Effective Ways to Remove Frost on Windows

frost on windows

I think everyone will agree that one of the worst things about Winter is frost on windows. Frost on car windows is bad enough, but what about frost on the inside of the windows in your house? Waking up to a freezing morning with ice and frost on your windows is not ideal. In fact, that would really stink. This article will tell you exactly how to remove frost on windows so you don’t have to freeze outside before work trying to chip away at the ice block that is your windshield. It’ll also tell you how to prevent that nasty frost from freezing on your bedroom windows. There are tons of ways to do it, and some are more effective than others, but they each get the job done. Here are effective ways to remove frost on windows.

Why Does Frost Happen?

First, let’s go over why frost happens. What is it? Why does it get on the inside of my windows? Let’s find out together. Frost occurs when it gets so cold that the water in the atmosphere starts to freeze. Low lying areas will frost first, which is why grass and car windows get the most frost.

How Does Frost Get on the Inside of My Window?

Water vapor on the inside of your home, or car, is drawn towards the window. Since the window is freezing, the water vapor will freeze and stick to the glass. This happens much more frequently with single-paned windows. The invention of double-paned windows has made this a rare occurrence. Two panes on a window mean that the water vapor on the inside can go to the window, but it won’t freeze because the inside pane is much warmer than the outside pane.

Indoor Frost Prevention

If you still find that you get frost on the inside of your windows, there are some things you can do to help. Use a dehumidifier. The dryer your indoor air is, the less frost you’ll have. Put a space heater in a room that is prone to indoor frost, this will help prevent any freezing that occurs. Replacing a single-paned window for a double-paned window may be the only thing left to do if nothing else works. The dead air between the panes slows down the transfer of hot/cold air.

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Ways to Remove Frost on Windows

Prevent Frost on Windows Altogether

I know this might sound lame because it’s not really getting rid of frost on windows. It’s like saying, “how to avoid getting in a car accident” and the answer being “don’t drive.” However, this method will really save you a ton of time! You won’t have to scrape your windows at all. All you need to do is put a protective barrier between the windows or windshield and the cold weather. There are frost protectors on the market, or just put a blanket over your windows. Cardboard works well too, and you can use any old box. The frost will not be able to stick to your windows at all. In the morning, just take off the blanket and get in the car to leave. No freezing hands, no chipping, no scraping. Make sure that it’s not raining or snowing outside otherwise your cover might freeze to your car!

Simply Use Warm Water

This method is simple and easy. Put some warm water in a bucket. Emphasis on the word “warm.” The water cannot be hot otherwise you could risk cracking or shattering your windshield or window. The rapid temperature change may cause your entire windshield to break. Not ideal. Stick your hand in the water to test it to make sure it’s lukewarm. Then pour the water over all the frozen spots. You should immediately see the frost change into slush. Grab an ice scraper and scrape off all the slush from your windows. It should come off really easily. Use more warm water as needed. Easy peezy!

Use De-Icing Spray

Again, this is a simple way to get rid of stubborn frost or ice. Buy de-icing fluid at any hardware store! This way you’ll have a solution in a bottle that is easy to spray anywhere. Here’s how it works: the de-icing fluid has a lower freezing temperature than the frost. This causes the frost on your windows to melt when it comes in contact with the fluid. It’s possible to make your own fluid too if you’re into DIY stuff. Let the spray sit for a minute or two while it melts all the ice. Now just use your windshield wipers to wipe away the slush. De-icing spray is great because it’s easy to put anywhere. Spray it on your door if it’s frozen shut, or use it to defrost the inside of your windows if they’ve iced over too.

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Use Your Muscle

Don’t be afraid to use some muscle to remove frost on windows. Start your car and turn the defrost all the way up. Blast it as much as it will go. The frost will start to thaw so you just have to start scraping. Get a nice ice scraper if you live in a cold climate. Otherwise, a credit card will get the job done. Just put the long edge of the credit card against the glass and start scraping. Your credit card could get damaged if the ice or frost is really stubborn so maybe use an old library card or a gym membership card that you never use.

Crack Your Windows

What?!? Make it even colder? It gets rid of the frost, trust me. Cracking your window will allow the humid air inside your car, or home, to be exchanged with drier air outside. It makes defrosting a whole lot quicker. It sounds absurd because they last thing you’d want to do is freeze any more than you already have to. If you want to get rid of frost quick, this will help you get there. There’s no need to open the windows up all the way and let all the hot air escape. Open the window just a crack and it’ll be effective.

Summing Up

Whether you have frost on your car or home windows, there’s a way to get rid of it. Plan an attack now so that you’ll be able to remove frost on windows quickly if you need to. Go buy de-icing fluid, get a windshield protector, or get a nice ice scraper. You’re going to need to be prepared if you’re going to remove frost on windows. Then do whatever you can to stay warm. The war is about to begin, Winter is coming.

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