KingCamp Folding Quad Chair Review

KingCamp Folding Quad Chair

Review of the KingCamp Folding Quad Chair

As of this writing there are 168 customer comments and 21 answered questions for the KingCamp Folding Quad Chair.  I’ve read the customer feedback, and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a camping chair.

Best Features

  • check Durable mesh cup holder
  • check Holds up to 350 pounds
  • check Comes with a carry bag
  • check Insulated cooler bag
  • check Side stash pocket

Item Specifics

The KingCamp Folding Quad Chair has a large seat that is made from Oxford fabric.  This camping chair measures 23.5 x 23.5 x 41 inches.  It can be used for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activities.  This camping chair features a durable mesh cup holder and armrests.  It also features an insulated cooler bag that can hold 3 cans of cokes, and a side stash pocket.  This product is built with high strength steel tubes.  It can hold up to 350 pounds.  The KingCamp Folding Quad Chair weighs 11.3 pounds, and can easily fold up.  It is compact after folding, and can be stored in the included carry bag.  

Has Lots of Storage Bags

Most camping chairs only have one bag on the side that allows you to store small items.  Some camping chairs don’t have any storage bag. The KingCamp Folding Quad Chair features multiple storage bags, which makes this chair very unique.  One storage bag is located on the right side, one is located on the left side (the one of the left side can be used to store drinks too), and one is located at the top of the chair back.  Here is what one customer thought about the storage bags, “There’s a cup holder on the left arm and an insulated zippered small cooler built into the right arm, which you can use for cold drink storage or to hide away valuables like keys, a small camera, wallet, phone, etc. There’s also a large pouch that hangs from the right side for storage of larger items like books, magazines, lap top, a sweater or whatever. There’s also a zippered top headrest that I use to store the accompanying carry bag. I find it makes for a very comfortable head rest cushion. There aren’t many chairs that have so many features, so definitely consider this one!”

Difficult to Put in Carry Bag

Customers found that it is very difficult to put this camping chair into its carry bag.  They said that it was a tight fit, and the carry bag was a little too small for the camping chair.  This customer explained, “Only problem is that it was very difficult putting the chair back into the carry bag. It comes with the feet at the open end but I was completely unable to get it in properly that way. My wife turned it the other way (top of seat cushion) and we were eventually able to get it in the bag and close the bag. Maybe if there had been some kind of an instruction on the right way to pack it, it could have been easier.”

Holds 350 Pounds

This camping chair can hold up to 350 pounds.  Customers like how durable this chair is, and liked that that it could hold a lot of weight.  Here is what one customer commented, “I’m a large guy (just over 300lbs) and I needed a chair that was strong and comfortable. I’ve had a couple of other chairs similar to this one, but I took a chance and man was I pleased! I find it sits just a tad more vertical than some of the others, which was exactly what I wanted because some of these chairs are a little difficult to get out of because they tend to sag down and backward. This has just the right angle for comfort and easy entry and exit.”

May Not Work for Smaller People

This camping chair is designed to hold the weight of heavier people.  Some customers who only weighed about 150 pounds said that this chair was way too large, and that they could not get comfortable in it.  Here is one of those comments, “I weigh 165 lbs and am 5’10”. While someone of my height fits this chair, the rest is designed for someone much, much heavier. The seat is far too large…My wife, who is 5′ has difficulty as well. Her upper legs are too short for the depth of the seat so it cuts into the back of them. Having tried out a few “comfortable” chairs I have learned that manufacturers are designing for heavy people.”

The Cup Holder and Cooler Is a Nice Feature

A nice feature about this camping chair is that it not only has a mesh cup holder, but it also has a cooler that can fit 3 cans of coke or drinks that are similar to a coke.  This means that while you are camping, you can store your drinks in the camping chair instead of taking a large cooler.  This customer explains why he likes the cup holder and cooler, “Cup holder and cooler in either arm are convenient for camping, as you can stock the chair and relax for a while instead of having to grab one beverage at a time.”

Could Push Into Your Thighs

Some customers reported that this camping chair hurt their thighs.  While this was not a common complaint, it is something to keep in mind when buying this camping chair.  Here is one of the comments about how it can hurt your legs, “The bars in the front under your thighs are in the way. It’s almost impossible to sit in it without your legs hitting these bars, so after about 15 minutes your legs start to hurt. I’ve been using a cooler in front of the chair to put my legs on to make it some what usable. “

Has an Adjustable Back

A nice feature to this camping chair is that it has an adjustable back.  To adjust the back, simply pull on the two straps that are located on the sides of the chair.  If you want to loosen the back or take the back off, you would not pull on the straps but instead you would gently let go of the straps.  By adjusting the back, the back of the chair will be more comfortable and will fit your needs better.  Here is what one customer thought about the adjustable back, “There’s a very welcomed adjustable lumbar support padded strap that you can easily adjust for your back comfort. Many chairs like this do not have this feature and you’ll be pleased to use this and see what a difference it can make to your added comfort.”

Not too Much Head Support

Unfortunately, this camping chair does not offer much head support according to customers.  Although this was not a common complaint, this feedback was left by multiple customers.  Here is one of the comments, “The back top of the chair looks like it would support your head but it just folds back and your head and neck is not supported. After watching a soccer game or softball game, my back is killing me.”


This camping chair is lightweight.  Customers liked that you could easily carry this camping chair when hiking or walking for a long distance.  However, because it is lightweight it may not work well in windy areas.  A customer explained it this way, “Love this chair! Light weight yet sturdy and made out of strong material. Can be difficult in areas of high wind because of the weight but as long as you’re in it you won’t have any issue with it flying away.”

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  • plus LIghtweight
  • plus Holds 350 pounds
  • plus Adjustable back


  • close Not enough head support
  • close Could push into your thighs
  • close Hard to get back into bag

KingCamp Folding Quad Chair Conclusion

The KingCamp Folding Quad Chair is a portable chair with mesh cup holder and armrests.  It has an insulated cooler bag that will keep your food or beverages cool.  It can hold up to 350 pounds. This chair weighs 11.3 pounds that can easily fold up.  Included is a carry bag.  Customers liked that this chair has an adjustable back.  But some didn’t like that it doesn’t have much head support.  Another complaint was that it pushes into the thighs and makes sitting uncomfortable. But for the most part, the reviews on this chair were very positive.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people considering buying the KingCamp Folding Quad Chair.

  • chevron-circle-right Can you take off the back support?  Yes, you could if you wanted to.  It has an adjustable strap on both sides. 
  • chevron-circle-right What is the zipper at the top of the chair for?  It is for storing items such as a magazine, jacket, or pillow.
  • chevron-circle-right Can I use this at the beach, or would it sink into the sand?  The KingCamp Folding Quad Chair shouldn’t sink into the sand.  It should work great at the beach.

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