Snow Joe SHOVELUTION: Review

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Review of the Snow Joe SHOVELUTION

The Snow Joe SHOVELUTION had 283 customer reviews and 20 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing.  I’ve read through the reviews and then condensed the results into this report. With so many snow shovels out there on the market it all can get confusing.  I hope that this helps you and makes it less confusing when shopping for a snow shovel.

Best Fea​tures

  • check ​Two handles reduces back strain
  • check ​Lightweight
  • check Price
  • check Design
  • check Comfortable handles 

Item Specifics

The Snow Joe SHOVELUTION is made to be comfortable for the user with ergonomic d-ring handle grips.  The way it is designed, it acts as a fulcrum that changes up the old ways of shoveling.  This shovel is made to reduce strain by giving leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease.  A strain-reducing handle helps to improve posture and thus reduces the need to bend. This shovel features a wide 18-inch shovel blade with a heavy-duty aluminum wear strip.

Why Two Handles?

Traditional shoveling exerts force from the hands vertically to the position of the hips.  I bet most people know someone who hurt their back while snow shoveling.  Maybe that person was you. This ergonomic shovel was designed to reduce strain by using the principles of biomechanical stress to shift lower back pushing tasks above hip level.  The removable handles are meant for more optimal hand positioning and easier lifting. They work by attaching to most long shaft tools by placing the collar perpendicular to the tool shaft, then rotating 90 degrees toward the shaft to achieve a snug lock.  In the end the purpose is to reduce back strain that causes injuries. 

So what do people have to say about the two handles?  Most liked it while some commented that they didn’t.  Here is one who liked the two handle design, “The additional spring loaded handle makes it great so that you do not have to stoop over as much to lift up the snow.  The shovel also works like the slogan says; “spring it and fling it”.  The majority of the shovel is plastic, so it’s light weight.  For the price, if it lasts one or two seasons, I’ll be happy.”

Back Saver

One of the most common comments about the Snow Joe SHOVELUTION is that it saves the back.  The extra handle allows you to use more arm strength instead of putting as much pressure on you back.  Here a customer talks about getting shovels for a whole crew.  He said, “These bad boys are a TOTAL back saver!! I’ve ordered five of them… I have a crew of four up on the roof of our motel clearing off over 3′ of snow (on a 300 ft. run of roof!!) and THEY love them too. I’ve shoveled several hundred pounds of the white stuff myself, and I gotta tell ya, I will NEVER use a “regular” snow shovel again!  Having that extra handle is a God-Send!”


The Snow Joe SHOVELUTION only weighs 2 pounds.  When shoveling snow, every ounce less that you have to throw can make a big difference when you are out shoveling for awhile.  The lightweight factor is one of the highlight features of this shovel.  Even though most people appreciated the lightweight factor several said that it was too lightweight to scrape snow and ice off of pavement.  Here is one of several comments on this topic, “It shovels light to medium snow well, and the extra handle saves your back when you throw it, but the shovel is too lightweight to scrape ice from your driveway – I have to use a standard shovel for that.”

Cool Gift

Some people really liked giving this shovel as a gift.  Because it is different than most shovels, it does make a unique present.  Here is what one customer said about gifting it, “I bought three of these last Christmas and purchased this one as a gift for my brother this year. At first he thought it was just a gimmick, but, after a storm last year, my one brother called and said “this thing really works!”

best snow shovel


  • plus Two handle design reduces back strain
  • plus Lightweight
  • plus Good price


  • close Too light for scraping ice off of pavement 

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION Conclusion

The Snow Joe SHOVELUTION is most known for the two handle design.  The extra handle was designed to take pressure off of your back.  Most people really liked this shovel and said that it did indeed take pressure off of the back.  It is also a lightweight shovel which most appreciated. However, some did comment that it is too lightweight to scrape ice off of pavement.  For that use, they recommended to use a heavier shovel.  This shovel made a great gift for many of the customers.  It certainly is a unique conversation piece and from the reviews left it is also a pretty cool back saving shovel.  I would recommend this shovel as an addition to regular shovels that you may want to keep on hand for icey pavements.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a Snow Joe SHOVELUTION.

  • chevron-circle-right How compact does this become for storage? Could I fit it in the trunk without taking too much space?  It should fit in your trunk just fine unless you have really compact vehicle. The fact that it breaks down should help. However this is not the best shovel for getting you unstuck.  Plastic shovels are great for throwing light snow but not digging you out of compact heavy snow and ice. 
  • chevron-circle-right Why does it have two handles?  It is easier to lift and throw the snow with two arms/hands, and much better for your back to do so with your hand on the second handle.
  • chevron-circle-right Is there assembly required or does it come assembled?  You will need to assemble it however it is an easy assembly.  You will need to slide the top half of the large handle into the bottom half and turn the knob.  The short handle is already assembled.

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