5 DIY Ideas for a Raised Vegetable Garden

1 raised vegetable bed

Raised vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular among people who like tending to gardens and plant their own vegetables. And it comes as no surprise since there are a lot of benefits of having a raised vegetable garden. Some include: less back strain, cleaner garden, longer growing season, no more pests, and so on. Luckily, you can create your own raised vegetable garden. There are many designs out there that you can test out. Today, we are going to provide you with 5 ideas to get you inspired. Let’s check them out!

Fenced-in Raised Vegetable Gardenraised vegetable garden fence and gate

This is a great idea if you want to entirely protect your vegetables from any creature that might attempt to hurt them. Just build a fence around the raised vegetable bed. Then add a little wooden gate so that you have easy access to your vegetables. Plus, it looks really nice, like another tiny garden inside of your garden.

raised vegetable garden shapesShape It Up

If you want your raised vegetable garden to not only be practical, but also beautiful, we suggest you think of some shapes and create a unique design for your garden. For instance, why not build 4 u-shaped raised vegetable beds and place them in the shape of a square? For some extra magic, try to build a star-shaped raised vegetable garden and place it inside of the square. We guarantee it will look great.

Step It Upraised vegetable garden steps

Another really creative idea for a raised vegetable garden is to make a vegetable bed shaped
like some stairs and plant different vegetable on each step. That way you won’t mix your tomatoes with your lettuce. You will also get a unique shape in your garden.

raised vegetable garden pyramidPyramid-shaped Raised Vegetable Garden

If you want to get even more creative and you like to spend a lot of time building things for your garden, then you will love this raised vegetable garden idea. You will be able to plant vegetables from the lowest level at the bottom of the pyramid, to the highest one at the top of it. Of course, the space will differ, so you have to think ahead what you want to plant where. But overall, this is a really interesting and crafty idea for a raised vegetable garden. Plus, imagine the easy access you will have to your vegetables, especially the ones planted at the top of the pyramid.

Covered Raised Vegetable Gardenraised vegetable garden covered

If you are looking for even more protection for your vegetables, you can create a raised vegetable garden and cover it with two screens made of net. That way, air, sun, and rain can still get to your vegetables, but not other unwanted creatures. Plus, you get really easy access to your plants, all you have to do is open the screen and tend to them as you’d like.

These are only a few of the tons of raised vegetable garden ideas that you can find. It is important to be creative and imaginative, almost everything is possible if you put a lot of passion and work into it. So wait no longer, build your own raised vegetable garden now!

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