Installing a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

So you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard?

Having a swimming pool in the backyard of your home is a staple part of the American Dream and it is an achievable dream that can be realized in a variety of different ways. Aren’t you tired of having to go to a public indoor swimming pool near you? Well if you read through this article you will find out that there are plenty of options to be able to get your hands on an outdoor swimming pool that will only be a few steps into your backyard instead of a 30 minute drive across town. Plus an outdoor swimming pool at your home will be more private and not full of dozens of people who you don’t know. So let’s get down to business and help you figure out just how you want to get your very own dream swimming pool.

Where do you buy swimming pools and accessories?

When looking to purchase a new swimming pool for your backyard there are three main factors to consider before you go out and buy one. The first factor of consideration is the cost of installing a swimming pool. What is your budget? You will need to sit down, examine your finances, and figure out exactly what is your price range for this swimming pool. The second factor and question to ask yourself is what kind of shape do you want your at home swimming pool be? Do you want it to be a standard circle above ground swimming pool? Well make sure that above ground swimming pool has a proper pool cover. What about a Natural Swimming Pool that can a curve shape? Maybe you have a large amount of property and an extremely large budget and want an Olympic sized pool in your backyard? The point is there are plenty of different sizes for swimming pools and you need to figure out what kind and what shape you want. The third and final consideration factor is how are you going to install your backyard swimming pool? Just roll in the above ground swimming pool or deal with the time extended project of creating the conditions for and getting a natural swimming pool.

There are multiple places where you can purchase a swimming pool and each have a variety of price ranges that will fit into your personal unique price range. Where are the best places to find a swimming pool for sale? There are four good locations where swimming pools can be purchased. They are Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, and Amazon. Do you want to purchase a Wal-Mart swimming pool? Even a Kmart swimming pool could work. What about a Target swimming pool? Or even an Amazon swimming pool? Compare prices from these retailers as well as others and be sure to read customer reviews before buying. Maybe you’re even considering a do it yourself swimming pool and ready to construct a swimming pool all yourself. Regardless each of these places and methods for getting you your dream home swimming pool is an option. To make this decision you will need to figure what your budget is, what kind of swimming pool you want, what sort of swimming pool accessories you want, if any, and which store location is best suited for you.

For swimming pools at Wal-Mart the price ranges from as low as $50 for a cheap swimming pool to as high $1,200. There are even baby swimming pools at Wal-Mart that have a price range as low as $10.46 without tax. Teaching your little one how to swim in a baby swimming pool specifically made for someone their size can be a great way to get them comfortable in water and ready for a more standard swimming pool. Wal-Mart offers multiple Intex swimming pools, one of the most popular brands of swimming pools. These Inrex swimming pools at Wal-Mart have a range from as low as $13.89 for a small child’s pool to as high as high as $1,069 for an above ground swimming pool that is big enough for the whole family and for even a few friends added in.

Wal-Mart also offers a wide variety of swimming pool accessories. This runs from children slides for your swimming pool which you may need to consider also buying stairs for, to other fun loving swimming pool toys such as pool noodles, Intex swimming play center that costs only $57, and there is even an octopus that shoots out water offered at Wal-Mart that only costs $14.25. If you are looking for a dog swimming pool Wal-Mart is also the place to look. With a cost range of $28 to $47 your dog can learn how to swim in these dog swimming pools offered at Wal-Mart. There are Wal-Marts all across the country and you should be able to get to one fairly easily from your house, whether if you are living in a suburb or a rural area there should be a Wal-Mart near you.

At Kmart there are kid swimming pools for as cheap as $25. Also at Kmart the high end swimming pools can cost as high as $5,403 for an above ground wave swimming pool. There are plenty of swimming pools at Kmart that are in-between these price poles. From $150 Kmart swimming pools, to $800, $1,200, and $2,095 swimming pools Kmart has a wide price range. For pool accessories Kmart offers a pool stair for $50 so you can climb into your above ground swimming pool. Unfortunately Kmart store locations have decreased over the past decade and a half so there may not be a Kmart in your area for you to purchase a swimming pool from Kmart. If there is a Kmart in your area or within driving distance that you are willing to undertake than they are an option for purchasing a swimming pool from, specifically above ground swimming pools and not natural swimming pools.

Perhaps Target is where you want to purchase a swimming pool. Fortunately there are Target locations all across the country, in suburbs and urban areas though it is worth noting that there are less Target locations then there are Wal-Mart locations so that is a factor to consider. Target swimming pools though are offered as are Target swimming pool accessories. If you want to get an extremely fun inflatable swimming pool for the kids that includes built into it a swimming pool stairs and a large sized swimming pool slide then Target is the location for you. This Target swimming pool is titled the Banzai Sidewidner Falls Water Park and racks in its cost at $500.00. There are other above-ground swimming pool options at Target that includes an Intex swimming pool that costs $700.00. The variety offered at Target is not as diverse as Wal-Mart’s selection but is still worth checking out if a Target is in your area.

Where Target really shines though is with its selection of swimming pool accessories and swimming pool toys. With $0.99 pool balls, $13 goggles and snorkel as a package deal, along with two dollar pool noodles each, and plenty more swimming pool toys Target has a plethora of swimming pool toys for the whole family. This means that Target has you covered on finding all of the required and needed supplies for swimming pool games. As far as swimming pool accessories go you can get Target a seven dollar Intex Sit ��N Float Pool Lounge swimming pool chair and an $18 Swim Ways Spring Float so you can lie comfortably on a float that is only partially submerged in the water of your swimming pool. You can also get a four dollar Intex 36” Clear Color Swimming Tube so you can sit on it and only get part of your body wet sparring your hair and face. Target will more likely than not have what you need in regards swimming pool supplies.

Shopping Online for a Swimming Pool

So you don’t want to buy a swimming pool in person? That’s fine, it’s the 21st Century after all and there are plenty of people who only want to shop online or want to shop online as much as they can. For these people shopping for a swimming pool will be best done on Amazon. Amazon has warehouses all over the country and will get you your swimming pool shipped out to you in a speedy and orderly time. It is important to put into consideration when purchasing from Amazon the possible shipping and handling cost as well as considering becoming an Amazon Prime member. Being an Amazon Prime member you will be offered more deals and offers then you would have as a non-Amazon Prime member but still a shopper at Amazon. You will also get a discounted rate for shipping and handling as an Amazon Prime member which will come in handy what with how large of a package an above ground swimming pool will be along with all of your swimming pool toys and other swimming pool accessories. For required accessories to making an outdoor swimming pool possible you will need a swimming cover to cover your backyard swimming pool up during the colder months of the year. At Amazon you can purchase a Blue-Wave Bronze Ground Pool Winter Cover for $66 and it has an eight year guaranteed life span in its title and is 20 feet by 40 feet in a rectangular shape. They also sell Gladon Winter Cover seals for above ground pools that rack in a cost of $15.48. Baby swimming pools are offered on Amazon at a price of $50. An easy to assemble pool is offered on Amazon, it is an Intex pool that costs $82.66 and is 12 feet by 30 feet, enough room for the whole family. If you’re wanting a similar pool in size to the previous one than the Intex swimming pool that is a metal frame pool set would be of interest and costs $170 on Amazon. The more high end and therefore high price swimming pools are not offered on Amazon or are harder to find and are not always offered for sale on the website. If you are looking for higher end outdoor swimming pools that Wal-Mart is the place to go out of the four options highlighted in this article.

Now you know some of the major chains that will offer to sell you multiple kinds of outdoor swimming pools. The next step is going through the different kinds of outdoor swimming that there are so you can decide what kind of swimming pool you want to purchase. These different kinds of swimming pools that we will talk about are as follows: above ground pools, natural swimming pools, do it yourself stock tank pools and Amazon or Wal-Mart swimming pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

stylish above ground pool

What are above ground swimming pools? Well as they sound they do not go below the ground and are inside structures that hold water. For small ones of above ground swimming pools would include baby swimming pools. Larger above ground swimming pools for your backyard can vary in size (and will therefore vary in price) from being big enough to fit one person comfortably, to four people comfortably, to up to even 12 people comfortably above ground swimming pools have an extreme size variance. Above ground swimming pools do not vary much in shape though. They are almost exclusively in a circular shape with some though not many being offered in a rectangular shape.

These above ground swimming pools can be held together by plastic and therefore be a plastic swimming pool so they have been known to rip, break, tear, and therefore leak. So if purchasing an above ground swimming pool it is important to have acknowledged and to be prepared for having to do swimming pool maintenance and for even possibly needing to hire out someone to do swimming pool repairs. Above ground swimming pools are also not the deepest swimming pools but they will still require a swimming pool vacuum and a swimming pool liner. Purchasing a swimming pool heater is not a requirement though it is an option for an above ground swimming pool. Swimming pool pumps are also an optional purchase with above ground swimming pools and may be though is not a required included part of an above ground swimming pool.

Natural Swimming Pools

Perhaps an above ground swimming pool is not what you actually want in a swimming pool and you want something else. Well you’re in luck because natural swimming pools are an option and an option worth looking into. Natural swimming pools are below ground and are made by digging down below your backyard and filling that below ground space with concrete and then filling it in with water (seek out more in depth instructions and consultation from a professional before attempting). A natural swimming pool is the deepest swimming pool type that there is to offer (aside of course from an Olympic Swimming Pool but a swimming pool that size amount is unlikely to fit in any backyard unless you own multiple acres worth of property and are in possession of an overwhelmingly large budget for your very own dream backyard swimming pool) and once a natural swimming pool is made it is an arduous and expensive process to undo so make sure that a natural swimming pool is what you want for your backyard swimming pool.


Natural swimming pools are great because of their chemical-free, eco-friendliness and low-cost maintenance. These are popular in Europe but just recently becoming trendy in the United States.

Do to the difficulty in getting rid of an already in placed natural swimming pool there are many houses on the real estate market that already have a natural swimming pool in the houses’ backyard. If you are in the market for buying your first or just a new house and are wanting a pool it is advisable to look for a house that already has a natural swimming pool in its backyard so that that can be one less project that you will have to complete on your new house. It should be noted though that purchasing a house that already has a natural swimming pool in the houses’ backyard will increase the value of the house as a whole and will therefore be more expensive for you to purchase said house.

natural swimming pool

If you’re not in the market for purchasing a new house complete with a natural swimming pool in the backyard than you will need to build a natural swimming pool in your backyard. The process of doing this will take longer than it will take to purchase a standard above ground pool. The previously listed places to shop at (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, and Amazon) while still good for purchasing swimming pool accessories such as swimming pool toys these stores will not be able to build you a natural swimming pool. You will need to hire out a company to build a natural swimming pool for you. Some websites you can look towards to get ideas and possibly a company to do this for you would include Royal Swimming Pools. It is also useful to Google your city and/or county and swimming pool construction to see what is offered to you locally in the realm of companies that can make your dream of a natural swimming pool a reality. The shape of natural swimming pools can vary more so than above ground swimming pools. They can be circular in shape, rectangular, and they can even be an L shape. That is not the limit though. Natural swimming pools can be whatever shape you are envisioning as long as there is enough space in your backyard and as long as there is enough money in your budget.

DIY Stock Tank Pools

Are you knowledgeable in the realms of modern DIY projects using creative resources? Do you also have a do it yourself attitude? Well then let’s talk about how to make your own DIY: build your own stock tank pools. But what is a stock tank pool? A stock tank pool is a generally small pool that can fit a couple of people but has plenty of room for children to swim in. It is generally circular in shape but can be made in a rectangular shape in a similar vain to above ground pools.

stock tank pool

For some helpful tips it is important to think about what kind of DIY stock tank swimming pool you want. It could be made from a steal wall, a polymer wall, or other materials. A significant amount of tools are needed to build your own DIY stock tank swimming pool. You will need two main drains as well swimming pool liner, re-bar stakes, aluminum coping, bolts and hardware, and more. Of course you will also need a circular storing object that will hold all of the water. To make a DIY stock tank swimming pool a more than significant amount of research is needed to be done before the project can be undertaken and more needs to be said then what can be said in this article. Reaching out to a professional for friendly advice is advisable and does not break with the overall ethos of the do it yourself can do attitude that is an absolute requirement for making a DIY stock tank swimming pool. Watching informative videos on YouTube is also a needed step in preparing to embark on your do it yourself project. Typing in key words such as “DIY stock tank swimming pool how to” could lead to some helpful videos where other undertakers of this do it yourself backyard swimming pool project who have done this project before you will and can give you advice on your own project for making a DIY stock tank swimming pool.

stock tank pool

While neither Wal-Mart nor Amazon is the place where you need to go to purchase a natural swimming pool for your backyard the point of swimming pool accessories stands and once you have completed your natural swimming pool in your backyard you can go to either Wal-Mart, Amazon, or both to purchase all or most of your swimming pool accessories. Both Wal-Mart and Amazon can be the places to go to for purchasing the needed tools for making your own DIY stock tank swimming pool.

Installing a Swimming Pool

Now how are you going to install a backyard swimming pool? Well it’s different for each kind of swimming pool. With an above ground pool some will be inflatable swimming pools and for that you will need an air pump to pump them up to their proper size in your backyard. For when an inflatable swimming pool is not pumped full of air you will need a location to be used as a storage space for the inflatable swimming pool such as shed. For other above ground pools bringing it to your backyard, which could be done with a truck for example, and then putting it where you want it in your backyard is almost all that there is to it. Beyond that you will need to have a hose that can reach to the above ground swimming pool that is in your backyard so that through the hose you can fill it up with water so you can use it as a swimming pool.

With a natural swimming pool as said previously in paragraphs 13 and 14 the process of installing a natural swimming pool is a potentially long and expensive process. There will need to be digging in your backyard to a proper depth which will allow for the natural swimming pools to be the deepest swimming pool type that we have to talk about in this article. From there the ground and exterior leading up to the ground level will need to be layered with concrete. Then after the concrete has had sufficient time to dry it will need to be filled in with water.

For your very own DIY stock tank swimming pool you will also need to dig a hole that will allow for the DIY stock tank swimming pool to fit into so dimensions and length by width and depth will need to be measured and taken into account. Then once the hole is made the DIY stock tank swimming pool will need to be placed into the hole. This will of course come after you have already assembled your own DIY stock tank swimming pool by hand with multiple power tools and a large amount of supplies that will need to be purchased and made available to you. However, you can always put your stock tank in without digging for an easier installation.

Backyard Swimming Pool Supplies

What sort of supplies will you need once you have your very own dream backyard swimming pool? Well as we have gone over in this article in numerous previous paragraphs you will have the choice and opportunity to buy many different swimming pool toys and other swimming pool accessories from multiple different outlets. There are other outlets that are options though that include but are in no way limited to Bass Pro Shop and The Great Outdoors to only name two potential alternative outlet chains to the big four that have been listed throughout this article. Whether or not you want a slide for your deep swimming pool in your backyard and some stairs to be able to get up to the top of the slide or if you want some pool noodles for the kids these locations will have a selection that if they are not up to your expectations and desires one of the other locations should be able to fulfill those desires and expectations.

Problems with Swimming Pools

There can be some problems with having a backyard swimming pool. That is not to say that these problems should deter you from getting and assembling your dream backyard swimming pool but they are good to be aware of. As mentioned prior above ground swimming pools can rip, tear, break, and therefore leak. Above ground swimming pools can also tip over if too much weight is present in them which can cause injury to those inside of the above ground swimming pool. A concern for all types of swimming pools is maintaining the backyard swimming pool and cleaning the backyard swimming pool. One of the positive attributes of public swimming pools is that this is not your job but with your backyard swimming pool it will be your job or it will be you’re to hire someone out to clean and/or repair your backyard swimming pool for you.

These are the sort of problems that will occur in other parts of your house and are part of what comes with being a homeowner. Fixing leaks and dealing with wear and tear are issues that come with a house that is with or without a backyard swimming pool so do not worry over the issues of having a backyard swimming pool that will take some though not an extreme amount cleaning and upkeep. If it is in your budget paying an individual or a company to do the cleaning and general upkeep on your backyard swimming pool is an option that many owners of homes with backyard swimming pools go for. Whatever will make owning your own backyard swimming pool a reality should be worth it as long as it is within your own budget.

Ready, Set, Pool

So, are you ready to go out and start the process of getting your next part in the American Dream? Go out there and get your very own backyard swimming pool and once you are in possession of it get ready for relaxation and fun in the sun. There is not much out there that is quite as enjoyable, relaxing, and cooling as being in possession of your very own dream backyard swimming pool that is nestled right by your house and is on your own private property. Say so long and good bye to the old days of both outdoor public swimming pools and indoor public swimming pools and say hello to your own private bungalow of a backyard swimming pool.



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