QSP Metal Garden Hose Review

QSP Metal Garden Hose

Review of the QSP Metal Garden Hose

The QSP Metal Garden Hose had 162 customer comments and 35 answered questions on Amazon as of this writing. I’ve read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this report. I hope that this helps you when shopping for a garden hose.

Best Fea​tures

  • ​Doesn’t Leak
  • ​Won’t Twist
  • Quality
  • Durable
  • Quality Couplings

Item Specifics

The QPS Metal Garden Hose is lightweight and made to not twist, tangle nor kink. This hose measures 50 foot and it is made of stainless steel with brass fittings. The QPS was made to have large solid ends that won’t leak around cheap fittings. It is made to be thorn proof and dog proof. It has a 12 month full replacement warranty in case you are not satisfied with the first one that receive.

Not as Heavy as It Looks

Just from looking at the photos of this hose, it may look like it’s going to weigh a whole lot. But it actually only has a total weight of 5.85 pounds. A pleased customer had this to say about the weight and more: “This hose is not as heavy as I was thinking it may be. Very light actually for being made out of metal. I will send pics later, but this hose is worth the money! I have an old garden hose that we’ve used for about 10 years and I hate rolling it up at night. This hose is so easy to handle and operate, I may never use the other standard ones again.”

Couplings Are Made Well

Anyone who has dealt with leaky hoses know that a hose is only as good as the fittings are. The QSP Metal Garden Hose received good reviews for the fittings. A customer reports: “Both end couplings are heavy-metal. Nothing cheap made here. And, the hose itself is top-quality. I guess the best way to describe it is to say it’s similar to the metal they use on hand-held shower heads. It’s real nice stuff.”

Narrow Interior

Because the hose is narrow inside, much more than a standard garden hose, the water may come out with more pressure. It also may take longer to fill a pool and transport water from the source to the destination.

Can Get Very Hot in the Sun

You may have guessed from looking at the photo of this hose, that it will get very hot in the sun. And you would be correct. Customers commented that it can really heat up. So be careful if you have little toddler feet running around, or ducks and chickens walking over it. I suppose everyone would learn quickly if they stepped on it, to avoid it next time.

No Leaking

Plastic hoses with those little rubber washers usually end up leaking. If you are on well water like I am, you probably know how annoying and concerning it is to see water dripping to the ground instead of on your garden or in your stock tanks. Most of the comments on this hose were excellent as far is it not leaking. Here is one of many: “Sturdy, light, no leaks anywhere, great pressure. Overall, great product.”

Won’t Kink or Twist

Anyone who has grown up around hoses, probably remembers running around undoing kinks. I know I have and I still do. But with this hose, all of the reviews I’ve read talk about how it does not kink nor twist. Just from looking at the photo of the metal, you can pretty much guess it can’t kink nor twist. A customer who has used more than her share of hoses, evaluated and shared about this hose on the subject of kinking and twisting. The customer reports, “I’ve been using this hose for about a month now and so far it is the best hose I have ever owned. In my 50 years as a gardener I have owned maybe 50 different hoses – all of which I hated. So far this metal hose has not kinked. Not even once. It is lightweight enough to carry around easily. I can use a high pressure nozzle with this hose. I also like that it has a large coupling end which makes attaching it to the faucet effortless. Best of all it is very easy to wind up on a hose holder with no twists.”

One customer described it as being like a bionic snake: “This hose is like a bionic snake! You can twist and turn it in any direction with ease and it will never kink. It comes with a well made nozzle. Overall quality appears to be excellent.”

best garden hose, QSP Metal Garden Hose


  • Will not kink
  • Will not twist
  • Doesn’t leak


  • Gets very hot in the sun 
  • Narrow interior doesn’t let as much water through at once

QSP Metal Garden Hose Conclusion

The QSP Metal Garden Hose is made to not kink, twist nor leak. The reviews left from customers reflect that it does indeed to what it is advertised to do. This hose will get very hot in the sun which could be a disadvantage if you run a daycare of or have little children around. It also has a much more narrow interior compared to standard hoses so less water will go through it and it also may come out with more pressure. The couplings are quality and don’t leak. Overall, people who left feedback were very satisfied with the QSP Metal Garden Hose.  

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying a QSP Metal Garden Hose.

  • Does this provide as much water throughput as a regular rubber hose?  The hose is a little narrower than the standard hoses so the throughput is reduced a little while the pressure is increased. Overall, it is not a significant difference though.
  • I need 75-100 ft. Do you sell 100 ft or do you purchase (2)50 ft hoses and connect them? To get 100 feet, you would need to purchase 2 of these 50 foot hoses and then connect them.
  • Can you attach a separate hose sprayer with a soaker functions or do you have to only use these that is included? Yes you can. The sprayer detaches and you can put on any regular hose attachment. Despite the heavy metal look, the QSP Metal Garden Hose is lightweight and only weighs 5.85 pounds. It does have a smaller diameter inside, so the water output may not be as much per minute and/or it could come out with more pressure. Overall, the reviews were very positive, however I did notice that people who commented have not yet used this hose for very long. 

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