LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose: Review

LawnPRO 50 Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose

Review of the LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose

The LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose had 2,038 customer reviews and 81 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this helps you when choosing a garden hose.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Does not kink
  • check ​Compact
  • check Lightweight
  • check Easy to store
  • check  Doesn’t leak

Item Specifics

The LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose is made from 5,000 Denier woven strap.  It has solid copper fittings and steel assembly clamps.  This hose is also lightweight and compact.  When not in use, the expanding hose shrinks to under 20′ and under 2.5lbs. It is kink free. 

Durable as Compared to Other Expandable Hoses

The issue with some expandable hoses is that they can break if too much water pressure goes through them too rapidly.  However the LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose had good reports of not breaking.  A customer had this to say and also offered some advice for expandable hoses, “So far this hose is holding up fine.  I think the key is to not turn on your water full blast.  Full water pressure seems to blow these kind of hoses (this is my 5th flexible hose – the prior 4 exploded in the first month).  I like the fact that the LawnPro has a tougher outer core – none of the prior hoses had this.  This should help keep his hose working well for a long time.”

Does Not Kink

Hoses that kink can be a real pain.  Just when you are ready to water your garden, you give the hose one last pull and a kink shows up.  It’s happened to me countless times.  This is not one of those types of kinky hoses.  Customers all reported that the LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose does not kink.   Many of the people who bought this hose left feedback similar to this person:  “We were tired of the big bulky hose that always seemed to kink.  This is very light and shrinks down once water is out of it so easy to just hang up.  No more kinking.”

Space Saver

Hoses of this length can take up a lot of room.  I will be the first to admit, because I use my hoses every day on my farm during the non-winter months, I seldom coil them up.  It simply takes too long when there are chores waiting to be completed, winding or coiling a hose is the last thing on my to do list.  However with a hose of this size, it would be easy to just walk the hydrant with it in a little carry bag (included) or small bucket.  Others also liked that this hose was so compactable.

One customer shared this, “This hose is great. I’ve been struggling for years with 50 – 75 foot hoses. Winding them up is a pain, while unwinding them I was damaging plants and fighting kinks in the line.  No more.  This hose is very light weight when the water is off.  It’s just a bouncy, flexy, lightweight fabric.  Easily fits in a small pot we keep by the outdoor faucet.  Once you turn the water on, it starts to fill the hose and it slowly grows into the full length and you use it like the standard hose.  Once you turn off the water, the hose slowly compresses and the water drains out.  Very easy. I had another brand before but it developed small leaks in the line.  This one has lasted about 6 months so far without any issues.”

Comes with Carry Bag

Depending on how often you use this, you may or may not want to put this hose away in it’s carry bag after each use.  But customers did like to store it away for the season in the included bag. Here is what one customer had to say about the included hose bag, “The hose quality is fantastic and it came very neatly in an organized bag that we reused when storing it for the winter.”

best garden hose


  • plus Retractable
  • plus Lightweight
  • plus Doesn’t take up much space when stored


  • close Not for heavy duty, high water pressure work 
  • close Not for drinking out of

LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose Conclusion

The LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose pretty much does what it says it should do in the description.  It is kink free which made the customers happy.  No one wants to deal with time wasting kinks in a hose.  It is lightweight, compact and easy to store.  It truly is a space saver, and will compact up into a small bag (included).  It is durable as compared to other expandable hoses. This is not a heavy duty hose by any means but for light watering I highly recommend it.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a LawnPRO Expanding Kink Free Garden Hose.

  • chevron-circle-right Can I use this hose, or any expanding hose, with a sprinkler, not a handheld nozzle but a sprinkler that will lay on the grass and water the lawn?  Yes.  The hose expands as water pressure is applied.  So, you would need to attach the sprinkler to the hose, and turn the faucet on.  At first, the hose will be pretty short (around 15′), but it will expand as soon as you turn the water on.  Then just put the sprinkler where you want it.
  • chevron-circle-right How do I register this hose for the extended warranty?  This hose comes with a 12 month full warranty for the original purchaser. There is no fine print, no exclusions, and no “registration” paperwork to fill out. The delivery dates serves as the start of the 12 month period.  If there are any issues, just click on “My orders”, then “Contact Seller.”
  • chevron-circle-right Can I keep this hose under low pressure so I don’t have to turn it on/off all the time? Will that damage the hose? The manufacturer recommends not keeping the hose pressurized for extended periods of time. 

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