Top 12 Choices of Outdoor Solar Lights for a Charming Landscape

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Outdoor solar lights are a great addition to any household without a shadow of a doubt. However, in order to bring out the envy in your neighbors or even passersby, you need to select only the best items to adorn your living space with. This list features some of the most ingenious and creative outdoor solar lights designs that will turn your patio or front lawn into a fairyland.

You can find here security systems that operate by using outdoor solar lights, as well, apart from decorative items. Mix it up and go for embellishing your space to your heart’s desire. Also, rest assured as you will not have to trade in security for the sake of good looks. At the same time, you will not give off the impression that your house is a fortress, thanks to the elegant design these wonderful outdoor solar lights benefit from.

1. Garden Path Step Lights

Environmental friendly lighting has become increasingly popular over the years. Hence, outdoor solar lights benefit from a lot of attention these days from people that wish to use green energy. The only downside is that solar energy is highly dependable on the weather. For decoration purposes, however, these outdoor solar lights make for the best choice. They are easy to mount and do not require maintenance. Thanks to the weather-resistant materials, you can set them in place, turn them on and get on with your day. However, make sure to expose them to as much sunlight as possible, for the best results. On a full charge, they can last up to eight hours of continuous illumination.

2. Outdoor Solar Lights with Motion Sensor

These particular outdoor solar lights double as a security system, thanks to the motion sensor that they feature. Like saving energy by using solar power is not enough, these smart devices save energy while saving energy. It can get a little bit fuzzy, but the concept is pretty simple. Instead of running all night long, these outdoor solar lights keep the lighting to a minimum. If something or someone crosses the sensor’s path, they burn brightly for about 45 seconds. After that, they return to the eco mode until the sensor picks up any kind of motion for the second time.

3. Solar Pathway Lights

When it comes to utility, outdoor solar lights are great to shed some light on your path. Even though it sounds mystical, they really are the best alternative to illuminating the driveway. At the same time, they make for great decorations to your front lawn, as well. These dual color outdoor solar lights provide you with two different choices for diversity purposes. Also, the package contains no less than eight of them. As a result, you can place them at equal distances apart from one another for evenly distributed levels of illumination.

4. Solar Power Light Wind Spinner

Remember that thing about transforming either your backyard or front lawn into a fairyland? Well, you just hit the jackpot with these spinning outdoor solar lights. You can hang them from any surface and enjoy the beautiful colors they give off. They do not require wires or a light source because the panels are on the back of each item. Just turn them on and enjoy the clever design and playful colors! Also, the metal element that protects the light bulb makes the whole thing spin when the wind blows. Take this into consideration and make sure to secure them well so they don’t fall on the ground and break. The colors change from green to blue, yellow, purple or red. Also, on a full charge, this particular type of outdoor solar lights will run for eight hours straight.

5. Outdoor Solar Lights Spotlights

If you wish to draw attention to a particular spot in the garden or maybe even emphasize the beauty of the house itself, go for these outdoor spotlights. You can either place them on a wall or stick them into the ground. The rod is detachable, so you are not limited to a single option. As a result, you can set these up on an outdoor wall and make them light up your garden bed. Or, you can stick them into the ground and place them facing your house in order to show off its beauty. Every piece is weather resistant and can work for up to 6 hours in high light mode or 12 hours in low light mode on a full charge.

6. Solar Landscape Lights

Maybe the simplest and most fashionable at the same time on our outdoor solar lights list are these regular illumination devices. Light coming from above is only natural. However, when it comes from the ground and light up plants or trees or alleys, it truly makes for an impressive sight. These round outdoor solar lights are great to place anywhere from the front yard to flower beds or near tree trunks. They charge their batteries using solar power during the day and turn automatically on during the evening. They can last up to eight hours on a full charge. Furthermore, you can set them up with almost no effort. Just stick them into the ground anywhere you like and that’s that. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the view.

7. White Outdoor Solar Tube Lights

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your front lawn or backyard, these outdoor solar lights are perfect for that. Even though they follow the same principles like all the others before, the interesting thing about them is their shape. You can set them up in just a matter of minutes. Also, each one is made of high-quality materials which are also weather resistant. These are best for setting up a romantic or rustic mood. This is because even though they do not burn bright like other outdoor solar lights, they glow in the dark. Hence, it provides a relaxing setting for your green space.

8. Waterproof Semi-Circular Outdoor Solar Lights

It is true that you can place your outdoor solar lights anywhere you like in your garden. However, apart from all the others before, you can place these semi-circular lights straight on the fence. It comes as no surprise that it is difficult to move around at night in the garden. It is even more difficult to focus on details somewhere in the corner, because of the dark. If you place these on your fence or outdoor walls of your house, you will never experience this kind of struggle again. Moreover, if you have a garden bed near the house or the fence, the effect these lights give off when they put the colorful plants in the spotlight is just fantastic.

9. Inflatable Solar Light

This is a rather odd concept of outdoor solar lights but works like a charm nevertheless. It is perfect especially for people who love to go hiking or spend their free time in the wild. The best part is that it does not require installation or even maintenance. Also, it is lightweight and waterproof. Furthermore, it has three different lighting options. You can set it to give off either bright light, super bright light or flashing light. It is great for camping, in particular, but you can also leave it on the porch or use it for a late night barbecue at a party.

10. Solar Powered Security Lighting Motion Sensor

When it comes to using motion sensors as a security system, nothing tops this multi-functional solar light. It features durable materials that keep it safe from inclement weather and some incredible functions that make it more of a computer than an outdoor solar light. It has 12 LEDs that give off bright light every time the sensors pick up any kind of motion. In stand-by, you can only notice a dim light, so you know which way to go without bumping your foot into the stairs. Thanks to its impressive batteries, it can work for more than 24 hours straight. Also, it only takes 6 hours to completely recharge the batteries.

11. Outdoor Solar Lights on a String

Another great choice when it comes to outdoor solar lights perfect for setting a romantic mood are these wonderful light bulbs. The 20-feet wire connects to a solar panel and provides the globes with enough energy to burn for as much as eight hours on a full charge. Furthermore, everything is made of high-quality weather resistant materials. As a result, you can leave them in place even in bad weather. If one light bulb breaks, however, the rest of them will continue to burn bright with no problems.

12. Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights

This clever set of outdoor solar lights features a motion sensor that is able to save every bit of energy to the last drop. It charges fast during the day in a matter of only six hours, tops. When the evening sets in, it only gives off a dim light. However, once the sensor detects motion, a spur of bright light is activated. It only lasts for approximately 30 seconds, just enough for you to find your way to the front door. Or maybe look around the backyard at night. Each one is easy to install and there is no need for wires, as everything uses wireless technology. They come in a pack of four pieces.


Outdoor solar lights can serve as great decoration to your backyard, front lawn or driveway. Apart from their utility purposes, they embellish the whole setting. Even if each type of outdoor solar lights on this list is made from top notch materials, make sure not to take too much advantage of the weather resistant properties. Try to install them in a place where they can benefit from partial sheltering from inclement weather.

As long as you do not dip them intentionally in water, they will work just fine for long periods of time. Also, if you really need some waterproof outdoor solar lights, you can find on our list one of the most interesting designs of an inflatable, water-resistant device.

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