Stop Squirrels Destroying My Lawn: Effective Tips

squirrels destroying my lawn

Are squirrels wreaking havoc on your lawn? Don’t let these pesky critters ruin your beautiful grass. Protecting your lawn from squirrel damage is essential to maintain its health and appearance. In this article, we will provide you with effective tips to keep squirrels at bay and safeguard your precious greenery.

Squirrels can be notorious for causing damage to your lawn. From digging holes to burying nuts to gnawing on tree bark and plants, their activities can leave your grass in a sorry state. But fear not! By following these expert tips, you can protect your grass and keep those mischievous squirrels away.

It’s time to take action and prevent squirrel-induced destruction. Learn how to identify the signs of squirrels in your yard, deter them from making your lawn their playground, and ultimately preserve the integrity of your beloved green space. Let’s get started!

Signs of Squirrels in Your Yard

Before you can address the issue of squirrels destroying your lawn, you need to identify their presence. Look out for signs such as half-eaten fruits and flowers, munched-on seed heads, small holes in pots and planting beds, squirrel droppings, teeth marks on wooden structures, disappearing food from bird feeders, stripped tree bark, and new mounds of soil where squirrels bury nuts. These signs indicate that squirrels are lurking in your yard and causing damage.

signs of squirrels in your yard

How to Deter Squirrels from Your Yard

To protect your lawn from squirrel damage, you need to make your yard less attractive to them. Here are some effective methods to deter squirrels and keep them away from your property.

Remove Food and Water Sources

Squirrels are attracted to food and water sources in your yard. Secure trash bags and keep them out of reach from squirrels. Store pet food indoors to prevent easy access for these critters. In addition, use squirrel-proof bird feeders to eliminate a food source that may attract them.

Use Squirrel Repellents

Natural squirrel repellents can be used to discourage these pests from entering your yard. You can create a homemade repellent by mixing hot sauce or a mixture of hot sauce and dishwashing liquid. Spray this mixture on plants and surfaces to deter squirrels. Alternatively, you can sprinkle pepper flakes, cayenne pepper powder, or garlic-pepper powder around your yard as these scents are unpleasant to squirrels.

Scare Them Away

You can use predator figurines strategically placed in your yard to scare squirrels off. These figurines create the illusion of danger and deter squirrels from entering the area. Another option is to set up mouse traps in selected areas to startle squirrels away.

Spread Mulch

Squirrels are often deterred by mulch since it makes it difficult for them to dig. Spread a layer of mulch around your plants and in areas where squirrels have been active. This will make it less appealing for them to dig in your yard.

squirrel-proof bird feeder

Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are an effective deterrent for squirrels. These sprinklers activate when they sense movement, startling squirrels and chasing them away. Install them in areas where squirrel activity is high or near valuable plants that you want to protect.

Close Entrances to the House

If squirrels have found their way into your house, it’s important to close off any entrances to prevent further access. Seal cracks and gaps in your foundation, walls, and roof. Use copper mesh or expandable foam to fill any holes or gaps that squirrels could use to enter your home.

Plant Flowers That Squirrels Hate

Squirrels have certain plants that they dislike due to their taste or smell. Consider planting flowers and herbs such as daffodils, geraniums, marigolds, hyacinth, and alliums, as squirrels tend to avoid these. Adding these plants to your garden can help deter squirrels from your yard.

By following these tips to deter squirrels from your yard, you can protect your lawn and prevent them from causing damage. Implementing these strategies will allow you to enjoy a squirrel-free yard and maintain a beautiful outdoor space.

Can the Same Tips for Deterring Cats from Your Yard Also Work for Keeping Squirrels Away from Your Lawn?

If you are looking for effective methods for getting rid of cats from your yard, some of these same tips may also work for keeping squirrels away from your lawn. Using natural deterrents like citrus peels or coffee grounds, creating physical barriers, and providing an alternate food source can help deter both cats and squirrels.


Protecting your lawn from squirrel damage requires implementing a range of effective prevention tips. By removing food and water sources, using repellents, scaring squirrels away, spreading mulch, installing motion-activated sprinklers, using squirrel-proof bird feeders, closing entrances to the house, and strategically planting flowers that squirrels dislike, you can effectively stop squirrels from damaging your lawn.

It is crucial to consider humane and environmentally-friendly options when dealing with nuisance squirrels. Choose natural squirrel repellents, such as a mixture of hot sauce and dishwashing liquid or sprinkle pepper flakes, cayenne pepper powder, or garlic-pepper powder. These methods will help deter squirrels without causing harm to them or the environment.

By following these comprehensive prevention tips, you can maintain a beautiful and squirrel-free lawn that remains protected from their destructive behaviors. Enjoy a healthy, thriving garden without the stress and frustration of squirrel damage. Implement these strategies and see the difference they make in safeguarding your precious grass and plants.

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