Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench Review

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Review of the Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench

As of this writing, there are 398 customer comments and 132 answered questions for the Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench. I have read the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review. I hope that this review helps you when shopping for the best outdoor bench for your home.

Best Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-use
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Two of these benches will make one table 

Item Specifics

The Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench has an all-weather, maintenance-free design. Assembling this outdoor bench is easy and quick. There are two options for assembling this outdoor bench. You can fold the bench so that it is a bench with armrests, or you can turn it into a single-sided table. You can also convert it into a double-sided table with the help of another bench. This outdoor bench is perfect for use on patios, porches, or balconies. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Easy Assembly

You shouldn’t have any problem putting this bench together. It is quick and easy to assemble. A customer shared, “It’s perfect and SO EASY to put together. If I can do this all by myself ANYBODY can. I put it together in my kitchen in no time (it keeps raining and raining here on the East Coast and finally I decided it was getting put together no matter what….lol) and had two teens take outside on the porch. I wish I had this years ago. It’s durable and will easy to keep clean and looking like new. It won’t rot or need painting/staining. It doesn’t get better than this!”

Can Withstand a Lot of Weight

The Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench is durable and sturdy. If you plan on a lot of weight bearing down on it, you shouldn’t have to worry. Each bench has a 600 pound weight limit. However, some customers tested the limits and reported that it can hold more weight than that. To be safe, you shouldn’t go over 600 pounds per bench though. A customer shared. “One unit is good for up to 1,000 stationery pounds! I have a lot of heavy people in my family, so that’s comforting. Once assembled, these are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are SO worth the investment. They look really nice as a bench or a table. When not having a “picnic” on them with my daughter, I keep them set up as benches on my carport and they’re both convenient and beautiful. I’m so happy with this purchase. ORDER IT! If you want a whole table, GET 2! You’ll be so glad you did.”

Poor Customer Service

Most of the customers who left reviews were happy with this bench and didn’t need to call customer service. However, if you do need to contact the manufacturer you may have problems getting through to them. A customer shared, “The only issue I ran into was that one of the benches I ordered was a used on with missing parts. I tried calling the company, but no answer, no return call. Amazon, of course, took care of me and got a replacement to me. I just now have the hassle of returning the used one. It is in a fairly large box, inconvenient for customers to have to return this item. I hope this company does a better job of checking what’s in their inventory before it happens to someone else.”

Bad Packaging

There were several complaints about the packaging being poor for this bench. There were enough complaints on packaging and customer service, for me to include into this review. One customer said, “The box was completely open on one end. The bag of bolts and screws had fallen out onto my driveway. When I opened the package, I noticed a smear of dried blood inside the box. There were some small cracks in the legs. I really don’t want to repack and figure out the return procedure so I assembled the bench. All of the pieces were there so I assembled it and it seems sturdy. I was planning to buy a second one to use as a picnic table but I’m not sure if I will. I emailed the company with pictures of the blood and cracked legs. Hopefully, they will address those issues. Update: They replied saying that they weren’t sure how to respond. Update 2: Bench is working well despite the shipping and packaging issues.”


The size of this bench is 59 X 21 X 7 inches. The bench weight is 39.7 pounds. Comfortably, depending on the sizes of the adults it till seat 2 people. This is not a big party bench for a large family or get together, so just keep that in mind. If you are wanting a 2 adult sized bench, this should be perfect. A customer not so happy with the size shared, “We’ve had them for about a year now on our back patio and are generally pleased with them. Assembly was reasonably straightforward. And we appreciate the ability to switch then between bench and picnic table modes. My biggest complaint is the size. Each bench can really only comfortably fit two adults. And in table mode, the space between the seat and the table is rather small. This makes it hard for taller and/or less flexible people to maneuver in and out of the seat when in picnic table mode. The whole design could really stand to be scaled up a bit in size.”

Bottom Legs Stick Out (Tripping Hazard)

The bottom legs of the A Frame stick out enough that you will need to be careful that you don’t trip on it. A customer explained it like this, “I only have 2 complaints, but I don’t think they warrant dropping a star. We find ourselves kicking the A frame as we walk past quite frequently when it’s set up in the table mode. I think that very bottom part sticks out a bit further past the back of the bench than it needs to. I’d say it’s just me being a klutz, but it has happened to several other people as well. The other thing I’d change is the internal parts of the A frame and the support triangles are carved out (hollow with support slats). These little nooks get filthy and are a bit harder to clean than if there were just flat surfaces. We really do love these benches, and will likely be getting 2 more so we have even more seating.”

Two Will Convert into a Table

If you buy two of these benches it will convert into a table. A customer explained, “I bought two of these to make a full table. I feel like these are pretty sturdy. I also got a couple of resin chairs for the ends. with those, it seats my family of 6. Since you can really only fit two people per side and we are not very big I am 5’10” 185 pounds. I can sit at the table comfortably. They are even more comfortable in bench mode. I often fold one side down and use the other as a place for my coffee in the morning.”

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  • Easy to assemble 
  • Two benches will convert into a table 
  • 600 pound weight capacity per bench  


  •  Poor customer service. Multiple reports of them not returning calls 
  • Poor packaging
  •  Bottom legs stick out enough to be a tripping hazard

Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench Conclusion

The Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench is made to withstand all weather. Assembly is easy and quick. There are two options for assembling this outdoor bench. You can fold the bench so that it is a bench with armrests, or you can turn it into a single-sided table. You can also convert it into a double-sided table with the help of another bench. Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench. Customers report that this table is very easy to set up. However, the packaging is poor according to several complaints. Another negative is the poor customer service. Most people did not have issues with this table, but those who did have to contact customer support were not pleased. Some found that customer service would not return calls at all. Other than that, most people were very pleased with their purchase. Weight maximum is 600 pounds per bench, but some found that it could hold much more. To be safe, don’t put more than 600 pounds on each bench.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench.

  • Can I buy a cushion to fit this outdoor bench?  A seat cushion to fit this bench is available through the manufacturer. The bench will hold a cushion of 14″ X 50″.
  • Will this bench feel like plastic or will it have a wood texture? The Premiere Products Resin Convert-A-Bench has a heavy-duty plastic feel.
  • Does this product come with all the hardware and instructions that you need? Yes, the hardware and instructions are included.

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