Rio Brands Sienna Round Table Review

Rio Brands Sienna Round Table

Review of the Rio Brands Sienna Round Table

As of this writing, there are 143 customer comments and 30 answered questions for the Rio Brands Sienna Round Table. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor table to add to your patio.

Best Features

  • Features a powder-coated steel frame
  • Matches all other Sienna products
  • 40-inches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good price for what you get 

Item Specifics

The Rio Brands Sienna Round Table has a 40-inch round dining table. It features a powder-coated steel frame in a dark brown finish. In addition to the powder-coated steel frame, this outdoor table is also made from tempered glass and captured rim. This product matches all other Sienna products and looks great in a set.

Easy to Assemble

The majority of customers found that this table was very easy to assemble. A customer commented, “It comes in seven pieces (including the table top), plus the bolts, nuts, and washers. I found the instructions were easy to follow and the table was very easy to assemble. Only very basic tools are required, and once it’s fully assembled it is very sturdy.” The same person explained that there were some missing plastic caps. The customer explained, “Plastic caps are provided to cover the bolt heads and the nuts after the table has been put together. My shipment was short a couple of the plastic caps and I found some of them fit loose enough that they would soon wind up on the patio deck anyway – so I didn’t use any of them. Still, it’s a nice touch.”

Welding Job on Top Loop Not the Best

Some people commented that things didn’t always line up perfectly for this table. When parts don’t align, you may have a wobbly and unstable table which seems to be the case for The Rio Brands Sienna Round Table. Here is one of those comments, “It is a nice table, but on one of the legs, the holes for the screws didn’t line up perfectly so it is a little crooked. That said, I think I am the only one that noticed since I put it together. One other thing is that the weld on the top loop holding the glass in place isn’t the best and has a sharp edge and could possibly scratch you if you slide your hand across it the wrong way. It isn’t a $500 table, so I expected a slight issue with a couple things. Still, I think it’s worth the price I paid after looking at other cheaper tables in some stores.”

Wobbly Table

There were a lot of reports of this table wobbling. The legs do not line up being the same length once assembled it seems. Here is one of the comments about the wobbling: “Seems to wobble a bit after assembly on my deck – a problem I did not have with the table it replaces. I expect to be able to solve this problem by spending a couple dollars on something to use as shims under the legs, though (black rubber hose washers or some other small, thin round object for example) so not a major issue. Also am a little wary of how long before the steel frame starts to rust but will have to wait a few years before being able to comment on that. I am hopeful that not scratching the paint will help. It would have been nice if the manufacturer had supplied 1-2 extra of each type of fastener – I managed to drop one of the plastic bolt covers during assembly and have not been able to find and with no extras, have to live without it (fortunately fasteners are painted so missing cover not noticeable). But the product otherwise is good. We wanted a smaller round table for our deck, just large enough for seating for four (bigger than a bistro table but smaller than most rectangular tables).”

Poor Packing

One of the most common complaints about this table was the poor packaging. Many tables arrived dented and not able to be assembled properly due to being bent out of shape. Here is one of the comments that wasn’t too negative, but still this person spoke on the poor packaging. The customer stated, “I’m amazed this table made it in one piece. The box arrived badly damaged by Fed X. I expected to find dented and bent parts, all I noticed after assembling was a slight bend of the rim around the glass, but I had to look for it. You would think the company would do a better packing job after all the complaints of the same concerns. Anyway, the table looks great and was easy to assemble. I think is better than the pic and pretty solid. Bottom line, order… But be prepared for problems due to packaging.”

40 Inch Table

If you are looking for a 40 Inch table then here it is. Some people found that this was exactly the size that they were looking for. It’s not too big, yet not too small for some. If you don’t mind tight quarters, and depending on how big the people are around the table, you may be able to fit 6 adults around it. However, 4 adults would be a more comfortable number if you plan on having plates out for eating. One happy customer commented this about the size, “Was difficult to find a 40″ table. So glad I ran across this. It fit our needs for a small deck area. Seats 4 comfortably & 4 chairs tuck under the table. Easy to clean. It is lightweight, which is fine for us. We are not using an umbrella, but it does have a standard hole for one.”

Good Price

If you receive a table that isn’t damaged and if you receive all of the pieces to put it together it really is a nice little table at a good price. However, all of the price comments left by customers also mentioned the bad points such as poor packaging. If you are looking for better quality control and better packaging, you may want to go with another table. It really is hit and miss on whether or not you will receive a damaged one or one with missing parts. Here is one of the price comments left by a customer, “The packaging on this table is very bad. The shipping company didn’t even deliver the first one. The second table itself was undamaged. Assembly is pretty straightforward, but two people make it easier. A tee handle Allen wrench and 10mm box wrench makes it go a lot faster. With everything tightened up it makes a sturdy very good looking table especially at this price.”

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  • Good Price
  • Easy to assemble  
  • Attractive


  • Wobbly  
  • Poor packaging 
  • Could arrive with missing parts

Rio Brands Sienna Round Table Conclusion

The Rio Brands Sienna Round Table is a 40-inch round dining table that features a powder-coated steel frame in a dark brown finish. The frame is powder-coated steel with tempered glass table top. This product matches the other Sienna product so it can be used as a set if you buy the other furniture to go with it. The price is good, however, there were a lot of complaints about poor packaging and missing parts. Also, some people said that the table wobbled. This may have to do with that fact that many of the tables arrived dented.  If something is out of alignment, it can make the whole table wobble. For those that did get the table put together, some were very happy with their purchase. The assembly was not a problem but more so when the pieces weren’t missing or the table parts weren’t dented.  If you are looking for a 40-inch sized table, you may want to consider this table. Just be prepared for some dented pieces and missing parts.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Rio Brands Sienna Round Table.

  • How do I insert an umbrella?  There is a hole in the middle of the table with a cap over it. Remove the cap and insert your umbrella. Be sure to get a base for your umbrella. Average-sized umbrellas will fit in this outdoor table.
  • Is the glass wrapped separately, or is it attached inside the metal frame of the table?  Seven pieces of this table need to be assembled, including the table top. It comes with the bolts and screws that you will need. Keep in mind that some customers commented that there were missing pieces. That said, this outdoor table is very easy to assemble according to customers. 
  • Is the top of the glass flat (smooth) or rippled?  The top of the table looks like it is rippled, but it is actually very smooth. The bottom of the glass is rippled.

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