture and onto the doormat which we then track into the house. This leaf blower has the power to blow debris out from under and around the legs of the patio chairs and outdoor area rug. Before I used to have to move all furniture off the patio and sweep with a broom. But the dust build up was still on the concrete so I would occasionally spray it down with a garden hose. But here in the desert, we consider that a waste of water. Now with this leaf blower, I get a quick clean result every time. It is powerful enough that I use it to remove the rocks my dogs sprays onto the patio when she runs around. The price can’t be beaten. It is easy to hold and maneuver around the furniture and patio. Love this leaf blower.”


The Sun Joe Blower is lightweight. It only ways 3.9 pounds in comparison to some of the gas-powered leaf blowers that weigh over 20 pounds. This truly is one of the best attributes of this leaf blower in addition to the low price. A customer shared, “This blower does a great job on my smallish porch. I have a bird feeder out there and naturally, the shells get all over the floor. I tried sweeping those shells away but this blower does a much better job and being lightweight, is easy for me to handle.”

Easy Start and Easy to Use

One of the nice things about this Sun Joe Blower is that it is easy to start and use. Even though it isn’t as powerful as most gas-powered leaf blowers, in return it is very easy to start and use. No need to pull on a cord to get it started. Just plug it in and press the start. A customer commented, “Can not be beaten for the price. Using to clean up our deck. Normally I would have to go to the shed get out the 200 mph Toro gas blower make sure it has gas, get it started etc. You know the drill. This blower is light weight and powerful enough to do the job. And a bonus guys, my wife doesn’t have a problem using it. Fits nicely in my deck box without taking it apart. Can’t go wrong!”

Will Need to Drag Cord Around

One of the disadvantages to an electric leaf blower is that you will have to drag a cord around when you are working with it. A person had this to say about the cord, “Yes its electric and you will need to drag an extension cord around, however you won’t need to buy gas and oil or perform the regular maintenance usually required for gas powered lawn tools.”

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  • Great price 
  • Lightweight   
  • Easy to start and use   


  •  Extension cord not included 
  • Not as powerful as gas-powered leaf blowers
  •  Not for big jobs

Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower Conclusion

The Sun Joe Blower is good for sweeping patios, driveways, decks, and garages. It is not a top of the line blower so it is also not as powerful as more expensive leaf blowers. However, the price is very low, so if you want a small leaf blower to do small jobs, than you may be interested in this one. The maximum air-speed is 155 mph, and the no-load speed is 12, 000/ 13, 500 RPM. It features a 6 Amp motor. Weighing in at 3.9 pounds, the Sun Joe Blower is very lightweight. As already mentioned, the price is great. You will need to purchase an extension cord separately since it is not included with this leaf blower. Also, some people found that dragging a cord around was a pain, but in return, you won’t be paying as much as a gas-powered leaf blower. Also, there is no need to pull a cord to start it. Overall, if you don’t need a high powered leaf blower, for the price the Sun Joe Blower can’t be beaten.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower.

  • Does it have variable speed?  Unfortunately, the Sun Joe Blower only has one speed.
  • Will the Sun Joe Blower work for blowing light snow?  It is possible to blow snow as long as the snow is light and not deep. That said, most leaf blowers are not recommended for use on wet surfaces for safety reasons. Also, some customers who used the Sun Joe Blower for blowing water said it did not work too well. 
  • Does it have a cord lock so that it doesn’t come unplugged from the extension cord?  Yes, there is a “loop” on the back that you can slip a cord through to establish a secure cord connection.

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