5 Awesome Outdoor Activities for People with Disabilities


When it comes to the issue of fun activities for people with disabilities, an outdoor activity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, there’s no real reason why this should be so. Sure, a disability can prevent one from doing some of the most popular outdoor activities, yet, there are still so many ways one can enjoy themselves outside.

Apart from this, the outdoors provides one with a fee aromatherapy, it boosts their immune system and provides them with natural sunlight which is vital for your vitamin D reserves. Most importantly, the ability to enjoy free air has an aura of inclusivity, one that a person with a disability might currently lack. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five outdoor activities that are ideal for people with various disabilities.

Fun Outdoor Activities for People with Disabilities

1. Riding

While horseback riding is something that you, in theory, need to use both arms and legs for, the truth is that there are some camps specializing in horseback riding for disabled. Furthermore, it’s important to mention that riding has various effects on people with disabilities, ranging from recreation and sport, all the way to education and therapy. The downside of this idea lies in the fact that this is not something that can be pulled off without a professional assistance of a trained expert. Sadly, most ranches still fail to provide this option. Fortunately, the interest in this sphere keeps rising with each passing day, which might just help turn the tide in the nearest future.

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2. Fishing

Unlike horseback riding, fishing is a passion that can be pursued even by a disabled person, with a relative ease. In fact, it’s one of the rare activities that don’t require specialized equipment or assistance. Still, while it’s much simpler to fish from a pier, you can also go with your friends on a fishing trip on a boat. Most importantly, this is something that you can fully dedicate yourself to, even turn into a collector of fishing gear or make a bucket list of all the rivers, lakes and oceans that you want to fish in in your lifetime. There are so many sites, blogs and communities out there for you to get involved with, which is why this activity isn’t likely to become boring or repetitive anytime soon.

There’s one more thing that needs to be addressed, while we’re still on this topic. Namely, it’s possible that the person in question was passionate about fishing even before the accident, in which case, it would give one a sense of continuity to keep doing the same thing. Still, seeing as how this is a hobby that may require some investment, having a reliable NDIS provider prior to the accident is more than recommended.

people with disabilities, outdoor activities

3. Waterskiing

For those who are interested in water sports, it’s important to mention that water skiing can be just as fun as skiing in the snow. Now, while both of these activities are still available to people with disabilities, in at least some form, the truth is that waterskiing is much more pragmatic. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that in this particular scenario, you need to invest a bit more in safety, as well as ensure that you have specialized gear. Also, having a nearby lifeguard is more than recommended. Nowadays, coming by it is not nearly as complex of a task as you might have dreaded it will be.

people with disabilities, outdoor activities

4. Shooting and Archery

The next section consists of two, fairly similar, activities. We’re of course talking about shooting and archery. While some might be somewhat skeptical about the potential of one with disability in either of these sports, it’s important to mention the example of Matt Stutzman an armless archer who makes his mark amongst the best in the world. Sure, this might be a tad extreme scenario, yet, it’s fairly easy to imagine someone with a passion for either of these two sports making some outstanding results with enough passion and effort. While Stutzman was born without arms, it’s really never too late to start and the sooner you initiate this adapting period, the better.

people with disabilities, outdoor activities

5. Scuba Diving

At the very end, it would be simply unfair not to include at least one underwater activity for people with disabilities. The reason why this choice made our list is due to the fact that there are numerous organizations out there (like, for example, Handicapped Scuba Association), which provide help and guidance to all who want to join. This consists of dive buddy programs, training for people with disabilities (especially for those who didn’t dive prior to the accident) and much more. Most importantly, this is a close-knit community which allows people to connect with instructors and dive buddies, thus showing that they’re not alone in this. For those who are interested in what this looks like, there are numerous videos on YouTube for them to check out prior to signing up.

people with disabilities, outdoor activities

In Conclusion

The best part is that these are just some of the activities that you can try out, with many others to be discovered. Aside from this, you can also consider air balloon riding, flying, golfing and much, much more. Needless to say, one thing remains the same, with or without a disability, in order to find the right outdoor activity for you, you need to pick something that you genuinely enjoy. Needless to say, considering anything from the list above is a great start.

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