Adding Privacy to Your Backyard

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I love lounging in my yard. Sometimes I work from my deck so I can enjoy fresh air while sending out those stuffy work emails. Other times, I’m out there in my bikini on hot days catching some rays, flaunting my totally out of shape body. These are the times I thank my lucky stars that my yard has great privacy elements that make a modest lady like me unafraid to do my thang on my property.

If your yard is your sanctuary…but it’s too exposed for your comfort, there are tons of ways to protect your privacy. Here are just a few ways that I’ve shielded the eyes of my neighbors from my yard:

On the Fence

When it comes to my property, adding a fence to my yard has benefited me in a few ways. It’s added a chic design element and it also was an awesome way to keep my dogs safe.

You can choose the type of fence based on your personal preference. You can choose based on the style of your neighborhood, level of privacy you require, etc.

Try getting creative with your fence. I’ve seen people who make fences out of surfboards for their beach homes or using reclaimed wood as a vintage rustic look for others. Let your fence be a stylish touch geared towards your personal home genre taste!

Natural Barricade 

Fences aren’t for everyone. As an alternative, growing hedges can create a great way to privatize your patio area without going full Donald Trump on your yard by building a wall. The only downside? The maintenance on hedges can be expensive and time-consuming.

Fill in with Plants

Hanging plants or shelves of potted plants can naturally cover some places in your backyard. Adding a Trellis can help you make your outdoor living space feel more secluded. You can either buy a pre-made Trellis or make your own.

Make Little Privacy Spaces

You can gain some privacy in your yard without making the entire thing covered in fences or hedges. Adding different levels can make your patio or deck are more private. For instance, doing landscaping so that you can have stairs that lead to an in-grounded level for your outdoor seating. Or, elevated wooden decks with railings can give a great sense of privacy.

Alternatively, pagodas can be placed in large yards so that there can be a small place for relaxing in the midst of a large, open property.

Draw the Curtains

Outdoor curtains add major style that are reminiscent of a luxurious cabana. Outdoor curtains are an elegant solution to the privacy problem in your outdoor space. Plus, they’re just so stinkin’ cute.

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