Moon Lence Camping Chair Review

Moon Lence Camping Chair

Review of the Moon Lence Camping Chair

As of this writing, there are 742 customer comments 54 answered questions for the Moon Lence Camping Chair.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope this article helps you when shopping for a camping chair.

Best Features

  • check Lightweight
  • check Holds up to 242 pounds
  • check Comfortable, breathable seat
  • check Easy to fold
  • check Compact

Item Specifics

Moon Lence Camping Chair is made of 1000D Oxford cloth with high strength aluminum alloy frame.  This heavy duty camping chair only weighs 2 pounds and can hold up to 242 pounds.  The Moon Lence Camping Chair has a breathable and soft seat net, which makes it comfortable to sit in.  This camping chair is easy to fold, and becomes very compact so that you can carry it in your backpack or your carry-on luggage.  It is easy to set up the Moon Lence Camping Chair.  It is also easy to clean.  Simply sweep it or clean it with soapy water.

Great Beach Chair

Not only can the Moon Lence Camping Chair be used for camping and hiking, but it can also be used for the beach.  A lot of customers used these chairs in replace of beach chairs.  They said that this camping chair worked even better than beach chairs.  Here is one comment from a customer who took her camping chair to the beach, “I will NEVER buy beach stuff for the beach again!!! Bought this as a kind of “hammock” for our newborn to take on his first summer at the beach. Easy to put up, baby slept in it peacefully and it SAVED our beach days!! Lightweight, compact, comfortable, AMAZING. I am buying 2 more for the hubby and myself so we can lighten our beach load.”

Can Sink Into Soft Ground

Some customers found that this camping chair sunk into soft ground.  It is recommended to place this camping chair on a solid, flat surface.  Here is one of the comments left by a customer, “Love this chair for being lightweight and small size. Great for backpacking and for the campfire. Found that it sinks easily in soft ground, but found a fix for it. For less than $10 at the hardware store created better legs for the product. The greater surface area allows for better support and won’t sink into soft ground as easily. Also these legs can fit in the stuff sack when broken down. Overall love this product!”


This camping chair is easy to fold, and it folds up into a compact size.  Customers liked how easy it folded compared to other camping chairs that are difficult to fold.  Here is one of the comments about its foldability, “The quality feels and looks great. It is extremely easy to put together and take apart and folds up into a very small, easy to carry/travel/camp bag.”

Frame Can Break

Some customers have experienced the frame breaking.  While it was not a common complaint, it is something to keep in mind when buying the Moon Lence Camping Chair.  A customer shares her experience, “It was quite difficult to get the fabric onto the frame, but with some struggle I did it, only to have the plastic frame joint break after sitting in it for less than a minute. I weigh in right at 200 lbs, and I sat down slowly and wasn’t bouncing or wiggling around. Just heard a loud pop and the plastic had cracked.”


The Moon Lence Camping Chair is very lightweight.  It weighs only about 2 pounds, and can be carried in its small bag.  Here is a comment from a backpacker, “Coming in at about 24oz, this chair is a backpacker’s dream. The small carrying case, adds about 2 oz of weight, keeps it together and compact nicely. The case has daisy chains in it to loop onto the bottom of a pack which makes carrying it even easier without taking up internal room in your pack.”

Blows Over Easily

Due to its light weight, this camping chair can easily blow over on a windy day.  Customers recommended placing a rock on it when the chair is not in use so that it doesn’t blow away.  This customer shares her thoughts, “Take caution if you leave it on the beach or unattended on a breezy day. Be sure to weigh it down or bury in the sand a bit. Blows over easily.”


Because it is foldable and comes with a carry bag, this camping chair is very portable.  You can take this chair just about anywhere without worrying about it being too large or too heavy.  This customer shared his experience with this camping chair’s portability, “Needed a chair for my wife when we go on portable type trips. I have a similar (much more expensive) chair that I carry in my pannier bags during bike touring but my wife didn’t want to spend as much on her chair. This is sturdy and sits well. Small enough to carry just about anywhere. Carry bag has a handle that we clip a caribiner on and click it to wherever it needs to go (including a belt loop) for the approach from the car to wherever. Nice quality material and the legs are sturdy.”

Seam Can Rip

While the material of this camping chair is strong, some customers have experienced the seam ripping.  Once again this was not a common complaint, but this feedback was left by a few different customers.  Here is a comment from one of the customers who dealt with the seam breaking, “I received a Moon Lence chair as a Christmas present last year. After having the chair for just a few days it developed a small rip on the seam. It has gotten bigger after use. It was obviously a factory defect as the material happened to separate on the seam of the chair.”

The Back’s Angle Allows You to Lean Back

The back of this chair is angled so that you can comfortably lean back in this camping chair.  Even without a high back, it is easy to get comfortable and relax with this camping chair.  Here is one of the comments left by a customer, “The chairs have a nice angle to their backs which allows you to lean back without falling. I also was able to hold my 22# poodle comfortably on my lap without feeling crowded or under supported.”

Doesn’t Have a Cup Holder

Some customers were disappointed that this camping chair did not have a cup holder.  However, the chair is low enough to the ground that you can easily reach your drink.  Here is one of the comments left by a customer regarding the missing cup holder, “This chair is perfect for anything outdoorsy: backyard BBQ, tailgating, camping, backpacking…Only thing they are missing are cup holders but since you are low enough to the ground, your drink is only a slight reach away.”

Good Price

Customers were pleased with the cheap price that this camping chair has.  According to customers, this camping chair works just as good as camping chairs that have an expensive price.  Here is one of the many positive comments on the price, “These were priced well below name brand options, but seem to work just the same. Because we only use them a few times per year, we were happy to get the savings.”

May Not Hold the Weight the Description Says It Can Hold

Some customers thought that this camping chair would not hold the amount of weight that the description says it can hold.  They thought that it could only hold around 150 pounds.  A customer had this to say, ” I like how tough the fabric is and how sturdy the frame in holding my weight. I’m a short person but weigh 125 lbs. I’ve read some reviews that this chair did not support their weight. I think this chair is made for 150 lbs or less although in the description it says it can hold up to 350 lbs.”

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  • plus Good price
  • plus You can lean back and get comfortable 
  • plus Portable


  • close No cup holder
  • close Blows over easily
  • close Some people experienced the frame breaking on them 

Moon Lence Camping Chair Conclusion

The Moon Lence Camping Chair is a heavy duty camping chair.  It weighs just 2 pounds and can hold up to 242 pounds.  The soft seat net makes it breathable and comfortable to sit in.  This chair folds up compact and it also easy to set up and clean.  Customers liked that you could lean back in it, but wished it had a cup holder.  Because it is lightweight, it can blow over easily.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the Moon Lence Camping Chair.

  • chevron-circle-right Is there any warranty on this camping chair?  Moon Lence offers a Lifetime warranty against defects and a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • chevron-circle-right Would this camping chair work at the beach, or would it sink into the sand?  This camping chair should work great at the beach.  A lot of customers reported that they used it at the beach and had no problems with it.
  • chevron-circle-right How far apart are the legs?  The legs are 12 inches apart and 11 inches from front to back.

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